321+ Foghorn Leghorn Quotes To Brighten Your Day (Images)

Foghorn Leghorn, which is a cartoon character, appeared in various Looney Tunes as well as Merrie Melodies cartoons and films🎬 under Warner Bros. Animation.

Foghorn Leghorn is and was among one of the most favorite cartoons not only for kids but equally entertaining for children as well.

Step into a world🌍 of witty charm and undeniable charisma with Foghorn Leghorn quotes. This lovable and iconic character from the Looney Tunes universe will leave you in stitches with his hilarious one-liners and Southern charm.

Embrace the positive energy as Foghorn’s words of wisdom remind us to face life with a grin and tackle challenges head-on. Prepare to be inspired, entertained, and captivated by Foghorn Leghorn’s timeless humor and positivity!

Dirty Foghorn Leghorn Quotes

-Boy, oh boy! Avoid mirrors if you can not forgo jokes!

-Boy, I say boy! I am good when I am good, but when I am worse, I am better

-Boy! Dare you to mess with me

-Hey boy! Do my comb look perfect?

Dirty Foghorn Leghorn Quotes From Looney Tunes

-Hey boy! You are as useless as the tomato ketchup with my pizza!

-Hey boy! I need to color my feathers for the party tonight

-Boy! I say, boy! Do your shoelaces properly

-Son! I say, son! Grow up

-Hey son! Will you please consider growing up?

-Boy! Don’t you think of bothering me?

-Boy! I say, boy! Stop bothering me!

-Son, I say, son! Stop messing around in here

-Oh boy! Don’t cross the limit of my medication

-Boy! Oh boy, I guess you lack the most necessary equipment, your brain!

-Hey boy! Stop being afraid of everything and grow up!

-O boy! Stop shitting around in here

Dirty Foghorn Leghorn Quotes From Looney Tunes

-Children these days! Don’t even know how to handle their clothes

-Children these days! Don’t have the idea to brush your teeth!

-Hey boy! You are a chick, don’t try to be a foghorn!

-O boy! O, boy! I say don’t mess with your elders

-O boy! Remember, I am your father!

-Hey, son! It’s time for some delicious food!

-Hey, little boy! Come and have some food!

-Boy! I say, boy! Always listen to your elders and obey them!

-Hey, little son! You are the sharp equivalent of a bowling ball!

-Hey, you little boy! Make your smart enough to face this world

-I say! I say, boy! Be clever, like your father!

-Boy! Let’s have some yummy grains!

-Little son! I say, little son! Respect those who respect you

-Hey boy! Stop howling, little son, and maintain silence

Dirty Foghorn Leghorn Quotes From Looney Tunes

-Son! I say, son! Be the best, as your father is!

-Hey, son! I have a little yeee….for those who don’t like baseball, the best game!

-Hey, little son! Do remember to keep your spare set of feathers with you!

-Boy! O, boy! Keep your extra set of feathers always with you for contingencies

-O boy! I say, o boy! Don’t create confusion like a rat in a burlesque show!

Foghorn Leghorn Sayings

-Boy! I say, boy! Dogs are gibbering idiots!

-Hey, little son! Be attentive to things I state

-Son! O, my little son! Be a nicely-mannered kid, but don’t be a dumb soul on the other side

-Don’t keep your muscles soggy like a disposed of tea bag

Dirty Foghorn Leghorn Quotes From Looney Tunes

-Boy! I say, boy! If you don’t laugh, as I do, then you should look at yourself in a mirror and cheer up!

-Hey boy! I can love snakes, but no dogs!

-O kid! I say, kid! Would you have some yummy dog soup?

-These dogs are as subtle as the explosive in a barrel of oatmeal.

-Look, here, son! I say, little son! Stay humble and always help others

-Hey, son! I say, son! Don’t be slow, that the fast ones go over your head!

-Boy! I say listen, my dear boy! Don’t take what others say negatively; be positive and spread positivity around you!

-Boy! I say, boy! Stay optimistic and wise rather than dumb!

-Hey, son! Listen to me and don’t be like a dead horse, that if it is beaten, it can’t get up and go!

-Will someone like to have some tasty dog soup?

-Boy, I say boy! Never feel weak because your father is next to you!

