186+ Captain Haddock Quotes and Sayings That Still Make Waves! (Images)

Captain Archibald Haddock is part of the Tintin adventures; he is a sailor, an alcoholic, and a pessimist, but still, this character keeps the audience engaged and entertained.

Captain Haddock adds a special spice and color to the Tintin series with its strong vocabulary.

Though this character is a little weak, they still are loved by the viewers of Tintin. This character perfectly blends with that Tintin in the series.

Mentioned below are some of the popular quotes and sayings of Captain Haddock from The Adventures of Tintin.

Captain Haddock Quotes

-Hey! I always wish for someone in my life who would accompany me in watching Captain Haddock and Tintin.

-When someone asks me to choose between Tintin and Captain Haddock, the answer is always the latter.

-If you are a real cartoon lover like me, then you will never miss watching Captain and Tintin

-Hey! I watch Tintin for Captain Haddock!

captain haddock quotes

-Brother! Watch Tintin and see how Captain Haddock adds live to Tintin

-Captain Haddock is always ready to cheer, just like me

-The most entertaining and alcoholic character of Tintin is Captain Haddock

-It doesn’t mean that if Captain Haddock retires, so he turns old, he stays young thereafter

-Hey! Don’t be pessimistic; don’t be like Captain Haddock

-I hate those who be cynics like Captain Haddock in Tintin

-Hey! The phrases and vocabulary used by Captain Haddock fascinate me

-I am captivated by the amazing curses and insults used by Captain Haddock in his words

-Oh! Please! I hate those who always keep cursing and insulting others; people like Captain Haddock are my least favorite

-I never choose to be around or rather never wish to be stuck with the pessimistic people around me

-Only happy and jolly ones are allowed to enter my room

-For Captain Haddock, liquor is always his precious

-I always wish to have a companion, just the way Tintin is the perfect companion to Captain Haddock

-Tintin and Captain Haddock make a perfect combination, where you see one is optimistic, and the other is always pessimistic

-I sometimes thank god for not being like Captain Haddock because he also turns out to be weak at times

-I wish, if I was lucky like Captain Haddock, to have a partner like Tintin around me

-Tintin, along with Captain Haddock, make a perfect evening for me 

-Captain Haddock adds a perfect spice to the Tintin

captain haddock quotes

-Tintin seemed incomplete until Captain Haddock was added to it

-For me, Tintin would always be incomplete without Captain Haddock

-I resemble Captain Haddock because even I believe that alcohol is not a poison

-Captain Haddock has his favorite whiskey, so do I 

-For Captain Haddock and for me, whiskey appears to be part our diet

-Captain Haddock’s colorful vocabulary always mesmerizes me

-Hey! Your strong, rich, and gaudy glossary always reminds me of Captain Haddock

-Captain Haddock sometimes appears to me like a living dictionary

-When you talk of blistering barnacles, baboons, bagpipers! You sound just like Captain Haddock

-Dictatorial duck-billed diplodocus, says Captain Haddock

-Yes! I adore the character of Captain Haddock

-Hey! I watch Captain Haddock on repeat

-Hey! You ask me how to spend an excellent evening, and my answer of watching Captain Haddock would never change

-Be knowledgeable, be like Captain Haddock

captain haddock quotes

-Be smart, be like my favorite Captain Haddock

-Have a beard, but only like that of Captain Haddock

-Hey! Don’t you know that I can spend my entire day watching Captain Haddock

-Captain Haddock is only one of its kind

-I, too, love my solitude and isolation, just like Captain Haddock does

-Captain Haddock finds insects, birds, and earthworms miserable, he says

-You can never be like Captain Haddock, as he has great command and knowledge not only of animals but also of birds

-Captain Haddock remains my favorite because he is never pretending but always be a real person

-When you say that you don’t like Captain Haddock, then I would always understand that you need to be a learned person to understand what the captain says

-You need to have a dictionary always beside you when you sit to watch Captain Haddock

-Captain Haddock hates rats. He says, so do I 

-Captain Haddock hates sea gherkins too

-Be weird, be like Captain Haddock

-Be the one like Captain Haddock who can not be read and understood by others; I wish to be the same

– Be scientific, be like Captain Haddock in Tintin

-Be well informed and learned; be like Captain Haddock

-When you offer me whiskey, you remind me of Captain Haddock

-Be a technocrat, just like Captain Haddock

-Hey, you may not have the knowledge of history, but Captain Haddock has

-Captain Haddock always appears to be fond of animals, and so am I

-Histories are never easy to remember, but for Captain Haddock, they are not difficult either

captain haddock quotes

-Just like wrong pronunciations of words are intolerable for Captain Haddock, similarly, wrong people are intolerable for me

-I am completely absorbed into Captain Haddock’s character whenever I watch Tintin

-Hey! Even I hate drinking something that doesn’t contain alcohol, just like Captain Haddock, who hates drinking water as it lacks alcohol in it

-Captain Haddock is the one who curses you unusually with his rich vocabulary and terminology

-Make efforts and always try to overcome your weaknesses, just like Captain Haddock did when he overcame his weak- alcohol

-Troglodyte! Captain Haddock says

-Tintin without Captain Haddock is just like tea without sugar

-If you keep trying, then you will definitely succeed and overcome your weaknesses

-Whiskey is not only my favorite but Captain Haddock too!

