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Sometime’s the hectic life of ours gets too busy to appreciate our lovely spouses, which should not be the case ever but it happens. To solve this rather cover up the consequences, Spouse’s Day is celebrated annually on January 26th.

On this day, every kind and noble human being should take some time out from their lives to remind their better halves they love them. Most people don’t know that they are doing themselves a favor.

The creator of Spouses’ Day is unfortunately unknown but it is assumed that this day was created after the establishment of Military Spouses’ Day in 1984. The popularity of the Spouse’s Day was only gained in the early 2000s.

Below is a list of Greetings and Quotes with which you can celebrate this Spouses’ Day with the love of your life

_A best friend, the greatest support, the strongest motivation. I just described some of my spouse’s best qualities. Wishing you a very happy Spouse’s Day.

_You are the only love of my life, my life’s best person, my weakness. May the love between us be bigger and better. Wish you a joyous and happy Spouse’s Day.

_I have never met a lovelier person than you. And it’s a miracle that the person is in love with me. I can’t get luckier. Wishing you a best Spouse’s Day.

_You are my biggest comfort, you are my truest smile, and you are my forever. I’ll be there for us. Wishing my lovely spouse of my life a very exciting spouse’s day.

_My wife is a promise that I will have my best friend forever with me. And I hope that we both should always try to keep that promise. Wishing dearest star a very cheerful Spouse’s Day.

_You will be my only love until the rivers all dry up and until the day the sun has forgot to shine, in one word until I die. Spend each and every moments of this Spouse’s Day joyfully.

_On the eve of spouse’s day, The biggest promise that I can do to you is to love you every day until the rest of our lives. Wishing you a joyous spouse’s day.

_I have chosen you for myself because you are how a man should be. I hope you will always be my guiding light. Let’s make this spouse’s day a memorable one.

_The trust that I have on you is like the immortal Gods of Love. On the eve of Spouse’s Day I hope the love between us shall always blossom.

_It is only one of us who will have to re-ignite the fire and the love that had started it all. Let us make this occasion of Spouse’s Day a special one.

_The tears that I have shed in my life were all worth the wait as I have found the one who have destroyed my relationship with sadness and tears. Wish you a very happy Spouse’s Day love.

_I am lucky enough to land myself a spouse who gives me courage to do the impossible. Wishing you my lovely pillar, a very wonderful Spouse’s Day.

_The greatest day in my life would be the one when my husband will look into my eyes and say that you are reason that I did not give up. Hoping this day will also come to your life. Wishing a very happy Spouse’s Day.

_Husbands are the best material to share our each and every secret; it is because they aren’t probably listening. Wishing my ignorant yet lovely husband a delightful Spouse’s Day.

_Only the titles have changed. But the moments have remained lovely even after we became each other’s spouses. Here’s hoping that on this spouse’s day we will have a precious moment.

_This is a confession that I have never made but it is high time that I tell you that I am the luckiest one amongst us. Wishing you an amazing Spouse’s Day love.

_I thought it’d be hard to find my King as the Queen is very choosy, but thanks to you I didn’t have to wait much. Let’s try something exciting to celebrate Spouse’s Day.

_Well, it is not exactly your job to please me every time when I am down but I can’t complain. Wish you a fun-filled Spouse’s Day my lovely husband.

_I thought my life won’t be better ever, but that was before I met you. On the eve of spouse’s day, I hope I can repay some of the smiles that you brought on my life.

_All I wanted was to be treated as the Queen for just one day in my entire life. And you, my lovely husband have been treating me like a queen since day one. Wishing us a lovely Spouse’s Day.

_For a change let us enjoy more, for a change I will make you smile and for a change let me love you more than I ever did. I hope we get to have a precious memory on this year’s Spouse’s Day.

_As a husband you have only showered joy in my life. On the eve of Spouse’s Day, I am going to turn the tables so be prepared my precious.

_You have worked extremely hard to take care of a depressed person like me. On the eve of Spouse’s Day, I want to thank you and tell you that I am never going to stop loving you.

_Just so you know, you don’t have to always pamper me because a Queen like you deserves nothing but the best in life. Wishing you a lovely spouse’s day my one and only Queen.

_I want to give you the same love that you have showered upon me for years. On the eve of Spouse’s Day I hope I can be that person.

_Love can only be the greatest feeling ever when there is someone in our life who can narrate their versions of love perfectly to us. Wishing my ‘someone’ a very exciting spouse’s day.

_Love can be expressed it in so many ways. So, rather than just saying it to each other let us together spend this joyous Spouse’s Day and make a precious memory of our own.

_I was skeptical enough at first but after just taking a glance upon your unique beauty of imperfection, I knew you were the one. Wishing us a lovely Spouse’s Day.

_On the eve of Spouse’s Day I hope we fight more and love harder until the day the universe dies. Let celebrate this spouse’s day to the fullest.

_We were just a kid when we first met and now we have a kid. So that perfectly sums up how I feel about you. Can’t wait to spend this spouse’s day with my one only spouse.

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