41+ Best Beach Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

Weddings are no longer confined only to halls and ceremony theatres. People wish to experiment with their wedding venue and plan to try new things, which will only make their wedding a lot more interesting and fun. For the same reason, beach weddings are gaining immense popularity amongst people. If you are planning a beach wedding, it truly is a great idea, and people would love to be part of it.

You need to discuss the idea with your partner, and if agreed mutually, you can start by sending out invitations to people from their presence on the day.

Here are some of the great Beach Wedding invitation wording ideas that can be used by you  

  • It is with great honor that we (name and name) invite you along with your entire family to our grand wedding celebrations on a beach full of white sand at (location) on (date). 
  • It is on (date) that (name and name) plan to get their wedding ceremony done amidst the blue sea. You will be delighted to be present at the beach! 
  • There is not any other feeling on this earth that can match the one that we are experiencing now as we send out invites for our beach wedding on (date). It will be an exotic affair, and your presence is an absolute must!   
  • You are requested to come and visit the beach at (location) for our wedding ceremony. We cannot wait to have you on board for the grand wedding celebration. 
  •  On (date) we are organizing the wedding ceremony of (bride and groom’s name) at (location). The beach wedding will be one of a kind, and you can have a great time and be rested, assured of that! 
  •  Let us all come together and wish the couple (name and name) at their wedding on the beach! The date and time of the wedding are attached to the envelope, and you are requested to be on time kindly! 
  • Weddings are all about fun, food, and love! It doesn’t get any better than having organized it on the beach amidst bright sun and dancing sea waves. You are cordially invited to (name and name’s) wedding on (date) at (venue)
  •  The wedding’s on the beach, and it’s within your reach! We have made all the arrangements for you to travel to the destination. (Name and name) would love to see you dancing to the DJ at their wedding! Please attend the same
  •  It is truly a special day, and it is hence incomplete without you, a special person for both of us! Our wedding on the beach isn’t happening unless you step in my dear brother! We need you here. 
  • Being on a beach and getting hitched to the person you love is a great feeling indeed! Lucky (name and name) are having a beach wedding on (date) at (location), and we are happy to invite you to the event. 
  • Weddings are the happiest day for the couple getting hitched! In the beach and on the sand, this wedding doesn’t get any better. Come and be a part of the celebration on (date). 
  • The waves of the sea resemble the joy a married couple would have in their life! It never gets better if we hold the wedding on the beach itself! Come and join the wedding event of (name and name) on (date). 
  • It is with all the happiness in our hearts that we call out to you and your entire family to attend the luxurious beach wedding of (name and name). Do not skip this, we would miss you if you did so! 
Beach Wedding Invitation Wordings

beach destination wedding invitation wording

  • Your friend (name of friend) is getting married to (name) on (date) on the beaches of (location)! It is an amazing arrangement, and you cannot miss out on the great food and drink! Reach the destination right on time to be part of the fun!
  • On the beach, there will be the sun above us and the sand beneath us! What excites us the most is the future that awaits front of us. Please be part of the wedding event and make us even happier with your presence! 
  • We can assure you of a never seen wedding arrangement when it comes to beach weddings. Right from the food to the wedding, dude, we have the best setups. Come and be a part of the party. 
  • It has taken a lot of hard work to arrange the great beach wedding of (name and name). We cannot wait to show you our work; please reach the venue on the (date). Keep your camera ready for the grand show! 
  •  Are weddings fun only for the ones getting married? Well, it isn’t the same this time as we have arranged a fun-filled beach wedding ceremony of (name and name). Take our word; you will have a great time for sure. 
  • The shining sand of the beach and the great sun above the head, does it get any better than this? Reach the wedding event on time as the bride and groom will be waiting for your arrival. 
  •  True happiness is when we have the best people around us during the time of the wedding. Come and join the party and witness the couple getting together forever and living a life full of happiness! 
  • The heart of a lover is never full of love, and there is always some more that it needs! Just the way the ocean is never full of water, there is always space for more. The two coming together at a beach wedding is the most amazing thing for (name and name)! We have arranged cars for you; please be on time for the pickup. 
  •  With your due presence in the event of a wedding, (name and name) will be more than happy! Your love and blessing are the most important thing for the would-be married pair on the day of their marriage. The beach wedding at (location) awaits you! 
  • The holy union of souls in a clean beach of (location) is the ultimate pleasure to the eyes. Come and be a part of the wedding party!  
  • On a bright wide ocean shore, the couple will say, “I do”! The only missing thing is “You,” and hence we put this invitation for you! Be there on the wedding day and enjoy being part of the grand beach wedding of (name and name).
  •  It is love that drives relationships forward, and hence marriage is touted as the most beautiful thing. Combining the most beautiful feeling of marriage with the beauty of a beach is what we have planned for (name and name). Join the wedding party! 
  •  Happiness is when we all come together and enjoy the wedding party. With friends and family, it only gets better. We invite you to the beach wedding of (name and name) at (location) on (time). 
  •  We request your humble presence on the (date) for the wedding of (name and name); please be on time as we have arranged to pick up and drop you off for you all! 
  •  Love only gets better after the wedding! Let’s come together and make the couple realize the same on their dream beach wedding at (location) on (date). We are glad to have you!     
Beach Wedding invitation wording

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