199+ Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook Quotes and Sayings! (1991)

“Captain Hook Quotes” are the memorable things the character Captain Hook says in the classic story “Peter Pan.”

Captain Hook is a famous pirate, and he’s not just known for his swashbuckling adventures but also for his clever and witty lines. In this article, we’re going to dive into some of the best quotes from Captain Hook.

We’ll take a closer look at what makes him such an interesting character and why his words continue to be popular with readers of all ages.

Join us on this literary journey as we explore the cool and funny things Captain Hook says, which have contributed to his enduring fame in the world of books.

Captain Hook Quotes

  • Captain Hook said it is true that anything can be hidden from the world other than the beginning of your true love. 
  • How could I hide it? It was the first love of my life blooming and spreading its fragrance around. Captain Hook knows how all his works. 
  • She blushed and buried her face in her palms. Captain Hook had said you couldn’t hide your first love. How will she? 
Captain Hook Sayings
  • He denied it and tried his best not to smile at the mere mention of her name. But he won’t be able to hide it for long, according to Captain Hook. It is his first love, after all. 
  • It is not like hiding a treasure. It is love. It blooms and spreads its fragrance. People will know about it either you want or you don’t. Captain Hook is a smart man; he understands this. 
  • I knew he did not love me when he said that he wanted to hide our love from the world. Even Captain Hook said that it was impossible to do so. 
  • Captain Hook is right. Childhood was the best. At least there were no pimples to deal with.
  • How can I like growing up? There is so much inconvenience and pimples. Captain Hook was so right. 
  • I told my son what Captain Hook told me. Growing up was stupid. You have to deal with inconvenience and pimples. 
  • Don’t listen to people who tell you that growing up is beautiful. Only Captain Hook is right. Growing up is just full of pimples and inconvenience.
  • Now, all grown up and sitting in front of laptop screens, we all know that growing up was such a scam. Captain Hook was correct. All I get is inconveniences, bills, and pimples. 
  • According to Captain Hook, you either have hope or are lost. 
  • According to Captain Hook, in order to not get lost, you must have hope.
  • It was a bad phase of life. I was losing hope and myself too. Then I recalled what Captain Hook said. 
  • According to Captain Hook, those who are lost have no hope. 
  • According to Captain Hook, you are not lost until you have hope. 
  •  The closer I went to losing my hope, the more lost I became. Maybe Captain Hook was correct. 
  • Don’t be jealous, or they’ll trick you into anything. All hail Captain Hook for teaching this to men. 
  • I am jealous, but you can’t trick me into anything, Captain Hook. 
  • She fired her and took the job just because she was jealous of my assistance. It is nice because it saves me money. As Captain Hook says, you can make a jealous woman do anything.
  • I didn’t ask her for a watch, but she got it, better than my mother’s gift. Ah, Captain Hook, that jealous woman would do anything. 
  • She will avoid performing things I ask her. So I listen to Captain Hook’s advice. Make her jealous, and then she is ready to do anything.
  • Jealous women are the easiest to fool. Captain Hook is correct. 
  • I can’t do this anymore, Captain Hook. Make her jealous and trick her into doing what I want. Initially, it was fun, but now it is annoying. 
  • I keep my promises like Captain Hook.
  • If you have to keep your promises, do it as Captain Hook does. 
  • Captain Hook never breaks his promise. 
  • If someone says he keeps his promises like Captain Hook, I would surely trust him. 
  • I hate people who can’t say by their words. Either don’t make a promise or keep it as Captain Hook does. 
  • He was a man of his word. He kept his promises as Captain Hook did. 
  • Good people? No such thing is present. I believe in people of words and promises. Like Captain Hook was.
  • Good people in this universe? Hah! There are only people who say something and stick to it. These individuals require trust. People like Captain Hook. 
  • Someone once asked me what kind of friends I wanted to have in my life. I replied that the ones that can be trusted. And I only trust people who keep their promises, like Captain Hook. 
  • Everyone wants to be Captain Hook, but can you be Captain Hook?
  • I was as angry to see my ex as Captain Hook is to see Peter Pan. 
  • Captain Hook isn’t really a bad guy or to be called a villain. He is just a heartbroken guy who needs love. 
  • People like Captain Hook are not the bad guys from the beginning. Shit happens to them, and they don’t know how to deal with it. 
  • No bad individuals are present on the globe. Just a few broken people need to be loved in the right way, like Captain Hook. 
  • I was scared of the demons under my bed. Then, one day, I peeped below and found this broken somebody who needed love and was also scared of it. This reminds me of Captain Hook. 
  • He wasn’t a bad person or a villain. He was just somebody who needed to be loved unconditionally like Captain Hook was. It is just that I couldn’t give him that love.

