Formal Wedding Invitation: 248+ Casual Wording Ideas to Write

In the list of happy and joyous occasions, a wedding celebration is what tops the list.

Although the preparations can be a bit overwhelming at times, one must hash out the budget calls, book a venue, hire a caterer, a photographer, and many more.

Even though the pre-wedding period might take a toll upon you, you must remember that the big day is also about sharing the marriage vows amidst the presence of love and support of your family and friends.

Hence, choosing the right kind of wording for the wedding invitation is an important part of the pre-wedding checklist.

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Formal Wedding Invitation Wording

  • With great pleasure, (name) and (name) invites you to join the celebration of the marriage of (name) and (name) at (place). Do come and bless these love birds on (date).
  • Love eventually finds its way to us, and where there is love, there shall be a celebration. We are thrilled to have you on (date) for the celebration of love that we know as a wedding at the (location).
  • As parents, the wedding day of our child is emotional, but it is also a day of celebration, and we want you to be part of it and bless our only child. We’ll be expecting you on (date) at (location) from (time).
  • Mr. and Mrs. (surnames) would like to request you and your spouse’s utmost presence on their son’s joyous union that we call marriage with (bride’s name) at the (location) on (Date) from (time). 
  • It’s the season of love, and on (date), (name) and (name) have decided to tie the knot and give a name to the special bond that they share with each other. You are requested to come to their wedding on (time & loc.)

  • My fiancé and I have decided to get married because we’ve realized that we are meant to be together for the rest of our lives. So the wedding is on (date) at (location), and we need our friend for that day. 

  • There is only one person who has made my reality better than my dreams, and I am going to marry that person on the first Sunday of (Month). So save the date and bless our day with your presence at (loc.)

  • The older they get, the wiser they become, and we are grateful for that as our daughter has finally decided to trust her man to get married. Do join us for the wedding on (date) at (location & time).

  • We’ve always been more than good at loving each other, and that’s how we know that we’ll be awesome at marriage. Our holy and joyous union is on (date) at (location) and you’re presence is expected.
formal Wedding Invitation Wording

Casual & Formal Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Together with their parents and well-wishers, (name) and (name) invite you to share in their joy as two they will be one before the presence of God. Save the date to bless these children on (date, time & location).

  • Dr. and Mrs. (surnames) would like to cordially invite you and your family to celebrate their marriage of the child (name) to (partner’s name) on the 5th of (month). The event is organized at (location & time).

  • The whole idea of marriage is to fall in love with the same person over and over again, which my fiancé and I are great at. So our wedding is expected to become a reality on (date) at (loc.), and you’re invited.

  • To have someone to care for and share your life with is the greatest gift of them all. We’ll be glad to have you amidst the celebration of our marriage on (date) at (Location & time). 

  • Our little girl has been dreaming about her wedding day since she understood what love is. So please bless the occasion of her marriage with your presence on (date) at (location & time).
  • A life with numerous challenges and struggles does get easier when you have a partner by your side. On (date) at (loc.), we’re going to be partners for life, and we want you to be a part of our celebration. 

  • (mother of the bride) and (father of the bride) would like to request the pleasure of your company at their daughter’s marriage to (groom’s name) on the 3rd of (month) at (location) from (time).

  • The hottest couple in town will commemorate their love with a beautiful wedding on (date). So please come and join (bride’s name) and (groom’s name) as they unite in marriage at (location & time).

Formal Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

  • Together with their parents, (bride’s name) (daughter of Mr and Mrs Surnames) and (groom’s name) (son of Mr. and Mrs. (surnames) request you to join them for their wedding on (date, time & location).

  • Dear Mr. and Mrs. (surname), you’ve given us major marriage life goals in these past few years, and it would be a pleasure to have you as our guests for the eve of our wedding on (date) at (loc. & time).

  • (bride’s name) an (groom’s name) are the latest line of lovebirds getting hitched on the last Sunday of (Month). May you join them, bless them and more importantly, share their joy at (location & time).

  • Marriage was never on the cards for us, but when it finally made sense, there was no point in waiting. So please join us on (date) at (Loc.) when we promise to be with each other for an eternity before God.

  • As their friend and their wedding host, I can proudly say that (woman’s name) and (woman’s name) is meant to be with each other. As they exchange vows on (date), I hope you’d come and bless them.

  • Grasping at the hand of love, we’ve crossed barriers and leapt fences to reach the destination called marriage with a bucket full of hope. We request your presence for our big day on (date, time & location).

  • Apart from the celebration of love, the wedding of (name) and (name) is all about the people who they want to celebrate their special day with. Hence, they request the honour of your presence on (date, time & location).

  • (Name) is about to share his/her lifetime with (name), and it is the best decision they’ve ever made. It is because you are such an inspiration to them; they would like to request you to be at their wedding on (date, time & location).

  • After 7 years of togetherness, (name) and I have decided to finally tie the knot on (date). We are thrilled to invite you and your family to the wedding held from (time) at (Location).

  • Although it is not that bad to face all the ages of this world alone but having a companion for life doesn’t hurt either. We ask for your presence at our joyous union called wedding on the (date, location, & time).
  • I love the idea of the wedding because it lets both of us annoy each other for eternity. Well, in our case, it is also about love and celebration, so we eagerly want you to be a part of it on (date, time & location).

  • Amidst the chaos of a cruel but beautiful world, they have kept their faith in each other, and that is what marriage is all about. Please come and be a part of their wedding celebration on (date & loc.).

What to include on your wedding invitation?

The first and foremost important thing to include on your wedding invitation is the name of the bride and the groom. You have to write a formal invitation for your wedding invitation and how their presence would make the day even more special. Then comes the address of the event being held. Also, the food menu. And in the end, you can finish off with a special request that their presence will fill you with a lot of happiness.

How many people should I invite to my wedding?

It is really up to you how many people you want to invite on your big day! If you are an outgoing and free person who loves to be around people, then you would like to invite all of the people you know, and it would really be a great feeling when all of you meet. If you are a person who wants privacy, then a maximum of twenty-five people would be sufficient.

How to decline a wedding invitation?

It would be rude of you if they don’t appear on their wedding day after being sent an invite. You need to make sure that they know that you can’t make it on their special day for your reasons, and do not forget to congratulate them on the start of the new phase of their life.

When are wedding invites sent?

Wedding invites have to be sent eight weeks before your special day so people can free their time to attend. Or else it would be a burden for you and also for the guests to plan everything in a very less amount of time.

Where to buy wedding invitations?

You could make your wedding invitations customized digitally, how you like it. There are a lot of websites or Instagram accounts that could get your wedding invitations to get done just as you like them.

formal Wedding Invitation Wording

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