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In the history of mankind, rain has been celebrated by people belonging to different cultures. It brings much-needed relief to the lives of human beings.

Rain Day is celebrated on 29th July every year in the town of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. The history of Rain Day dates back to the late 19th century when a farmer in Waynesburg said to William Allison who was a pharmacist that it always seemed to rain on his birthday.

Here are a few quotes on Rain Day which you can share on your social media profile to the world on that day.

_On this Rain Day let us all pray that the areas affected by drought in different parts of the world get rain soon.

_Rain Day brings back the memories of childhood when we used to jump in the puddles and dance to the tunes of the raindrops.

_Rain helps in maintaining the greenery around us. We can never ignore the significance of rain as our lives are dependent on it.

_A person who says that sunshine is the source of happiness has never experienced the thrill of dancing in rain.

_If you want to see the rainbow, then you have to see the rain.

_A rainy day brings plenty of life with itself. It brings relief to our monotonous lives.

_Nothing can be more comforting than a cup of hot stew on a rainy day.

_On Rain Day let us recognize the value of rain in a farmer’s life.  It acts as life support for him.

_A rainy day always has a positive impact on your mind.

_If you are looking for an ideal time to have a walk in the forests, then a rainy day is the best option for you.

_Your best companion on a rainy day should be a book along with a cup of coffee.

_On Rain Day let us all recognize the fact that the amount of rain we are receiving each year is coming down at an alarming rate.

_On rainy days you should enjoy the solitude at your home without thinking much about the outside world.

_Some people just get wet in the rain but there are others who feel it.

_The best thing you can do on a rainy day is to get under the blanket and watch movies.

_There is nothing more romantic for a couple than to walk under the umbrella on a rainy day.

_On a rainy day you must listen to the rhythm of the falling raindrops.

_On this Rain Day let us all welcome rain into our lives so that it washes away all our pains.

_The leaves of trees and the grasses get a new lease of life when it rains. It makes our surroundings greener.

_Today is Rain Day and the people of Waynesburg is all decked up to celebrate it.

_Rain Day gives us the opportunity to seriously contemplate the issues of environmental degradation and how rain is important to keep our surroundings green.

_No matter wherever you are around the world, if it is raining on this Rain Day then you must step out of your home and spend the day by singing and dancing in the rain.

_Nothing can be more refreshing than a heavy shower in the evening after a hot and sultry day.

_It is raining on Rain Day and this makes the occasion much more special to us.

_On this Rain Day, we should think of new ways to harvest rainwater.

_On this Rain Day, share all your feelings and thoughts regarding the occasion in social media.    

_On this Rain Day, let us all participate in large numbers in all the events that are going to take place in the town of Waynesburg.

_Today is Rain Day, the day for which all the people of Waynesburg have been waiting for the whole year.

_The main attraction on this Rain Day will be the beauty pageant contest. It is going to make the event much more interesting.

_Today is Rain Day, a chance for all the artists to showcase their talent in the umbrella and window decoration contests.

_It is 29th July and we wish all the residents of Waynesburg town a Happy Rain Day.

_Forget all your engagements on this Rain Day and join us in large numbers to celebrate this beautiful occasion.

_There are so many occasions and festivals in our lives, but Rain Day is something special.

_On this Rain Day, we should try to educate more people about the significance of the day.

_May your day be filled with happiness and joy on this Rain Day.

_Some people like to walk in the rain because no one can see them crying.

_A rainy day is like a precious gift to all the couples.

_On this Rain Day, let us all hope that rain washes away all our worries. Happy Rain Day.

_Today is Rain Day, the day on which all of us come together to enjoy this historic occasion.

_On this Rain Day, let us all pray that the Rain Gods continue to bless our Waynesburg town.

_A rainy day might be an ordinary day for you, but it can be a source of hope, refreshment, fun and happiness for many people.

_July 29 is not an ordinary day for the people of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, it is a day to indulge in festivities and make sweet memories.

_On this Rain Day let us spread happiness by donating umbrellas and raincoats to the poor people.

_We are all waiting in anxiousness to see who wins the Miss Rain Day title this year.

_Rain can spoil your plans for the day, but it can certainly save a farmer’s crop.

_Smell the rain and find out the grace in it. There can be no life without rain. Happy Rain Day.

_Be it sunshine or rain, we should keep up the tradition of celebrating Rain Day in Pennsylvania.   

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