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Every year since 1990, May 5 is observed as Cartoonist Day. The occasion of Cartoonist Day is celebrated in honor of all the creative ink-stained artists i.e. the brilliant cartoonist from past and present that have smitten the world with humor and satire.

The first one to do that was Richard Outcault in the year 1895.

Richard was an American comic strip writer and artist and is considered to be the originator of the modern comic strips. From Sunday Comics to animation, everything traces back to him and his invention.

So, the eve of cartoonist day is incomplete without commemorating the man and his creations that have inspired some modern creative animation. 

Cartoonist Day Messages

-Many people have come up with some of the greatest ideas while being in the shower and a genius cartoonist is no different.

-You are a cartoonist if you are expressing your deepest feelings in a humorous way to the world with just an ink-stained process.

-Thank God we have a cartoonist day otherwise the world would have never known the reasons behind all those Pixar animations. 

-While Disney made the cartoons touch people’s hearts but a cartoonist who was the real M.V.P couldn’t ever become a household name 

-Internet is a funny place because it may appreciate the works of a cartoonist bit won’t accept the fact comic strip is what gave birth to the idea of memes.

-There are no magic ways to create excellent cartoons. A Cartoonist has got to work days and nights in order to put an emotion in your face.

-A cartoonist is extremely talkative in nature but their words aren’t audible much like the greatest artists of this world.

-Morning’s here, sunshine’s here and so does the newspaper comic strips created by the painters trying to convey their perspective through the world of cartoons.

-If there wasn’t any cartoonists left in this world then how would all the parents make their children go from being annoyingly loud to being cute and silent.

-On the eve of Cartoonist Day, I hope you write a status or share a story in any of the social media platforms just like you would do for any other special days.

-If the world is about to end in 7 days then a cartoonist would still be telling seven different stories for us to enjoy before the apocalypse.

-A happy cartoonist day would not interest the millennial generation of today but appreciating the cartoonists on social media is still a human thing to do.

-All the cartoonists of this world are great at driving our minds away from all the normal and boring looking people that we see every day.

-On this Cartoonist day, ask your grandpa about what made him smile while reading the newspapers during his days and he’ll surely say the comic strips.

-A cartoonist would definitely disagree with the world on the part where the opinions can only be conveyed through twitter and loud mouthfuls.

Cartoonist Day Greetings

-Life will go on without the good old fashioned comic strips influenced by the 20th century genius cartoonists but so does global warming.

-Every morning some humans go for their daily walk to feel better and a cartoonist does the same but by drawing a new cartoon.

-In the large drawings of cartoons the smallest of flaws can be easily seen but a genius cartoonist would never shy away from showing their mistakes.

-If a cartoon is not making you laugh, and then it will surely make you think. One way or the other the cartoonists will trigger an emotion within you.

 -I would not want to live in a world where a cartoonist is not getting what he or she deserves and I am sure a cartoonist wouldn’t either.

-Even though the phenomenon of political cartoons is the rear end of the art form, but for a cartoonist the subject is too intriguing to be left out.

-Embracing the art of drawing cartoons should not be limited to the cartoonists itself. So let us all commemorate this occasion of Cartoonist day together.

-First the cartoonists draw a cartoon and guess what they draw more cartoons right next to it just to fill the entertaining void in our lives.

-Many of the great film directors have been inspired by the genius of Richard F. Outcault and have drawn comic strip to get the idea of a movie scene.

-Inks played a huge role in writing history that are filled with fluid prejudice while the cartoonists have used the inks to made fun of such history.

-Somewhere down the line, our life is bound to be touched by the presence of cartoons made by the ‘unknown’ cartoonists of the world.

-Cartoonist day can be best described as a day when millennials will forget to upload an old picture of a famous cartoonist on their social media profiles.

-To all the creative pencil holding as well animation creators out there, I wish you a splendid cartoonist day filled with nothing but appreciation.

-The feeling of drawing and creating stories through cartoons is so delightful for all the cartoonists that it can only match with people loving their work.

-All the creative work done by the artist will eventually be compared to their predecessor and the work of a cartoonist is no different.

-Cartoonists have spent days and nights drawing a series of cartoons to make you feel entertained as well as see their efforts. Let’s cheer for them on this Cartoonist Day.

-For a cartoonist, sketching to make the perfect cartoon is all about the process of learning and redoing the thing that they do best.

-Drawing a cartoon is the only thing where there is no possibility of cheating. Either you are a good cartoonist or a bad one.

-In spite of everything that is going on in a cartoonist’s life, he or she will take up their pencil and will keep going on and on.

-There is a special feeling attached to the work of adding colors to paint the cartoons with whichever colors a cartoonist feels appropriate.

-Why even try to fit into this world when cartoonists like you and me are born to stand out from the crowd. Have a great Cartoonist day mate.

-You are allowed to make mistakes as a cartoonist. The real art is, choosing the right mistakes that you can go steer ahead with.

-More than the power of journalism it is artwork of comic strips created by experience cartoonists that have influenced a generation in the past.

