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Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious and oldest tennis tournaments in the world that takes place in All England Club located in London, the UK in the month of July every year. The tournament started in 1877 and since then it has been the most coveted championship for any tennis player.

Here are a few inspirational quotes and Best Messages on Wimbledon Day.

_Hard work and determination is the key to all success. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_If you are an aspiring tennis player, then Wimbledon is the ideal tennis event from which you can learn and seek inspiration.

_If there is any tennis tournament that the whole world looks forward to then it is Wimbledon.

_History is written and rewritten in Wimbledon tournament and that is what makes it so special to everyone.

_Wimbledon is an occasion to seek glory for any tennis player, it is the kind of championship that gives birth to the ‘Greats’.

_Very few sports event is as famous as Wimbledon, there is something majestic and royal about it.

_It doesn’t matter whether you win or you lose, the real enjoyment lies in playing in such a prestigious tournament. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_You can have both highs and lows in your career but there will be a few moments that will remain in your mind forever. Wimbledon will always gift you with such cherishable memories.

_You will have good as well as bad phases in your career but what will matter is your determination to move on. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_Tennis is a beautiful game, especially when you watch the greatest tennis players lock horns in Wimbledon.

_You should not listen to what others tell about your game, if you have confidence in yourself, you can win any tournament. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_Wimbledon is a test of your patience, devotion, and character. It is an opportunity to prove your mettle in the game.

_Wimbledon is a kind of tournament that will surely increase your respect for the game of tennis.

_When kids learn to play tennis, they dream of a day when they will be representing their country in the greatest tennis tournaments of all and that is Wimbledon.

_You can never ignore the mental side of the game in tennis, you can win or lose even before the match starts. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_Tennis is not an easy game, you have to fight hard to snatch away the points from your opponent. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_Apart from winning and losing, the experience you gain from playing in Wimbledon will help you to transform into a matured player in the future.

_The best part of Wimbledon is that it helps in developing a fighting spirit within you. It teaches you never to give up under any circumstances.

_Wimbledon will help in bringing out the inner champion in you.

_Wimbledon is the ideal tournament to announce your entry into the hall of fame of lawn tennis.

_Your records and achievements will amount to nothing until you prove yourself in the tennis court. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_Your talent is not the sole reason that makes you different from others, what matters is your hard work, grit, and determination. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_The battle lines have been drawn for one of the greatest sports events in the world, so let the action begin. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_All those who are a part of Wimbledon should feel proud to play in the oldest and prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

_You don’t lose in Wimbledon, it all starts from here.

_The elegance that is present in Wimbledon is missing in other tennis tournaments. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_The crowd in Wimbledon knows how to appreciate your talent and that is one reason why players crave to play in this tournament.

_The people of Britain feel proud to be the host of one of the most spectacular tennis tournaments of the world known as Wimbledon. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_No one can deny the fact that Wimbledon has contributed to a great extent in enhancing the quality of the game.  

_Such is the attraction of Wimbledon that you can’t stop yourself from being a part of it every year.

_On Wimbledon Day, we must recognize the fact that the passion and craze surrounding the tournament is second to none.

_Wimbledon is an opportunity for you to win the hearts of those people who love the beautiful game of tennis.

_Wimbledon is special for those people whose first love in life is tennis.

_Wimbledon is no ordinary tennis event, it takes years of practice and experience to win such an iconic tournament.

_Every match you play in Wimbledon will help you to emerge as a better player. The harder you fight for your victory, the sweeter it tastes.

_Wimbledon is one of the most competitive tennis tournaments in the world, you have to give your best to win every match in it.

_Great players wait for great tournaments to shine and Wimbledon is one of those tournaments.

_The hunger for winning Grand Slams like Wimbledon is what makes you a great player.

_Failure is an important prerequisite for success in life. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_You cannot be afraid of facing defeat in your life, it allows you to know your drawbacks and helps you to grow stronger. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_The form is temporary but your class is permanent. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_You only live once to play a tournament like Wimbledon. It is a lifetime opportunity.

_Wimbledon might not be the sole judge of your tennis life but it can certainly define how far you have gone. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_Compete with yourself before competing with an opponent, try to reach your highest standards in every game that you play. Happy Wimbledon Day.

_If you are out of form then Wimbledon is the perfect occasion for you to prove your abilities and let your racket do the talking.

_Wimbledon has seen so many dramatic and emotional moments over the years. It has never failed to fulfill the expectations of the fans.

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