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On 16th August, Rollercoaster Day is annually celebrated in the U.S.A and many other countries across the world.

The origin of this celebration is still not clear, but the date for this celebration is believed to be from the year 1898 as on this day the very first patent for rollercoaster was issued.

Since then, the date 16th of August has been the most awaited day for all the fairgrounds and fans of this intense and amazing ride.

On the eve of Rollercoaster Day, some of the biggest amusement parks and fairgrounds offer a tremendous amount of discounts to attract fans.

So, hop on and experience this nostalgic ride which will fill you up with joy and an overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions.

Below is a list of greetings and quotes to convey the joy of celebrating a day dedicated to this old yet classic ride-

Get on the ride they said, it will be fun they said and it was actually fun they never said. Try it out by yourself. Wishing you an exciting Roller Coaster Day ahead.

There will only be 30 seconds of panic before the ride of your life begins. Hope you are able to ride it on a Roller Coaster Day.

Here’s hoping you are able to enjoy the ride literally and figuratively. Have a happy Roller Coaster Day.

May you overcome your fear and are able to know how special the ride is on this special eve of Roller Coaster Day.

It doesn’t matter what are the great things you have achieved in life, the question is can you handle the ride. Wish you an encouraging Rollercoaster Day.

Life is an amazing gift; better use it to ride the rollercoaster on a Rollercoaster Day. Best wishes before the exhilarating ride of your life.

You and the Rollercoaster are made for each other. You haven’t yet realized it yet. Have an amazing Rollercoaster Day ahead.

You’ll never know the feeling until and unless you are on it. Wishing you all the courage to ride a rollercoaster on a Rollercoaster Day.

The thrill of not knowing what’s in store for you is the best part of riding a Rollercoaster. I hope you do get the thrill on this Rollercoaster Day.

A Rollercoaster ride may seem overwhelming at times, but when you look book you will realize it wasn’t that bad. Here’s hoping you ride the monster on a Rollercoaster Day.

In the end of a rollercoaster ride, you will always be able to land on your feet. Wishing you a great Rollercoaster Day ahead.

There will be ups, and there will be downs. There might be a narrow valley as well but the point is you have to try the ride to experience it. Have a fun filled Rollercoaster day.

Giving up and never know the feeling of being in a rollercoaster ride is easy. On this Rollercoaster Day I hope you are tired of taking the easy path.

Fear is bound to go away when you realize you have been roller coasting your life. Hope this Rollercoaster Day is able to bring some joy in your own ride.

Life is too short to fear a ride and never try it out. I hope this Rollercoaster Day is able to inspire you to give it a try.

Ask a retired teenager the sheer of riding a Rollercoaster. You won’t be disappointed. Hope to see you on the Coaster station on a Rollercoaster Day.

Sometimes you close your eyes in terror and other times your hands are in the air just to enjoy the ride and wind. Wish you a joyful Rollercoaster Day ahead.

Once the ride is over, you will realize it later that it was fun. So smile on and savour the moment when you are a Rollercoaster next time. Have a great Rollercoaster Day.

On this special eve of Rollercoaster Day, I hope you have a day filled with fun activities like riding a Rollercoaster.

The whole objective of riding a Rollercoaster is to let go the stress and have fun while enjoying the ride. I hope you are able to do that on a Rollercoaster Day.

Wishing you a ride of a lifetime on this special occasion of Rollercoaster Day.

It’s a little crazy and insane but nobody can argue with how much fun a rollercoaster ride is. Wishing you a fun and amazing Rollercoaster Day.

Gather your friends and family and visit the nearest amusement park to enjoy the ride on this Rollercoaster Day.

Like emotions, you cannot just blame it on the ride. You’ve got to go through everything. On this Rollercoaster Day I wish you a plethora of nothing but excitement.

Enjoy this carnival ride by not knowing whether you will go down or up. Have a Happy Rollercoaster Day.

Sometimes you will be thrown up and sometimes you will be thrown down but you will never get thrown out of this amazing ride of a rollercoaster. Wishing you a fun Rollercoaster day.

Occasionally, all we need is a ride of the rollercoaster to understand what is really going on in our life. I wish you a lively Rollercoaster Day ahead.

Like life, we will scream when there’s a bump, but in the end we will raise our hands in the air to enjoy this breathtaking ride. Hope you are able to enjoy to the fullest on this Rollercoaster Day.

The photos of you may look weird while riding a rollercoaster but you know it deep inside that it was the most fun and stimulating ride you’ve ever had. Have a great Rollercoaster Day.

The drop you will feel in the stomach is worth riding this stirring ride of a rollercoaster. Wish you a thrilling Rollercoaster Day ahead.

The moment when the ride starts is when the electrifying adventure begins. Hope to see some weird reactions from you amidst the adventure on this Rollercoaster Day.

On this Rollercoaster day, prove yourself to be more fun than the rollercoaster. Have a screaming of joy day ahead of you.

You’ll never know if you really fear the ride or not until and unless you have tried it. Hope to see you try the rollercoaster on a Rollercoaster Day.

Don’t get discouraged from the online photos of people experiencing the ride. Wishing you a great first time ride on the eve of Rollercoaster Day.

At some point your life you will have to stop fearing and start living. Same goes with the fear of riding a rollercoaster. Have an amazing fearless Rollercoaster Day.

Challenge yourself on this Rollercoaster Day to give a steady reaction throughout the intoxicating ride while creeping out the person sitting beside you. Have a funny Rollercoaster Day.

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