383+ Tintin Quotes That Will Change Your Perspective Forever! (Images)

Georges Remi was famous for creating one of the stunning comic adventures, which is loved❤️ to date by both children as well as adults,

The Adventures of Tintin. Tintin is the central and most important character of this 24 comic series album.

Tintin’s dog🐕, Snowy, also gained immense popularity. Later on, this comic series was also turned into a movie, which gained immense popularity.

Tintin was known for his adventures as well as his famous quotes, which he used to say almost all the time. Every individual should have knowledge about those sayings. 

Tintin Captain Haddock Quotes

– Ahh! Snowy thinking of getting out, are you?

– No crime is perfect… there must be some traces.

– Without Snowy visiting America is impossible.

– I can’t live without my Snowy.

Tintin Quotes

– I know Captain loves to drink so much. But he has a great heart.

– Where professor had gone?

– I can’t believe this… we will be sent to the moon?

– Oh I really love to travel so much.

– Oh no! I have the thought that we are stuck and it is grave!

– Oh my god! I really can’t tolerate the voice of Bianca Castafura… It seems like the world is tearing apart.

– Captain… don’t drink too much.

– Let’s go Snowy… we have a lot of paths to go.

– Captain… be quiet.

– Is this professor Calculus that is walking in this dark/

– Oh god! I pray there will be no harm to the captain.

– I must save Snowy… He must be in great trouble and thinking of me.

Tintin Quotes

– I know snowy… You love me very much, and you would not let anybody harm me.

– We must find now where Professor Calculus is.

– If you don’t know me, listen that I am Tintin a famous reporter from Europe.

– The Red Indians are really horrible in America. I was really scared when they chased us to kill us.

– let’s get back home Snowy… we are already done in this case.

– Captain… do you really can remind me where your forefathers had left their gold?

– Captain! We must hurry to the island.

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– Captain Haddock, did you know this place ever before?

– These men don’t seem to be good to me.

Tintin Quotes

– Is this you Thompson and Thomson? I was really suspecting you two from the first.

– I really love visiting new places and to meet new people.

– captain, do you want to join us?

– We will never go to the moon ever.

– I really love that captain haddock is really very passionate about this journey.

– I know snowy… you would not leave my side ever.

– What I mostly hate is the corrupted minds that are the main problem in our society.

– Ahh! I can’t believe, at last, I saved you Snowy. I thought I would not meet you ever.

– Alright Professor. Tell me, what do you desire me to do?

– Professor can you please remind me who has stolen your formulas? Do you suspect anybody?

– Ahh ha! You thought that you can kill Tintin? Now see what can I do.

Tintin Quotes

– Maybe there were some troubles at first but we must admit that this journey has not been that bad.

– Oh no! I think Captain Haddock is in danger.

– Hey Snowy! Want to go for a walk outside?

– I really appreciate this lavish cottage of captain.

– This must be Professor calculus who left this paper.

– Oh I’m really fed up shouting at the professor.

– Professor Calculus please have your hearing aid.

– Is this Captain Haddock who drank all of the wine?

– Snowy…just stop being naughty.

– I know Snowy it is hard to leave home for many days. But I hope this case will end soon.

– Snowy must be bored at home.

– huh! We really need a change. I’m really suffocating as being here in this house.

– I will surely chase those bastards down.

Tintin Quotes

– General Alcoser is one of my good friends. I think he will help us in this case.

– Hey captain! Stop behaving like this. You are not a child anymore.

– I really captain Haddock for his honesty.

– Everything will be stunning, I believe!

– I believe where every road is closed there will be a secret way.

– Tintin wouldn’t lose his hope easily.

– Maybe I look very young but you don’t have any sense of my intelligence.

– I may fail this time but I’m not an easy quitter Captain.

– Now it has become an interesting case and I’m also quite excited.

– Haha ha… professors sometimes really do funny things.

– Professor calculus is getting every word wrong. Maybe he has forgotten his hearing aid.

– Thomson and Thompson are the most stupid people I ever saw.

– I don’t believe the peoples who are criminals.

– No captain no! Keep your temperament.

Tintin Quotes

– Hands up! You criminals… your tricks and tantrums end here.

– I really love you all captain. I can’t stay without you.

– Cadbury! Where captain Haddock has gone in this early morning?

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– I’m that typical journalist who is always up for an adventure.

– Do you think this is extraordinary Thomson?

– What have you done captain!

– Captain! So your forefather escaped from his ship on a boat? And he actually fired the entire ship up?

– Now I can not find any positive conclusion in this case… it really seems to be an extraordinary crime that ever happened in America.

– Captain! Please say something… don’t stay silent like this… you are really scaring me.

– At last… some peace Snowy… we are returning home now… I know you are badly missing home.

– Returning home is always nice after every difficult case..

– At last Captain! Good to see you all again.

Famous Tintin Quotes

-“Hooray! Hooray! The end of the world has been postponed! ”

-“Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!”

-“Doctor Simons? This is Thomson… No, without a ‘P’, as in Venezuela…”

-“Tintin! Are you dead? Say yes or no but answer me!”

-“It may be prodigious, but it’s all Greek to me!”

“Great snakes!”

“I’m going to pieces, I’m going to pieces!”

“Blistering barnacles!”


“Billions of blue blistering barnacles!”

“Thundering typhoons!”

“Milou, I’ve got a hunch this time!”

“Ten thousand thundering typhoons!”

“By the beard of the prophet!”

“We’re saved! Snowy, we’re saved!”

Tintin Funny Quotes

“Well, I must admit, your taste in friends is unique, Tintin.”

“My uncle, always a skeptic, used to say, ‘Seeing is believing, but feeling’s the truth!'”

“You can’t imagine how great it feels to be beaten by that rascal!”

“I didn’t hear a thing. Not even my own voice!”

“By the way, your face looks familiar… but I can’t quite place it!”

“The Thompsons, on an important mission? The world’s in danger!”

“If I could only remember my name, I’d be happy!”

“Snowy, old buddy, I think we’re headed for a new adventure… whether we like it or not!”

“You know, my friend, life’s like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving!”

“Milou, we may be short on brains, but we’re long on luck!”

“A detective who can’t detect!”

“My tonsils! My poor tonsils!”

“I’m not a gentleman, I’m a sailor!”

“I’m a victim of my own success.”

“I’m not as dumb as I look!”

“I’ve got the brain of a genius and a body that’s… well, never mind.”

“I’ve got a weakness for whips, handcuffs, and beauty creams.”

“The world’s most famous opera singer… and a drama queen!”

“I could eat a horse… with a side of spaghetti!”

“This is the first time someone’s hit me without any reason.”

The Adventures Of Tintin Quotes

“I’m off to the land of the Maharajas! Adventure on the high seas! I can hardly wait!”

“But Milou, we’re prisoners! Prisoners of these gangsters!”

“If we ever get out of this mess, I’ll give up my job and open a pet shop!”

“Help! Police! Help! Somebody call the police!”

“Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!”

“So, that’s it, Rastapopoulos! We meet again!”

“Ah, well, if it isn’t our dear friend, the escapologist!”

“I’ve often noticed that coincidences seem to happen every time we’re around!”

“Doctor! Do something! I’m shrinking!”

“I’ve got a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it!”

“Milou, I’ve got an idea, a crazy idea, but it just might work!”

“It’s been a long time, my dear Tintin. But you’re still as nosy as ever!”

“This is outrageous! We’re officers of the law, not policemen!”

“If I don’t find my wallet soon, I’ll have to start making decisions!”

“Haddock, you’re an incurable ham!”

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