-Only a cartoonist would love to relate the process of creating a cartoon to that of mediation. May you spend a delightful Cartoonist Day.

Cartoonist Day Captions

-Let us express our gratitude to all of the cartoonists who have made such great cartoons based on their creative ideas. #cartoonist #cartoon

-Let us congratulate all of the cartoonists who do such an incredible job, making such beautiful cartoons to amuse us on Cartoonist Day. #art #artist 

-Creating cartoons is not a simple task because it needs a great deal of creativity and artistic ability. #illustration #drawing

-Cartoonists have mastered the knack of presenting even the most serious of ideas in the most amusing way possible. #cartoonart #cartoons

-Reading newspapers with sarcastic cartoons to keep us informed is usually entertaining. To all those who make it possible, a very merry Cartoonist Day. #digitalart #comics

-A cartoon is much more than just an amusing item to gaze at and enjoy; it is much more. #artwork #comic

-Every cartoon has a very important message, and we must appreciate the cartoonists for it. On the occasion of Cartoonist Day, best wishes. #illustrator #artistsoninstagram

-The cartoonists may not be aware that their favorite cartoons are created by them. On the celebration of Cartoonist Day, let us express our gratitude to them. #sketch #cartooning

-Cartoonists have the ability to make us laugh and connect with us. On the celebration of World Cartoonist Day, let us express our gratitude to them all. #draw #animation

-Hats go to the cartoonists whose inventiveness has provided us with so many absolutely adorable cartoons during our childhood. #comicart #cartoondrawing

-Let us commemorate Cartoonist Day by viewing our beloved cartoons and expressing our gratitude to those who made them. #cartoonnetwork #fanart 

-Cartoons are the culmination of a number of efforts and imagination. On honor of Cartoonist Day, I’d like to extend my warmest greetings to everyone. #characterdesign #cartoonistsofinstagram

Cartoonist Day Wishes

-Many cartoons are always available to entertain us, and many cartoonists are always available to create them amusing for us. Happy National Cartoonists’ Day!

-Our youth would have been so dull if it hadn’t been for cartoonists and their creativity. On the celebration of Cartoonist Day, let us send them our best wishes and gratitude.

-Warm greetings on the celebration of Cartoonist Day to all cartoonists who have demonstrated a high level of creativity and competence in making amusing and endearing cartoons.

-Being a cartoonist requires the unique freedom to articulate all of life’s emotions.

-Let’s commemorate cartoonist day by expressing happiness, grief, peace, and regret in a comical way.

-A very joyful cartoonist arrives to educate us of those outstanding folks whose works put a smile on our faces and make us happy.

-Have a good cartoonist day! Cartoonists develop characters to depict and represent our own lives in a fun way.

-Cartoonists stir our hearts and provide us joy with merely an ink-stained procedure – let’s celebrate cartoonist day.

-Cartoonists capture our hearts by generating amusing memes that bring a smile to our faces on otherwise hectic days.

-With their comic strips, cartoonists provide us with entertainment; they brighten our days; let us thank them.

-Have a great cartoonist day! Cartoonists are like magicians, with the ability to change our attitude in an instant.

-Cartoonists are amazing artists that can convey a lot without saying anything – all they have to do is draw cartoons – have a wonderful cartoonist day.

Cartoonist Day Quotes

“Most success springs from an obstacle or failure. I became a cartoonist largely because I failed in my goal of becoming a successful executive.” ~ Scott Adams

“If you want to find out what a writer or a cartoonist really feels, look at his work. That’s enough.” ~ Shel Silverstein

“Humor is basically a cognitive process. And it’s a creative process not only on the part of the cartoonist but on the part of the viewer.” ~ Robert Mankoff

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” ~ Scott Adams

“I was doing political cartoons and getting angry to the point where I felt I was going to have to start making and throwing bombs. I thought I was probably a better cartoonist than a bomb maker.” ~ Terry Gilliam

Cartoonist Day Statuses

-Let us respect and celebrate cartoonist day by appreciating and celebrating the way cartoonists convey their emotions.

-Children would become stubborn, tough instead of sweet and adorable if there were no cartoonists remaining in the world – have a really happy cartoonist day.

-Let us appreciate the cartoonist for providing us with entertainment throughout our hectic lives – let us commemorate Cartoonist Day.

-Cartoonists bring happiness by making people laugh when we are sad – a very merry cartoonist day.

-Let’s celebrate cartoonist day since cartoonists have fantastic ideas for making us laugh. 

-Cartoonists work long days and nights to make a set of cartoons to delight us; let us show our support for them by commemorating Cartoonist Day.

-Let us applaud cartoonists for delighting us as much as their ingenuity.

-Cartoonists are people bringing reality and creativity together – let us give them the respect they deserve – and have a wonderful cartoonist day.

-Let us commemorate Cartoonist Day, an art form that spreads the color of laughter across a blank canvas.

-They are cartoonists, and they draw to make us happy. Let’s help them to feel loved on this cartoonist day.

-A day to thank people who make us smile — a day to honor cartoonists’ creativity.

-Cartoonists can make you laugh and make you happy in ways that few others can, so thank them deeply.

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