101+ Peter Griffin Quotes (Funny Family Guy)

Peter Griffin happens to be the primary character of “Family Guy,” the famous American animated sitcom.

He has been voiced by the creator of the series, Seth MacFarlane, and was first aired on TV in the year 1998.

Peter had been created as well as designed by none other than Seth MacFarlane.

Peter has been the husband of Lois Griffin, and his children happen to be Chris, Meg, and Stewie.

He is also the owner of an adorable pooch named Brian. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some of the most well-known Peter Griffin sayings that you will ever come across.

Best Peter Griffin Quotes

  • Excuse me, is your fridge of yours functioning properly? The reason for this is that if it actually runs, then you will probably function just like you, extremely homosexually.
  • I am of the notion that it hardly matters from where we have come as long as we happen to be of an identical religion.
  • Now the daddy of the kid has drunk so much that the Statue of Liberty would have taken off her clothes.
Peter Griffin Quotes
  • This is what you call life. Therefore go and enjoy yourself. What is correct for you might not be correct for others. You take both bad as well as good, and there, my opening assertion comes true. Ubu, sit down, good pooch.
  • Even though I might be a stupid man, I am not one thing, Sir; that is I am not an idiot.
  • OK, wait for one more minute, and then in case there are a couple of pink lines …
  • Oh, Christ! We won’t be able to have any more children, and I hope that you are not pregnant. In fact, we have already got lots of kids, namely Chris, Stewey, Marsha, Richie, Mike Seaver, Joanie, Bobby, Urkel, Greg, Jan, Boner, Carol Seaver, Mr. Furley…
  • Those are not your children, peter. That’s the line-up for Nick-at-Night.

  • Blanka, Guile, Chun-Li, Zangief, E. Honda…

  • That is the Street Fighter.

  • Red, green, blue …

  • Those are what you call colors.

  • Together we will be able to perform just about anything: overcome any adversity, and fight any enemy.
Peter Griffin Quotes
  • Yes, dial any telephone, climb any hill, rent any video, and so on. And, Lois, not only your phones but other people’s telephones as well. God-fearing telephones, decent telephones, those which have been given up by others. However, we know much better since we have been an entire team!

  • On what subject are you talking?

  • Oh God, Brian, I have come across a message in my Alphabet of mine. It says, “Oooooo.”

  • Those are actually Cheerios, Peter.

  • I am scared, for I do have some bad news. Your wife decided on becoming a fruit, vegetable, etc. It is your duty to take care of her, bathe her, as well as feed her for the remaining part of your life.

  • No no. I am simply joking. She is dead.

  • You stinky, filthy whore.

  • You filthy, sexual, disease-carrying, and street-walking prostitute.

  • Ok, it’s more than enough!

  • Seriously, who needs to purchase any novelty fire extinguisher?
Peter Griffin Quotes
  • I am going to tell you who. A person who likes to put his entire family in grave danger.

  • Well, you people finally managed to do it. At last, we went to an eatery where none shouted at us, and the rest of the area praised them.

  • I had such a smart idea that my head was going to explode if I knew what I was going to talk about.

  • This party would be much better if Jesus were present here.

  • I am going to convert water into a funk for my subsequent miracle.

  • I happen to be the most non-competitive of all people here. As a result, I win.

  • Even though you might think that Lois is extremely precious, she is of no value to me.

  • Did you go through the print on this particular loan contract, peter?

  • Of you would imagine a nude woman by the term “read,” then yes.

  • I have never felt so good in years together. I have the feelings of Arnold Schwarzenegger, except sans the Pirates of the Caribbean spouse or the rich accent.

  • I am completely dressed up, I am young, and going to marry the girl I am in love with.
Peter Griffin Quotes
  • The guy smells like he has already made himself wet.

  • That took place in the morning, and there is no need to flatter yourself.

  • Do you want to talk about awkward moments? I summoned Lois as “Frank” once while having sex with her.

  • I cannot believe that I have not been called back by the fucking Jesus. I left a message for him 4 hours earlier.

  • I do matter.

  • Meg, shut your mouth. You really don’t matter.

  • What is the matter, Peter? You ended up selecting a turkey ahead of me! 

  • I promise that I believed dogs were able to breathe underwater.

  • Did you tell me right now that I am overweight?

  • Well, right. You happen to be quite fat.

  • This is something important to me.

  • What were you actually occupied with that night, darling?

  • Having sex with your mother.

  • I was so obsessed with her till I came across you, Lois. You happen to be my silver medal of mine.
Peter Griffin Quotes
  • I always believed that pooches laid eggs. And I learned something valuable today.

  • There are 3 boys with us for Family Feud.

  • Please shut your mouth, Greg.

  • I think that we have already learned that life happens to be a horrible thing irrespective of you happen to be or from where you come.

  • What? It is not similar to the Internet to become mad about something really stupid and small. 

  • Just a second! I have not seen any stripper distributing tacos for free. Lois, you told me a lie!

  • Were you drinking?

  • Peter, did you use your metal detector for robbing the people on the beach?

  • That is half of the story, in fact. I likewise hooted at a breastfeeding lady.

  • How will it be possible for me to become a DJ? I am only a man along with an inflated self-image plus a laptop.

Peter Griffin Quotes

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