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World Gin Day is a day for everyone and anyone (over the drinking age) to celebrate and enjoy the predominant flavor from juniper berries in the form of Gin. World Gin Day always falls on the second Saturday of the month June so that one can make the most out of this day as well as recover smoothly on Sunday.

World Gin Day was founded by Neil Houston in the year 2009, which was initially a sweet idea to celebrate and share some drinks with friends.

And if you are a fan of the juniper spirit then World Gin Day is the perfect day to get your favorite people together all under the same roof with a legitimate excuse.

World Gin Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

_To gin or not to gin is silly question especially on a World Gin Day. Forget about everything and make plans to celebrate this awesome juice.

_On the eve of World Gin Day let us all celebrate a drink which is meant to be mixed while the botanicals in it come to life.

_Worries can kill humans and Gin can kill worries. Choose the latter and go out to celebrate this occasion of World Gin Day with your friends and family.

_On the eve of World Gin Day, I hope you finish the tea quickly so that the Gin can have a little play time with your mouth and brain.

_Boost your moral by the drinking the “Dutch Courage” and enjoy this festive occasion of World Gin Day with your drinking buddies.

_Have you ever tasted the Plymouth gin? If not then today is the perfect day to try as we celebrate the lovely occasion of World Gin Day.

_On the eve of World Gin Day let us all celebrate the master distillers of this world for providing us with such enriching juice.

_At the end of the when you think you might have a problem walking straight then you can proudly say Gin made you do it. Have a lovely Gin Day.

_On this amazing occasion of World Gin Day, have a temporary notion that makes you go ‘hot to trot’. I hope you feel Ginvincible today.

_Making a gin is like flavoring vodka, except that the botanicals are always natural. So make sure your friends enjoy the deliciousness of juniper berries on World Gin Day.

_There is ‘gin’ in BEGIN so this is the definitive hint that we all should make the most out of this World Gin Day. Let the evening Be-GIN.

_May this occasion of World Gin Day takes you on a drinking adventure where you might meet the gin to your tonic.

_If you keep calm then life would eventually gift you those lemons so that you can make your favorite Gin and Tonic. Have a delightful Gin Day.

_Spilling milk is fine but spilling a whole peg of Gin is a sure crime. So tread carefully today while celebrating the most chilling occasion of World Gin Day.

_Let the eve of World Gin Day guide you towards your true destination where there is home and no shortage of Gin.

_With the information that a Martini consists of Gin, optional bitters and dry vermouth, I hereby ask everyone to order the coolest drink on World Gin Day.

_I hope you make sure that you and your friends celebrate the most cheerful occasion of World Gin Day like the Philippines people.

_If you don’t like gin then also you can celebrate World Gin day but you just have to make sure that nobody gets to know about this horrific fact.

_The best thing to do on a World Gin Day is to pay a visit to any one of the gin distilleries and celebrate this lovely day with the hardworking distillers.

_On a World Gin Day may the home recipes can bring out the perfect taste of Gin that you have been searching for in numerous bars.

_More than the doctors, Gin and tonic were the savior of many Englishmen. To find out the secret recipe you just to have to drink it on World Gin Day.

_The systems of this world can be crooked at times but a gin straight can surely take the pain away. May you have a stress free World Gin Day.

_For just one day clear out the tea cups and bring out the Gin glasses to have a more cheerful time. Wish you a great World Gin Day.

_On the eve of World Gin Day, I hope you follow your fate and be satisfied with it just like the bar and drinks that you are going choose today.

_The only time I have ever enjoyed sitting and waiting was the day I accidently order my friend’s gin for me. May you make this beautiful mistake on World Gin Day.

_It’s one hell of a crooked life we live in but Thank God for Gin as it is the remedy of almost everything. Wish you a joyous World Drinking Day.

_Tea instead of a Gin has warmth the heart of many in their challenging times. But this is a happy occasion of World Gin day and let’s all get bonkers today.

_Gin is a great substance to exercise your self control while for any other reason it is just a joy giving juice. Wish you a wonderful World Gin Day.

_One may search the mental peace in many religions but eventual gin straight does the work half of the time. May you have a glorious World Gin Day.

_Sometimes doctors would recommend this auspicious drink to its patient for a peaceful good night sleep. I hope you enjoy the power of Gin on World Gin Day.

_A gardener’s soul ambition was to pour water on orange trees and after that only squeezing the leaves remains before a gin session. Have a joyful World Gin Day.

_It is a cruel sober truth that Gin supplies the fuel to revisit our flaming youths. May we all get to do that on World Gin Day.

_Sometimes life may hit you hard but you have got fight back harder alongside the companionship of Gin in your hands. Celebrate and feel alive on World Gin Day.

_A perfect martini is made by filling a glass with Gin and then the bartender may wave it in the direction of Italy. So drink like James Bond on World Gin Day.

_The thin clinging layers of bull crap will need the company of night and gin and music for the process of restoration. I hope you just enjoy the night and gin.

_If you find a gut making love to his gin and tonic then probably he is my best friend. Wish you and your friends a lovely Gin Day.

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