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Sir John A.Macdonald is one of the prime architects of the Confederation and is the first Prime Minister of Canada. Much of the Canadian Constitution and the British North American Act is drafted by him.

Macdonald was also knighted by Queen Victoria then, for his contributions in the creation of Canada. 

In the year 2002, the Canadian Government passed the Sir John A.Macdonald Act by which his birthday, 11th January is established as Sir John A.Macdonald Day.Below is a list of wishes and greetings related to Sir John A.Macdonald Day.

Sir John A.Macdonald Day Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

– On this day, it is all about the celebration of being a Canadian.

– Let us take an oath, you can be French or English but most importantly be a Canadian.

– Let’s do more to honor Sir John A.Macdonald.

– Let us Respect the old flag and leader, and pay our tribute to the mighty individual!

– Let us all take this very special day as an opportunity to preach the younger generation about the great leader.

– My fellow Canadians, let us live up the name of our Great Leader!

– Let all Canadians be one on this amazing day.

– This day will always be remembered following Canada as a nation.

– The perfect way to celebrate this day as a Canadian is by taking an oath for the betterment of Canada in every field.

– Let’s take the opportunity to thank all our frontline soldiers on this very special day.

– On this day lets go for human right recognition without any distinction of sex, creed, and color.

– This Macdonald’s day, don’t make fake promises and fool people.

– Being a Canadian on this day lets try to follow our constitution which was drafted by the man himself.

– Today is the day to make our national hero proud by uplifting Canada’s position in the world market.

– Let us glorify our national leaders on this day who are making our nation’s growth in all aspects.

– Today, we Canadians are here where we are because of Sir John A.Macdonald. Let’s take a moment to thank him on this day for all he did for us.

– Let us promise on this very special day to curb away all indifferences among people and rise above hate.

– On the eve of this special day, let’s take some time to salute the Canada Police force which was initiated by Sir Macdonald.

– Let us all take the opportunity to educate ourselves about Canada’s history and the key role that Sir John A.Macdonald played in its shaping.

– In this Sir John A.Macdonald day lets become a mentor to any underprivileged person in society.

– Happy Sir John A.Macdonald day to all!

– Let’s try to end all the injustice as it is a threat to any justice provided.

– On this day, it is time to compliment all the frontline warriors of society.

– Happy Macdonald Day to all the lawyers of Canada who are protecting and following the values of the country’s constitution.

– Demand and fight for equity in this Macdonald Day.

– This Sir John A.Macdonald day try to be the master who can express democracy.

– Happy Sir John A.Macdonald Day! Try to live happily and look beyond the imperfections of people.

– Let us take an oath on this Sir John A.Macdonald day to enlighten our minds and soul to the right path.

– On this auspicious day let the nation take an oath to support politics in such a manner that will only look into the fulfillment of an individual’s need

– The perfect way to celebrate this day is to make the nation proud by achieving individual heights in every reform just like Sir Macdonald made our nation proud and made us stand in the world scenario.

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