-Be like road hogs, says Captain Haddock

-One large cheese burst pizza will be my perfect companion when I watch Tintin and Captain Haddock

-The greatest collection of Captain Haddock and Tintin can always be found with me

-My friends are the ones who watch Captain Haddock with me

-I am mesmerized by the beard of Captain Haddock

Captain Haddock Sayings

captain haddock quotes

“Billions of blue blistering barnacles! What in the name of thundering typhoons is going on here?”

“Thundering typhoons and blundering bumpkins! This is preposterous!”

“Blistering barnacles and bumbling baboons! I’ve had enough of this nonsense!”

“Ten thousand thundering typhoons and twisted tortoises! I can’t believe my eyes!”

“Great snakes and gibbering jackanapes! The audacity of these rascals!”

“Odd-toed ungulate and nincompoopery! What a confounded mess!”

“Four-legged tempest and scallywags! This is pure madness!”

“Troglodyte and thunderstruck imbeciles! I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“Miserable molecule of mildew and flabbergasting fools! I’ll give them a piece of my mind!”

“Bashi-bazouk and bubble-headed booby-traps! They won’t get away with this!”

“Anathema and blundering blatherskites! I’m thoroughly exasperated!”

“Ectoplasm and befuddled buffoons! I demand an explanation!”

“Fancy-dress Fatima and featherbrained filibusters! This is sheer lunacy!”

“Bamboozled thundering typhoon and confounded coxcombs! They’re testing my patience!”

“Cowardly custard and craven carpetbaggers! I won’t stand for this nonsense!”

“Sea gherkin and spineless swindlers! They’ll rue the day they crossed me!”

“Miserable morons and scatterbrained scallywags! I’ve had enough of their shenanigans!”

“Freshwater swabs and dunderheaded dunces! It’s time to set things straight!”

“Carpet sellers and double-dealing desperadoes! They won’t get away with this treachery!”

“Parasites and ne’er-do-well ninnyhammers! This is an affront to all decency!”

“Pockmark and puerile poltroons! I’ll give them a piece of my mind!”

“Tin of sardines and brainless blunderbusses! What’s the world coming to?”

“Cachalot and cretinous carpetbaggers! I’m positively flabbergasted!”

“Popinjay and ninnyhammering numskulls! They’re pushing their luck!”

“Suffering catfish and blithering bandicoots! It’s time to take action!”

“Gobbledygook and nincompoopery! I won’t tolerate this nonsense any longer!”

“Imbecile and nitwitted ninnyhammers! They’re trying my patience!”

“Suffering salamanders and befuddled buccaneers! I’ll teach them a lesson they won’t forget!”

“Nincompoop and dunderheaded dodos! I’ve had enough of their foolishness!”

“Bottle-nosed blunderbuss and garrulous galoots! This is absolute madness!”

“Suffering sea serpents and befuddled baboons! They’ll regret crossing paths with me!”

“Blundering bazookas and bumbling blockheads! I won’t stand for this tomfoolery!”

“Imperialist and thickheaded twits! They’re playing with fire!”

“Bouillabaisse and confounded cuckoos! This is a complete and utter debacle!”

“Marxist and muddle-headed miscreants! I’ll put an end to this nonsense once and for all!”

Tintin Captain Haddock Quotes

captain haddock quotes

“I’m not a diplomat! I don’t have to lie!”

“Don’t overdo anything, even if you’re right!”

“I’m not cut out to be an invalid!”

“Why is it there’s never a thunderstorm around when you need one?”

“I must admit that I am never wrong, but the microphone is an invention that is of no interest to me.”

“I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist!”

“I’m not going to be killed by a cut-rate bunch of second-rate, low-life thugs!”

“You don’t seriously think you can thwart me, do you, you little squirt?”

“I’ll turn those blundering, blustering, blistering blatherskites into a pile of blithering bilge!”

“It’s a fine country we live in. Whoever wants can do whatever they want!”

“You scoundrel! I’ll skewer you, I’ll roast you over a slow fire, I’ll boil you in oil!”

“No, I don’t want to be questioned, and don’t try to make me change my mind, because I won’t!”

“I’m not a man for sitting around, I’m a man of action!”

“This ship is like a floating madhouse!”

“If I don’t find a drop of whisky soon, I’m going to die of thirst!”

“I’m not as think as you drunk I am!”

“A fine bunch of pickled nitwits we are!”

“I’m not superstitious, but I’ll follow him around to the ends of the earth!”

“Bashi-bazouks! Baboons! Bandits!”

“Landlubbers and poltroons!”

“That’s the last straw! I’ll send him a rocket if it takes a million!”

“Land of a thousand wonders, a magic carpet of flowers, a thousand and one delights!”

“Billions of blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon!”


“Dratted sun! It’s hot as blazes!”

“Stop your jabbering and get those oars out!”

“Great Neptune’s ghost!”

“Seven seas and all four oceans!”

“What in the name of a thousand thundering typhoons is that?”

“A fine pickle you’ve got us into this time!”

“Anchors and octopuses!”

“Zigzagging sand-hoppers!”

“Odd-toed ungulates!”


“Horned and bellowing balderdash!”

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