45+ Best Winter Wedding Invitation Wording ideas

Some people love the winters while some just don’t. When it comes to weddings, people mostly prefer it be in the summertime but there are some downsides to that as well.

From the sweltering heat that could mess up bride’s carefully coiffed wedding hairstyle to rain being the party pooper. On the other hand, winter wedding lets you forget all that and allows you to have holiday-themed wedding decorations, snowy wedding pictures and more.

But in the end, it is a wedding after all and this is why wordings for the wedding invitation are very important irrespective of it being in a summer or winter. 

What to Write on Winter Wedding Invitation?

  • Mention that the winter wedding is finally happening
  • Make sure that everyone is present that day
  • Tell people that it couldn’t be possible without them
  • Don’t forget to ask for blessings from elders
  • Don’t let anyone leave until the food is served

How do you Respond to Winter Wedding invitation?

  • Congratulate on the wedding
  • Mention that you are looking forward to it
  • Don’t forget to bring wedding gifts
  • Before you leave, shower them with your blessings and happiness

Winter Wedding invitation wording ideas

  • This time winter will not only bother you with shivering but also with our wedding. (Name) and I are having a winter wedding on (date) at (loc.) and you are being cordially invited to attend.
  • We’re going to make this winter our wedding wonderland. I may walk down the aisle with Frozen’s “let it snow” playing in the background. Anyway, I hope you do join us for my wedding on (date) at (loc.).
  • Oh the cold weather could be frightful for some but our wedding would surely be delightful with your presence. In the presence of our family and friends, we are getting married on (date) at (loc.).
  • Winter is the season that has made us see the reason behind having a winter wedding. I hope you’re excited because I definitely am. So see you on the 5th of (month) at (loc.) with some fine winter clothing.

-I fell in love with him/her life in the month of December and its only poetic that I married him/her on winter. So pack your suitcases with warm clothes and see us getting hitched on (date) at (loc.).

-Although winter wedding was not initially in the Bride and groom’s mind but they certainly want it to be an experience. As the host, I invite you to join them on their special day which is on (date) at (loc.).

-In winters, most couples find excuses to cuddle up and snuggle but we are different because we have decided to get married instead. Yes, it is a winter wedding and you’re invited to join us on (date) at (loc.)

– Christmas is in the corner and so is our wedding. So don’t let the wrath of winter keep you at bay because you have a wedding to attend. We expect your presence on (date) at (loc.) for our big day.

-If only our daughter was not stubborn enough to convince us for throwing her a great winter wedding but she’s our princess. So make sure you join the prince and his princess on (date) for their marriage.

-Snowy winter is an attempt of God to make the world look beautiful again and we have decided to cash on in with a winter wedding. So that’s the news, my wedding’s on (date) at (loc.) and you’re invited.

-In appreciation of our 7 years of togetherness come this winter, I am going to marry my love on the 7th of (month) at (location). It would be an absolute pleasure for us if you could join us for the big day.

-There’s something beautiful about walking down the aisle amidst the presence of snow and cold breeze. Yes, I am having a winter wedding. For that, we officially ask for your presence on (date) at (loc.)

-We don’t plan to fall in love in accordance to the season so me and my fiancé just picked a date and we are going to have a winter wedding on (date) at the (loc.). You are cordially invited to attend.

-I wonder if the snow loves the tree as much as I love my fiancé. Oh I am talking about snows because we are getting married in 26th of January. So please join us for our winter wedding held at the (loc.).

-Every year December visits us with a feeling to be more cozy and warm but this time it will come with a wedding, correction: my wedding. You and your family are invited to my wedding on (date) at (loc.).

-What’s a better combination than miracle of Christmas and the magic of true love. It was a rhetorical question but it is my reality as I am getting married on (date) and you’re invited to attend us at (loc.)

-In the spirit of joy and peace, this holiday season Mr. and Mrs. (surname) request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter (name) to (name) on (date). The event’s being held at (loc.). 

-Winter comes with the greatest gift called Love and this holiday season we’re going to celebrate love at our daughter’s holy union to (name) on (date). Please come at (loc.) for the ceremony and bless them.

-Love is a very good reason to share the spirit this season with a winter wedding. So save the date and please join with us in celebration as me and my love are going to be united in marriage on (date) at (loc.)

-In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was a desire in me to have myself a winter wedding. Thus, you are cordially invited to my beautiful wedding ceremony taking place on (date) at (loc.).

-Who knew that a winter wedding was on our destiny. Anyway, as we begin our married life from (date), we would like to invite you to our marriage ceremony held at the beautiful (place) on (time).

-Marriages are made in heaven and human beings are left with just planning it. I made the best out this opportunity and planned my wedding in winter. So please join us on (date) at (loc.) for the ceremony.

-This holiday season, there might be a lot of movies releasing but all you’ve got to worry about is attending your best friend’s winter wedding. Be by my side on (date), as I marry my fiancé at (loc.).

-Winter wedding alert!! Though it’s not the most popular season to have a wedding but everything’s fair in love, happiness, and togetherness. So please come and bless us with your presence on (date) at (loc.)

-Amidst the festive season of falling snowflakes and swirling stars, what if there’s wedding for you to attend. Well, this is a reality now because I am getting married on (date) at (loc,) and you have to come.

-Winter is coming and so is the wedding of (name). Mr. and Mrs. (surnames) would like to request your utmost presence on their son’s joyous union to (bride’s name) at the wonderful (location) on (Date).

-As the month of December has brought upon a lovely winter for us to enjoy, we are delighted to overwhelm you with our wedding date. So save the date and please join us at the (loc.) on (date).

-Nothing’s matter when you marry the person who has made my life better than ever. With that being said, she wanted a winter wedding and here I am inviting you to attend our wedding on (date) at (loc.).

-There’s nothing more memorable like a winter wedding even if it’s for the cold and many other wrong reasons. Jokes aside, I am actually having a winter wedding on (date) at (loc.) and you have to attend.

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