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Soyal or otherwise known as Great feast of the Winter Solstice is a Solstice Ceremony celebrated by the Southwest Zuni, Hopi and Pueblo tribes of Native Americans. The ceremony is held on 21st of December which marks the Winters Solstice and is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

The ceremony of ‘Soyalangwul’ a Native American name for Soyal, is celebrated for a period of 16 days.

The whole purpose of the ceremony that is full of rituals is to call out to the sun and bring it back from its long winter slumber. The celebration of Soyal starts from offering prayers and supplications and ends with a sumptuous feast and Kachina Dance.

Below is a conjured list of greetings and quotes that you can use to celebrate the ceremony of Soyal with the tribes and others-

Your favorite time of the year is on the way as the spirit of Katsinam will bless us the a day when the sun reaches the highest position in the sky to make your summer even flattering. Wishing you a great Soyal ceremony.

One of the great things about Soyal is that it ends the long nights and fill us with a hope of everlasting summer. Wishing everyone to enjoy this great ceremony of Soyal

On the eve of Soyal, the arrival of Kachinas will let you bask in this blessed light while the sun enlivens. Have a nice and welcoming ceremony of Soyal.

It is the day to call out to our Gods and pray to them for a joyous and hopeful year. Wishing the tribe of Zuni, Pueblo and the Hopi a very peaceful ceremony of Soyal

I hope that you are amongst the many cheering the summer as the arrival of Katchina has granted us the best day of the season. Wishing all the summer lovers a warm and happy ceremony of Soyal.

Let us all celebrate this Soyal ceremony with joy as the light will guide and end the darkness of the winter. Have a great 16 days of ceremony with your friends and the family.

Never let barren darkness provide you with a certain sense of incompletion. On the eve of Soyal, the darkness will fade away and the light will show the way.

Go out and enjoy the greatest day in winter in the greatest month of the years and witness the beautiful magic of Soyal ceremony that welcomes the beauty of sun and the summer.

For some people the winter is the time of pain and withdrawal. On the eve of Soyal ceremony, wishing such people a great hope that the upcoming summer will produce an inconceivable joy in their heart.

Sitting beside the fire, amidst the touch of a friendly hand enjoy the beautiful phenomenon which is the ceremony of Soyal, with your loved ones and make this winter a memorable one.

Amidst the season of strong blizzards and cold air try to enjoy the single snowflake and welcome the arrival of Kachinas. Have a brilliant two weeks of joyous soyal ceremony with your friends and loved ones.

On the eve of Soyal ceremony, Let us all take part in welcoming the most beautiful time of the year feel the warmth of sun amidst the touch of rain because only then one will start to appreciate the joy of Summer.

The still point of the sun when the past leaves us and catches our breath while the future begins is what the ceremony of Soyal is all about. Wishing every tribe a very joyous and cheerful summer ahead.

Celebrate the glorious ceremony of Soyal with your loved ones as it is the holy time of renewal restoration, reflection, and letting go of the things which should be in the past. Have a nice one.

It is in the depths of winter that our pride tribe would finally welcome the spiritual Kachinas to grant us an invincible summer full of love and prosperity. Wishing everyone a great two weeks of Soyal Ceremony.

Winter Solstice is much more than a phenomenon. It is the time to contemplate our immortality and look at things from a different viewpoint as we call upon the spiritual gods for a great summer. Spend celebratory weeks of Soyal ceremony.

It is on the ceremony of Soyal, we end the period of darkness to make a fresh new start. Hope you have great next year.

Enjoy the cold and the winter solstice with the people who have never left your side while the ceremony of Soyal will make the sun shine brighter than ever.

On the eve of Soyal Ceremony and winter solstice, Let us all fall in love with the ending and beginning of new things and pray for a greater summer with the blessings of sun.

Now that we are on the longest night of the year, let us all press the restart button of our life and hope for a better year on this beautiful occasion of 16 days Soyal ceremony.

On the special eve of soyal ceremony and winter Solstice, break yourself from the rhythm and watch the beautiful unison of sun and the earth and pray for a lovely upcoming summer with your loved ones.

If you love nights then the ceremony of Soyal and the phenomenon winter solstice is for you. Enjoy them both as we welcome the end and start afresh.

If you love winter, then there is nothing more exciting than this winter solstice phenomenon which is the last miracle of the year as we will greet the sun and the summer on the eve of soyal.

The rising of sun during the summer will empower us all to feel the summer with pure joy and happiness. On the eve of Soyal Ceremony, wish you and the family a bucket full of memories and courage in life.

The marriage between the Winter Solstice and the ceremony of Soyal is what makes these last days of December worthwhile. On the week of soyal, I wish you a cheerful life ahead.

The mystery of soyal ceremony and winter solstice has always baffled us with the effect of serenity and unexplainable joy. Hope you have a good year ahead.

Celebration of Winter Solstice and soyal ceremony is incomplete without the dance of Kachina and the rebirth of new possibilities in the upcoming. Hope you spend a delightful year ahead.

The most beautiful thing for all the sun lovers is the green and glowing days that symbolize the new things in life. So enjoy this Soyal ceremony to the fullest and welcome a year of great summer.

On the occasion of Soyal Ceremony, Let us all pray to the kachinas for a Summer that is green and glowing similar to manifestation that is painted beautifully in a canvas.

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