Captain Hook Sayings

Captain Hook Sayings

“Blast that Peter Pan!”

“Avast, me hearties!”

“Smee, fetch me my hook!”

“I’ll have me revenge, Pan!”

“I despise that crocodile!”

“A pirate’s life for me.”

“Treasure, me buckos, treasure!”

“No one defies Captain Hook!”

“Off with their heads!”

“The Jolly Roger sails at dawn.”

“Scurvy knave!”

“Haul anchor, ye scallywags!”

“Peter Pan will rue the day!”

“Smee, make it snappy!”

“Hook’s the name, piracy’s the game.”

“Prepare to repel boarders!”

“By the black spot, he’ll pay!”

“Gentlemen, to our stations!”

“I’ll hang the lost boys from the yardarm!”

“Is there no justice in this cursed world?”

“A fine day for plunder, it is.”

“Ah, the sweet smell of victory!”

“Smee, you blithering idiot!”

“Hook is not to be trifled with.”

“I’ll gut that crocodile!”

“I’ll outwit Pan yet!”

“What devilry is this?”

“You won’t escape me, Pan!”

“I am the very model of a modern major general.”

“Peter Pan, this is your last flight!”

Hook Peter Pan Quotes

Captain Hook Sayings

“Blast that Peter Pan!”

“No fear have I of crocodiles, but I can’t stand the sight of that beastly clock!”

“Avast, you maddening, ungrateful boy!”

“The only thing I fear is a crocodile with a taste for me.”

“I’ll get you, Pan, if it’s the last thing I do!”

“Smee, you blithering idiot!”

“A man is not a man without a ship.”

“Curse you, Peter Pan, and all your kind!”

“I’ll hang my watch in your pelt for this, Pan!”

“Prepare to meet your doom, Peter!”

“I’ll have my revenge on that meddling boy.”

“Every man has a moment of cowardice. I’ll bide my time.”

“This is the hand that’ll end Peter Pan.”

“I am the master of this ship and this sea!”

“You scurvy brat, I’ll teach you to fly!”

“I’ve waited a long time for this, Pan.”

“By the hook, I’ll get you, Pan!”

“I’ll have my treasure, and I’ll have my revenge!”

“Mr. Smee, fetch me my hook!”

“I’ll have those Lost Boys keelhauled!”

“Prepare to face the wrath of Captain Hook!”

“Curse that Peter Pan and his infernal luck!”

“I’ll make you walk the plank for this!”

“I’ll make you rue the day you crossed Captain Hook!”

“I’ll see you at the bottom of the sea, Peter!”

“Tick-tock, tick-tock, your time is running out!”

“It’s me or the crocodile, Pan!”

“This is my ship, and you’ll never take it from me!”

“I’ll have you keelhauled, you impudent boy!”

“You won’t escape me this time, Peter Pan!”

Captain Hook Famous Lines

Captain Hook Sayings

“Blast that Peter Pan!”

“The crocodile! The crocodile!”

“I’ll get you for this, Pan!”

“Smee, to the ship!”

“Avast, there, you blithering blockheads!”

“No more Mr. Nice Guy!”

“I’ll have your head, Peter Pan!”

