40 Destination wedding Invitation Wording Examples & Etiquette

For destination weddings, save-the-date invitations are quite like others. However, the major difference is the time by which you put forward the invitation to people. For destination weddings, people need to be ready to go to the place with their tickets and luggage.

What to write in a destination wedding invitation?

Include your names 

Tell them how and where they can send the RSVP

Let them know the theme and the destination 

Tell them they are expected to be there to bless the couple

How to respond to a destination wedding invitation?

Congratulate the couple on their new beginnings

Let them know you will be there 

Share your experiences 

Mention you are thankful on being invited and be a part of their day

People need to apply for leaves, arrange caretakers if they have pets, opt for childcare if they have kids, and make all the necessary amends in order to be a part of the destination wedding. You need to put the invitation at least six months in advance so people can make their plans and arrangements accordingly.

Some of the amazingly creative and innovative destination wedding invitation wordings are here.

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording

Destination wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

-We love mountains and want them to witness our holy union, come be a part of the destination wedding. Place and time mentioned in the card

-Travelling is a relief to the soul, and what better does it get if you travel and get married to the soul partner all at once? We want you to be there at our destination wedding!

-Every couple loves to be on tour, but how cool it is to get married on tour. Your presence is requested. Come and bless (name) and (name) on their much-awaited destination wedding.

-Trying something new and away from the crowd has always been our thing. Calling up for our destination wedding at (place). We await your presence 

-Destination weddings are always special. We want it to be more special with you coming and witnessing the same. Save the date and be at the venue

-The sand on the beach and the waves of the sea will make you happier as we mark our happiest date. Come with us to our destination wedding. Save the date 

-Bored of the city and skyscrapers? Let us indulge in an awesome wedding experience far away from home. Save the date and be at the place 

-(Name & Name) tie their knot and would love it if you come with them to their much-awaited destination wedding. 

-After years of being together, finally they have decided to get married. It doesn’t get any better for us, and we want you to be part of it. You must come! 

Destination wedding invitation wording examples

-(Name & Name) along with their families would love you to be at their destination wedding amidst the bright sun and sand. Make the event special with your presence 

– The pleasure of your company will only make our marriage more special. Our destination wedding at (place) on (date) requires you to be present and bless us for the rest of our lives. 

-Our marriage will only be successful if we can have your presence on the scene. We cannot think of our lives without you, and this marriage needs you. Save the date for the destination wedding of (name) and (name).

-Life is busy, but you would surely take out some time amongst your schedule to visit the beaches where we get married. Won’t you?  Come and be a part of the celebrations

-Not every day is our wedding date, and this is why we want you to come with us for the destination wedding, which we have planned with all our hearts.

-The love of (name) and (name) finally witness the light of day amongst the tropical trees of the (place). It is only more special for us, and with you, we have the desire to create stunning memories. 

-Our destination wedding and we aren’t doing anything until you come with us to the location. You, along with us on(date), will rock the wedding! Save the date 

-Wedding plans are made with a lot of heart and hence it is a must that we get it complete with the help of friends who are inevitable and closest to the heart. We want you here before the date. 

-Our love for travel has brought us here, and our son (name) and (name’s) daughter (name) tie the knot amidst the stunning city of (place). We bet you would love the experience; please be present on the day.

-No matter how far we go for the wedding, our heart stays etched in the (place). We are nothing without people who would come and make their wedding more special.

-Destination weddings are special when we have guests like you coming over and making it worth it. Our eyes will keep looking for you! Save the date and endow us with your delightful presence. 

Destination wedding invitation wording

-As soon as we had made plans for our wedding, we took a step further and turned it into a destination wedding. Witness (name) and (name) tie the knot amidst the lush green fields of (place). Come over and make a date-worthy 

-An event is nothing without the guests. Our wedding desires stars like you to come out and shine bright. Save the date and visit the place without fail 

-You will never need a reservation or tickets to visit our destination wedding! JUST RESPOND TO THIS MAIL, and we will have your tickets ready for the date. Come and be a part of the fun and bless the wedding of (name) and (name)

-The waves here are truly alluring, and you would love to be by them while (name) and (name) become one soul from two. Delight us by being in the (place) and on the date. 

-They dipped their toes in the wet sand and held their hands forever. (Name) and (Name) came together to be married and wishes to have you besides (place) on the day. 

-Unless we see the new skies together, how can the love stay fresh?? Making marriage a part of travel. Come and join the cruise hosting the destination wedding of (name) and (name). 

-We love the green and hence making our marriage a tropical event was something we decided from the day we dated. However, without your presence, the event will lose its charm! Please be there with your entire family. 

-We let you know months before so that you can let go of everything else and pack your bags to be a part of the wedding of (name) and (name). We waited long for this day; we want to live it with you!

-It was just an idea that finally led to the destination wedding planner. Amidst the amazing clouds, we tie the knot and kiss to show the world we are married. We need you to be our honorable witnesses! Save the date, and please be there

-Keep calm and attend our destination wedding! Find tickets to the island attached. 

-Though we are having a destination wedding, the distance between you and us is closer than ever before. Join us for the wedding celebration and make the wedding special!

-All that ever matters is your presence and blessing on the day we become united and walk towards the future. Only this time, the walk will begin from a sandy beach because it is a destination wedding! Be there, save the date!

-Destination wedding has unknown places, but what makes the wedding worth it is the known faces around the couple. COME AND ADD to the joy! Save the date for our destination wedding. Our journey begins here. 

Destination wedding Invitation Wording

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