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Gilroy Garlic Festival is a food festival that starts from the last Friday in July and ends in the following Sunday. These three-day festivities are held in Gilroy, California, every year. This fair has been active for the last 41 years. However, due to the pandemic in 2020, the 42nd festival will be held in 2021.

Gilroy Garlic Festival messages:

– This food festival is held in Gilroy, which is a significant producer of Garlic and hence the name.

– This festival is a type of fundraiser, where they attract many food enthusiasts from all over the world to raise money for many non-profit groups.

-It was first started in 1979 by Rudolph J. Malone, who was the then president of Gavilan College, located in Gilroy itself, and he got his inspiration from a small town in France.

-This festival introduces a variety of food that mostly contain Garlic to the international market and is a heavenly time for all the food lovers.

-Along with various Garlic-inspired food, this festival includes kid-friendly rides, games, and food; it also holds cooking contests and live entertainment on three stages.

-Some of the festival’s favorites are pepper steak sandwiches, pasta con pesto, fried calamari, Gilroy garlic fries, garlic bread, and, most importantly, Gilroy garlic ice-cream.

– Gilroy food festival’s main aim is to promote some of the delicious garlic dishes in the international market as Garlic is the chief production of Gilroy.

-This garlic-infused festival not only gives you a stomach full of delicious garlic dishes, but it also makes your heart full of all of the festivities that are organized in this festival.

-This festival is powered by over 4,000 volunteers who work hard to provide you with a good time with your family.

– A little bit of Garlic can make your dish go from taste-less to mouth-watering. 

– This festival is a dream come true for all the garlic-lovers.

– This festival has helped many non-profit groups by its generous cause of charity towards them.

– Gilroy prepares for this festival for a long time ago to avoid any blunder in welcoming their guests.

– It is a great event to escape your hectic schedule and indulge yourself in Garlic’s world.

– This festival will make you fall in love with garlic dishes.

-A little bit of Garlic in your food and a whole lot of fun in your life, is the motto of this festival.

– A platter full of garlic food and your loved ones by your side, a offer you can’t refuse!

– Spend your weekend with your loved ones in this fun-filled food festival.

– Fall in love with Garlic and enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.

– A little bit of Garlic never hurt anyone!

– Call up your friends or family and fall in love with Garlic together.

– Life is too short not to have fun.

– Spend your weekend with your loved ones in this fun filled food festival.

– Fall in love with garlic and enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.

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