A Speech on Water Pollution

Welcome everyone, I have very delighted today by getting this opportunity to be a part of this discussion. Today I want to say something about water pollution to you.

Definition of water pollution:

What is the most important natural thing for our healthy daily life?

We cannot live a single day without water. . It is the basic need for our survival as well as development. Water is the inorganic, transparent, taste, color and odorless substance which are the main component of our body and also the Earth. As we all know that it is vital for every living being. The Earth’s 97 % of the water can be found in the oceans.  The other 2% of water can be found in form of glaciers and polar ice caps, so the remaining 1% we use as our drinking water.

But our selfish acts and carelessness is resulted in the pollution and contamination of our valuable drinking water.

Water can be said to be contaminated or polluted if its chemical, biological and also physical characteristics are deteriorated by various natural and human or animal activities.  This water is the essence of our life on the Earth. We all are aware that water is everywhere aaround us but we have many small amount of water for our usage. The only sources of our pure drinking water are the glaciers, rivers, lake and waterfalls.

Sources of water pollution:

The sources and causes of water pollution can be – 1) Domestic waste 2) Industrial wastes 3) Insecticides and pesticides and 4) Fertilizers and detergents.

Some of the direct sources can be the causes of water pollution like 

Factories, refineries and agricultural wastes. Those directly contaminated our drinking water by releasing those wastes to the lakes and rivers. The sewage, garbage and bio or chemical waste of households, factories and farming lands which are discharged into the rivers and lakes are the causes of water pollution.

What are the diseases that can be resulted from water pollution?

Drinking or using polluted water has many harmful effects on our health; some of them can be typhoid, hepatitis and cholera etc.

Our eco-system damages greatly as the effect of the water pollution. The aquatic animals are forced to face great harm due to the rapid increase of water contamination. 

Prevention of water pollution:

We all have to try our best to prevent large area from being polluted to reduce its bad effects on our life and eco-system. 

We should start to conserve water, which has also a big problem for any living being. All the industries have to focus on proper waste management in order to reduce the causes of water pollution. We have to use soluble products that do not form pollutants. Like these we can work together to keep the environment clean so the aquatic animals and plants or human beings, who greatly rely on water can be saved from facing the problems and diseases caused by the water pollution, thus living a healthy life in future.

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