“I’ve waited a long time for this, Pan.”

“This is my revenge, Peter!”

“The Jolly Roger sails for Neverland!”

“I’ll make you walk the plank, Pan!”

“Smee, prepare the cannons!”

“Every man to his death!”

“I’ll have that boy’s hide!”

“Time to settle the score, Pan.”

“I am the greatest villain in Neverland!”

“The crocodile should have finished you!”

“Hear me, you insolent brats!”

“Pirates, seize them!”

“I’ll put an end to your mischief, Pan!”

“Back to the plank, you scallywags!”

“Prepare to meet your doom, Peter Pan!”

“I’ll have Hook’s revenge!”

“Smee, fetch me my hook!”

“Pan, you are a worthy opponent.”

“I’ll have you in my clutches, Pan!”

“You’ll rue the day you crossed Captain Hook!”

“Pirates, make ready to attack!”

“I’ll outwit you yet, Peter Pan!”

“The Jolly Roger rules the seas!”

Captain Hook Quotes Peter Pan Book

“I’ll have those Lost Boys walking the plank!”

“This time, Pan, there’s no escape!”

“I’ll make you pay for your impudence!”

“Smee, my loyal henchman!”

“Hook is the name, Captain Hook!”

“I’ll show you the meaning of fear, Pan.”

“No one defies Captain Hook and lives!”

“Peter Pan, you’re a thorn in my side!”

“I despise that flying brat!”

“I’ll make Neverland mine!”

“Pan, you’ll never leave Neverland again!”

“Smee, where’s my precious hook?”

“I’ve got a score to settle with that boy!”

“I won’t rest until Pan is defeated!”

“Off to Neverland to reclaim my honor!”

“I’ll make Pan wish he’d never met me!”

“My hook thirsts for Pan’s blood!”

“This is the end for you, Peter!”

“To the depths with Pan!”

“I’ll have that crocodile for lunch one day!”

“No more games, Peter Pan!”

“I am the scourge of Neverland!”

“Smee, fetch me my finest coat!”

“Pan, you’re in for a nasty surprise!”

“I’ll make Pan regret crossing me!”

“I’ll have my revenge, even if it’s the last thing I do!”

“Pirates, hoist the Jolly Roger!”

“I’ll see you in Davy Jones’ locker, Pan!”

“I’ll have that scoundrel Peter Pan!”

“This time, Pan, you won’t escape my grasp!”

Captain Hook Quotes

Peter Pan Captain Hook Quotes

“Bad form!”

“Blast that Peter Pan!”

“Smee, you blithering blockhead!”

“Death is the only adventure you have left!”

“I’ll get you for this, Pan, if it’s the last thing I do!”

“I’ll show you what a pirate can do!”

“There isn’t a boy alive who doesn’t dream of doing what you’re doing.”

“A man in love is a very small thing.”

“One’s a child, and the other’s a bloody pirate!”

“I’m not good at good. But I’m very good at bad.”

“I’m the only man who has ever had the better of Peter Pan.”

“I’m not a cruel man by nature, but I have to be firm.”

“Smee, there’s no more time for games!”

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

“Prepare to die, Peter Pan!”

“Coward! Jump, you idiot!”

“Proud and insolent youth, prepare to meet thy doom!”

“Death would be a sweet release from this life, Peter!”

“Let him live to be a man!”

“I’ll not be made a fool of, by a common, cutthroat, brat!”

“To live will be an awfully big adventure.”

“No stopping me this time, Smee.”

“Peter Pan, prepare to meet your doom!”

“Peter Pan has a real problem with heights!”

“No stopping me this time, Smee. This is it. Don’t make a move Smee, not a step.”

“I’ll gut you from navel to gizzard!”

“Time is as fleeting as a shadow.”

“Prepare to meet your end, Peter Pan!”

“A man’s dying is more the survivors’ affair than his own.”

“No stopping me this time, Smee. This is it. Don’t make a move, Smee, not a step.”

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