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Blair Bowman founded the World Whiskey Day while he was studying at the University of Aberdeen in 2012. The members of the Scottish parliament recognized this day in 2014 and 2015.

The world whiskey day is thus celebrated on 20th May every year. On this day there are events that are organized and the participants of these events are usually made to drink whiskey.

Most of these events are registered online on the World Whiskey Day website. It is estimated that around 250,000 people took part in the registered events in the  World Whisky Day that was organized in the year 2014.

It was quite a success and so following that, the world whiskey day registered its events on all seven continents in 2015.

Here is Some Best Messages, Quotes and Greetings for World Whiskey day.

_I love the way whiskey can destress me.

_I love the smell and taste of it.

 _The aura around the finest whiskey makes my day.

_It is a popular DeStress mechanism.

_No matter how much whiskey I have, it is never enough.

_We know how too much of something can spoil its taste but that is absolutely wrong for whiskey 

_The more the whiskey, the better I feel.

_My basic needs in life include food, water, air, house, and whiskey.

_Milk and water come secondary, whiskey is my first preference.

_Do not cry over the milk you spilled but be glad that it is not whiskey. 

_Whiskey deserves appreciation for being so great.

_Women and whiskey want appreciation and they shall have it.

_Let us take a moment to appreciate the goodness of whiskey 

_Always let your eyes gaze over the whiskey and enjoy it 

_Whiskey is sunshine in a bottle.

_Whiskey is the liquid form of sunshine.

_Whiskey makes my world go round.

_Whiskey will cure any bad mood that you may be in.

_Whiskey feels like it is tailor-made for me.

_Whiskey suits me like my tailor-made shirts suit me.

_You can judge a man by the brand of whiskey he likes and I have heard this since my childhood.

_If you need an excuse to have whiskey, just make up the excuse too.

_Always have a backup excuse ready so that even if your excuses fail you will have back up to justify your drinking whiskey.

_If you need to drink whiskey only because of a snake bite, then why don’t we train a snake to bite us already.

_I could carry a snake if a snake’s bite would give me free whiskey.

_Some people look for God in whiskey, whereas other people just look for God in temples.

_Never call any whiskey bad, it might just have had a bad day 

_No whiskey is bad, they might just be a little inferior to others.

_Who needs love when you can have whiskey?

_If you think love makes the world go round and round then you are wrong because it is whiskey that makes the world go round.

_When light falls on a glass of whiskey, I am pretty sure that some divine music starts playing in our hearts.

_No matter where you go, your love for whiskey will never end.

_Whiskey and I are my favorite couple of all times.

_Who needs a love story when I have Whiskey.?

_Let us think of our lives as copper, and the whiskey will polish our lives like it polished copper.

_Water is so basic and so I like whiskey more than water.

_My favorite kind of diet is the one with loads of whiskey 

_Whiskey is my favorite and I hope you love it too.

_Happiness is having a bottle of whiskey to drink all night long.

_The best things in life are not free, and for example, the last time I checked, whiskey was not free.

_If you are not drinking whiskey, you are already missing out on a lot in life.

_Drink more whiskey and you will feel better.

_You will find dimensions open up once you start drinking whiskey.

_Whiskey and love are both sides of a single coming.

_What is life without whiskey?

_I cannot imagine a life without whiskey.

_Have a good gulp of your favorite whiskey at noon and at night and you will see your life shine again.

_Whiskey and I are the best lovebirds in the town 

_If we are playing the matchmaking game then please pair me up with my bottles of whiskey because I love it.

_I wish to have two bottles of whiskey in both of my hands the day I am about to die so that my last memories will be of the thing I like the best 

_The best music to my ears is the sound with which the whiskey falls as it is poured into a glass.

_I love whiskey so much that I will probably marry it.

_I love whiskey so much that many people think that I am married to whiskey.

_World whiskey day is a fun day to celebrate so what are you all guys waiting for.

_I do not know what I would do if I did not have whiskey for a single day.

_Let us all come together and forget our differences and celebrate the world whiskey day 

_The best part of world whiskey day is that we get to have free whiskey..

_Have whiskey with your friends and family on the occasion of world whiskey day.

_This world whiskey day let us all sit around our dining tables and enjoy whiskey with our friends.

_Whiskey is like the other members of our family.

_There is no dinner without drinking whiskey at the end of it.

_Love your whiskey and love your life.

_This world whiskey day let us find out more about the celebration with a glass of whiskey in hand.

_World whiskey day is my favorite day of the year and I take part in the events that the websites feature.

_Keep a watch on Twitter because on the world whiskey day, Twitter is flooded with world whiskey day messages.

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