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Republic Proclamation Day is celebrated on 15th November. The people of Brazil remember this day every year to honor the legends who successfully created the republic on this day in 1889. It was a day when a new age era began for Brazil as monarchy has metamorphosized to a provisional republic.

Republic Proclamation Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Republic Proclamation Day- Messages

− Let’s bow our heads and recollect all those individuals who endeavored to bring new freedom to the country.

− We have to cooperatively stand for our nation and shall eliminate all the obstacles that keep us away from the fulfillment of the promise of a republic nation.

− Let’s mark this Nov. 15, a spectacular gala at dinner table accenting the joy of being in a democratically Republic nation.

− Happy “Republic Proclamation Day” to my dear Brazilians out there! Nov. 15 is the date when we celebrate the formation of Brazil’s sovereign state after the year of monarchism. 

− May we celebrate the spirit of this day by sending tremendous energy to our near and dear ones. 

– Remind yourself and your loved ones of the significant losses of leaders that our nation has undergone to assemble Brazil as a republic nation.

− Today is the day to cherish this great nation and pour hearts with a sense of gratitude and pride to be a part of this nation. Wishing you glorious “Republic Proclamation Day.”

− Let’s make a promise this Republic Proclamation Day to make our nation proud of integrity, prosperity, and togetherness.

− Happy Republic Proclamation Day to you. Treasure the greatest blessing in your lives -a great nation and pray for its goodness as you commemorate.

− We all must come together this Nov. 15 irrespective of being dwarf or giant, young or old, poor or rich in expressing our gratitude towards the freedom fighters.

Republic Proclamation Day-Greetings

− May all the obstacles like illiteracy, unemployment, homeless people prevailing in the nation that stand as the most significant obstacle for Republic disappear soon.

− May Brazil become one of the most prosperous nations in the world.

− Raise the right hand sharply, fingers and thumb extended and joined to the right of the eye, “salute” to the most excellent cops who fought bloodlessly in the pursuit of Republic.

− May we all Brazilians recall and rejoice the victory of our freedom this Republic Proclamation Day. Let us couple our hands and bow your neck before the Lord wishing for the nation’s glory and prosperity.

− May we fight for happiness, peace, success, and joy and are successful in establishing it in every corner of the nation till our final twitch.

− May all the natives of the country work united and delighted for the overall goal- putting Brazil first. Have a peaceful and lovely “Republic Proclamation Day.”

− Independence day is a beautiful gift to us by our forefathers. May our nation remains independent, democratic, prosperous ever. Happy Republic Day to you and your friends and family.

– May you all celebrate this day as a mark of your victory for freedom and will to eliminate all the nation’s shortcomings that is keeping you away from being the best nation.

Republic Proclamation Day- quotes

“Please. Put the gun down and we’ll talk. A beautiful woman holding a small cannon plays hell with my concentration. Christovao (Chris) Santos, Sanctuary”
― Sharon K. Garner

Then, born again from her womb, it rose again, beseeching in a swelling wave, that urge to kill.”
― Clarice Lispector

“The political reform is important, but no reform will be greater than promoting popular awareness.”
― Victor Bello Accioly

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