40+ Jewish Wedding Invitation Wording: Celebrate Your Union

Weddings are all alike in every tradition, and it is one of the most important dates in the life of the couple that is getting hitched. They would want to ensure that every step is taken to ensure that the day goes great.

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What to write in a Jewish wedding invitation?

Include your names 

Tell them how and where they can send the RSVP

Let them know the theme of the wedding 

Tell them they are expected to be there to bless the couple

How to respond to a Jewish wedding invitation?

Congratulate the couple on their new beginnings

Let them know you will be there 

Share your experiences 

Mention you are thankful for being invited and be a part of their day

Jewish weddings are held in adherence to Jewish laws and tradition, and there are official witnesses for the date.

The Ketuba is signed by them, and the ring from the groom is given to the bride. Now such an event is incomplete without the people who make it possible.

If you are organizing the wedding, here are some of the Jewish invitation wording ideas that can do wonders.

Jewish Wedding Invitation Wording

Jewish Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

-Nothing makes the day more special than your presence at the wedding. We would love to have you witness the union! 

-On the (date of the month) Jack and Dani are adding the bond of marriage to their age-old love, rha deserves appreciation. Please be there at the (venue) 

-Under the witness of the chuppah, We tie the knot and promise to love each other for the rest of our lives. Without your visit, we cannot take this further. Do come for sure

-Dance and music will be at their best, and we are all waiting to see you dance your legs out at the wedding of Jack and Sarah. Anticipating your presence to the fullest 

-Nothing is better than being able to get married amidst a bunch of people who love to see the couple get hitched. You have always supported us; we cannot wait to see you here!

-Our Jewish wedding needs witnesses, and who better than you, the person who witnessed it all from Day 1, to be the witness on this final date? We await to welcome you dearly. 

-Cows come home late and hence we will dance till they come back! The wedding Of Jack and Sarah is all about fun and emotions. Make yourself at home and bring yourself in for sure

-Every wedding is possible only because of some people who trust in the love that brought color. You were the one for our love story, and hence our Jewish wedding is only happening after you arrive, buddy! 

Jewish wedding invitations wording

– it takes years of love and passion for lovers to stay together. It would take you an hour to be at the event, which will finally bring them together. Your presence means the world to us, and we want to see you soon!

-The Hanukkah candle awaits to be lightened up by you for one last time before we witness the marriage of our son (name) with (bride’s name) on the (date of the month) at (venue). Join the family, and double the joy. 

-What started as a mere promise has now finally stood to be called a marriage, and we are more than happy to invite you to the wedding of Jake and Rihanna at (venue) on (date). 

-While standing under the Chuppah, our eyes will keep shunting the entire area for your smile, and unless you come to the wedding, how can we get to see it?? Come and make the day brighter with your presence and blessings for us. 

-From the depth of our hearts, We invite you to the Jewish Wedding of (name) and (name) on (date of the month). Our son and daughter-in-law would be more than glad to see you embrace their wedding event with your presence. Awaiting your visit at the earliest. 

-Hosta of the marriage between (name) and (name) wishes to have you beside them in such times of immense joy. Without your coming, it will never be the same; please do come. 

jewish invitation wording

-On the auspicious occasion of our daughter’s marriage with (Name), we want you to visit the wedding venue with your entire family and have a gala time! We expect you to be on time and enjoy your hearts out on the date 

-We (name and name) feel great to invite you to our wedding on the (date). Along with our parents, we would be the happiest to see you right in front of the wedding podium. 

-Weddings are best celebrated when the people close and dear are present and having fun. You are the closest to my heart, and hence your presence is irreplaceable. Do come, buddy! 

-With gratitude to the lord, we invite you to the marriage of our children in the best of Jewish setups. Come make the event wonderful with your presence and love. 

-As I have finally found the one in whom my soul resides, I wish to bring all of you together to witness my Jewish Wedding with (Name). Our wedding venue is (name of the place), and we expect you on (date and time) 

-I and my love plan to begin our new quarter of life, and we plan to do it amongst a full house! Please be our guest on the (date) as it’s our wedding and we are happy to have you. 

Jewish wedding Invite sayings & Phrases

-Keep your day free on (date) and meet us under the Chuppah as the Parents of Jack and Rhea (name of parents) are eager to have the pleasure of hosting you. Our children getting married without your blessing feels so empty. Please be there. 

-With great love and joy to Hashem, (Name and Name) plan to get married on the (date). Their wedding is something you cannot miss, and we truly want to see you sway to the great music and witness the Jewish Marriage at its best. 

-I take great pleasure to be a beloved for her, and with great pride, I declare My beloved is mine. Come and see our stars meet on the (date) as we get married. Your presence further adds to the joy and brings happiness. 

-Save the date and join us to celebrate the wedding of (Name) and (name). Come live the moment and witness the love birds get hitched. 

-There is nothing better than the feeling of being together with the person you love for the rest of your life. I have found my solace in her and am glad to invite you to our authentic Jewish Wedding on (date) at (Venue). Come with flowers and add your smile to the gifts 😊

Jewish wedding invitation wording samples

-We are pleased to have the honor of inviting you to the marriage of (name) and (name) under the Chuppah. The event will never be the same as the coming.

-The honor of your presence is what we seek in the marriage of (name and name). Please kindly be present at (venue) on the (day). 

-No celebration is a joy when we do not have the close and dear ones beside us. Come and join the marriage party of (name and name). We await your presence! 

-It has been a great pleasure to be with my darling love and finally marry her for the rest of my life. I will wholeheartedly invite you to be present on the day and give your blessing. 

-Seven circling and seven beliefs will only bring colors and lead to a happy married life when I can see you at the wedding venue. Please be there (venue) on the day (date and time) of the marriage. See you soon.    

Jewish Wedding Invitation Wording

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