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World Water Day is an annual Observance event occurs on 22nd March every year. This day is convened by the United Nation to advocate for the management of freshwater resources and also to highlight the importance of water amongst the minds of general population.

People from across the world celebrate the occasion of World Water Day by organizing numerous events that not only entertains but also educates the importance of water. 

In the year 1993, the first World Water Day was designated by the United Nations and since then many countries have been celebrating in the hope to solve the freshwater crisis.

Below is a conjured list of Wishes and Quotes to celebrate the wonderful occasion of World Water Quality Day with the world itself-

Water Quality Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

_Just as religion, water has different names in the form of rivers, lakes and seas but they all contain the truth of life. Wish you a great World Water Quality Day.

_Saving fresh water should be the number priority of humans no man can ever live without it. I hope you raise such awareness on this World Water Day.

_One cannot cross the ocean by just staring at the water. Similarly one cannot just sit idle and think about saving water. May you take some necessary steps on this World Water Day.

_We as humans only learn the worth of water when we see the well is dry. Let’s wake up before its too late and start saving water from this World Water Quality Day.

_Water is the main source of putting life into almost everything, so spend it carefully. Wish you and the world a very inspiring World Water Quality Day.

_The money that we earn will be valueless if there is no life remains due to crisis of water. Save the most precious thing and celebrate this year’s World Water Day.

_Filthy water is impossible to wash just as the wasted water cannot be gained again. May we all learn the value of water from this World Water Quality Day.

_We can survive without food for some days but it is almost impossible to last a day without water. Wish you a great World Water Quality Day.

_The children are innocent but it is our duty to take some time off from our life and help them understand the importance of water. Have a nice World Water Day.

_Our Earth is covered with two-thirds of water, but the percentage of fresh water is only 0.002 %. Let’s act before its two late on this World Water Day.

_As humans it is not only our duty but a religion to save human life by saving fresh water. I hope you do something about it on this World Water Quality Day.

_Water is not only necessary to life but rather it is the life itself. May we learn the value of saving water and celebrate this World Water Quality Day wholeheartedly.

_Water has no taste, no color no odor but it still fills us with gratification which is incomparable to many delightful senses. Wish you a lovely World Water Day.

_We have no right to right to waste our earth’s blood. On the eve of World Water Day, I hope everyone can contribute towards increasing the awareness of saving fresh water.

_The biggest irony is human bodies relies on water but it is us the humans who deliberately participates in wasting water. Let’s hope for a change from this World Water Day.

_Water is not only the most critical resource issue of our lifetime, but if we don’t act soon our children and earth’s living beings would be the sufferers.

_If a human doesn’t know the value of water then tell them to walk through the dessert and they eventually will. Have a thoughtful World Water Quality Day.

_May be it is a pity that we humans need to keep reminding each other on the eve of World Water Day to save water rather than working on our conscience. 

_There is a huge percentage of people who don’t have access to fresh water due to us humans. So on the eve of World Water Day, let’s be humans at first.

_Water contains the gift of bringing and saving lives of all the living beings of this earth. I hope we celebrate and save fresh water on this World Water Day.

_On the eve of World Water Day Let us all do our earth and all of its living beings a favor by being a water saver.

_Even by not letting the water run when we brush our teeth, we can save a whole lot of water. Please be aware of water crisis on this World Water Quality Day.

_Since the stone ages, many have lived without the touch of love but none of them could live without water. So save lives by saving water from this World Water Day.

_Water takes care of the nature and the environment we live in so why feel stingy when it comes to taking care of water. Wish you a thoughtful World Water Day.

_Some sort of discipline and responsibility shall run within us on the occasion of World Water Day, when we already know the water crisis situation of this world.

_If the crisis of conserving clean water continues then the next war would definitely be fought over water. Best wishes to you on this World Water Quality Day.

_We have the chance to leave our legacy as humans who at least tried to make this world a better place. May we all give it a try on this World Water Day.

_Water is the mother, water is the medium and water is the life’s matrix and matter. So don’t wait up and celebrate World Water Day by raising awareness.

_A life without the guidance of water becomes an unfinished book forever. Wish you all the best in your attempt to save fresh water on this World Water Quality Day.

_It is no secret that water has become one of our major concerns. So use it carefully and save lives without knowing it on this World Water Day.

_If we don’t start conserving water now, then over the years we will all be the fish who is out of water. Let’s reawaken our senses and celebrate this World Water Quality Day.

_On the eve of World Water Day Let us all do our children a favor and start saving water for tomorrow’s world. I hope you are a life saver on World Water Quality Day.

_ I wish from this World Water Day, the world at least try to save the future generations from the animosity of water crisis.

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