-Son! Always have faith in your father!

Dirty Foghorn Leghorn Quotes From Looney Tunes

-Remember, son! Your father always loves you!

-Hey, little chick! Do not give up once if you fall down! Get up and face the challenges and keep trying until you succeed

-Hey, son! Don’t lose hope; I am there for you

-Son! I say, son! I m not speaking only to hear my head roar, so please pay attention to what I say

-Boy! I say, my boy! Think before you utter something wrong in front of others and hurt them with your words!

-What a pleasant day, my son! Says foghorn 

-Boy! I say, boy! Get ready for dinner tonight with your new shoes on!

-Hey, little hen! Where are you going?

-Hey, little chick! Stop irritating me now!

-Hey, little son! Respect your parents and always obey them, son.

-Boy! I say, boy! Remember your father loves you and will always hold you tight

-Always be careful, son! When you talk to strangers

-Love long! Leghorn

-Shining beak, vibrant comb, clean white feathers, this is how you recognize leghorn

Dirty Foghorn Leghorn Quotes From Looney Tunes

-Hey! My little son! Always follow the rules

-Keep patience, and have faith in yourself, says leghorn

-Fathers should also make efforts to understand their kids and then act accordingly

-Boy! I say, boy! Don’t be so naughty that it may piss me off!

-That female was freezing like an undressed on an iceberg

-Boy! I say, boy! Smart boys have minds like steel traps full of rats

-Hey! Little son! Dogs are like taxes; they don’t know when to finish or stop

-Hey, son! Don’t be like boys who have their mouths like cannons; always keep shooting off!

-Kids should not speak too much, as they may get their tongue sunburned

-Don’t dare to irritate me, kid, or else I will spank you at the place where your feathers are thinnest

-Smart boys mix up more than the feathers in the whirlwind says Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn Chicken Hawk Quotes

“That’s a joke, son! A joke, I say!” – Foghorn often uses this line after delivering a sarcastic or witty remark.

“I say, I say, pay attention to me when I’m talkin’ to ya, boy!” – Foghorn’s way of getting Chicken Hawk’s attention.

“You’re built too low. The fast ones go over your head.” – Foghorn poking fun at someone’s lack of intelligence.

“I’m not just talkin’ to hear my head roar!” – When Foghorn wants to emphasize that he has something important to say.

“Ah, that’s a joke, son, don’t ya get it?” – Similar to the first quote, Foghorn reminds others when he’s being humorous.

“Are you my mother?” – Chicken Hawk’s catchphrase, often used when he mistakes other characters for his mother.

“I’m little, but I’m old enough!” – Chicken Hawk tries to prove that he’s capable despite his small size.

“I’m a chicken hawk, and I’m gonna take you home.” – Chicken Hawk’s determination to capture a chicken (Foghorn Leghorn) despite his size.

Foghorn Leghorn Quotes I Say

“I say, I say, boy!” – This is Foghorn Leghorn’s signature catchphrase, often used to get the attention of other characters, especially the young chicken hawk.

“That’s a joke, I say, that’s a joke, son!” – Foghorn Leghorn often follows up a sarcastic or humorous statement with this line.

“I say, son, pay attention when I’m talkin’ to ya!” – Foghorn’s way of telling others to listen to what he has to say.

“I say, you’re doin’ it all wrong, son.” – Foghorn frequently tries to instruct or advise others, even if they don’t necessarily need it.

“I say, this is gonna cause more confusion than a mouse in a burlesque show!” – Foghorn’s colorful way of expressing a complicated or chaotic situation.

“I say, that boy’s about as sharp as a bowling ball.” – Foghorn Leghorn’s humorous way of calling someone unintelligent.

“I say, that’s what I call a joke with a head on it!” – Another one of Foghorn’s responses after cracking a joke.

“I say, I’ve been beatin’ around the bush long enough. It’s time to lay it on the line!” – Foghorn’s determination to get to the point or reveal the truth.

“I say, he’s about as useful as a screen door on a submarine!” – Foghorn’s way of expressing someone’s lack of usefulness.

“I say, he’s a chicken with his head cut off!” – Foghorn’s witty remarks often involve puns and creative comparisons.

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Dirty Foghorn Leghorn Quotes From Looney Tunes

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