A Speech on Pollution In English

Speech on Pollution

Good morning to all of you. I am very excited to have this opportunity to converse with you about the pollution issue and its effects on our daily life and our environment.

First of all, we all have to know what the meaning of Pollution is.

It is the introduction of harmful substances and contaminants into our natural environment that causes harmful and negative changes in the environment. Some major forms of pollution are air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, litter, etc. Pollutants can be natural or man-made.

Here we can discuss the causes of some types of pollution mentioned earlier.

First, we can talk about the causes of air pollution.

The main causes of air pollution can be depicted as the human desire for the modern lifestyle, which is causing great harm to Mother Nature in the form of air pollution. For decades, the use of numerous types of motor vehicles has increased a lot. The emission of harmful gases and dust particles causes great harm to the environment causing the diseases like respiratory and pulmonary malfunction.

Another problem can be considered as the production of harmful smoke and poisonous gases from the various chemical factories, which force us to inhale the polluted air causing great damage to our health. The human practice of using fossil fuels in various places and industries can be another cause of the production of some air pollutants. The air pollutants negatively affect the ecosystem of any living being and thus disrupting the balance of our nature. Natural pollutants can come from volcanic eruptions, which create various harmful gases and particles that cause air pollution.

Deforestation is another shameful practice of mankind of cutting down trees and green plants without planting them again, thus causing great harm to our environment.

Humans are cutting the green vegetation to obtain wood and fuel to progress in the area of farming, mining, and various constructions (like buildings, factories, etc.). The widely used fuels like charcoal and firewood can be produced from the trees, which insist mankind cut down green plants, thus resulting in the growth of deforestation. But we must remember that trees are the main source of fresh air we need for a healthy life.

The loud sounds of the vehicles and factories cause sound pollution and thus cause great harm to old and sick people.

The sewage, garbage, and bio or chemical waste of households, factories, and farming lands which are discharged into the rivers and lakes, are the causes of water pollution.


We have to stop the practice the cutting green trees and plants to stop pollution.

Humans must use vehicles like cycles as much as possible to decrease the emission of harmful gases.

We must plant as many trees as possible to stop the steady increase in pollution.

We have to use water properly to prevent water pollution. Thus we can protect our environment from pollution.

speech on pollution

Pollutants are pollution’s primary constituents or components and are typically waste products in various forms. Pollution disrupts our ecosystem and the environment’s balance. Pollution is growing increasingly significant as the population grows and enterprises expand. Nowadays, the air, land, and water are all contaminated. Industrial waste, mining, and deforestation deplete the soil. Pollution impacts not just humans but also plants, fruits, vegetables, woodlands, and animals. Pollution control is critical because the environment, animals, and human life are priceless gifts to humanity. Pollution impacts not just humans but also plants, fruits, vegetables, woods, and animals. Pollution control is critical because nature, animals, and human life are valuable gifts to humanity. We need to take action to decrease pollution.

speech on pollution in 150 words

Good morning to everyone in attendance today. It is an honor to be present and to have the chance to speak about pollution, a growing issue that has been on people’s minds for more than ten years. Pollution is defined as the pollution of the environment caused by the introduction of hazardous substances. Pollution is classified into three types: air pollution, water contamination, and soil pollution. We all know what these pollutants are and what pollutants cause them, so I’ll make my speech brief and not take up too much of anyone’s time. As a result, I won’t go into depth about all the many forms of pollution and their impacts because I presume everyone is aware of it by now.

Ten lines speech on pollution

Pollution has harmed nature in several ways.
Air pollution is to blame for glacier melting, which is upsetting nature’s equilibrium.
The rise in air pollution raises global temperatures.
One of the primary causes of rising pollution is the overuse of plastic items and polythene bags.

Waste and sewage water enters the river and pollutes it with tainted and toxic particles.
We may adopt the Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle method to control pollution.
Cutting down trees in large numbers disrupts the natural equilibrium. Hence additional trees should be planted.

The primary cause of rising air pollution is an increase in automobiles on the road.
Excess fertilizer and pesticide usage pollutes the soil and renders it infertile.
Methane and carbon dioxide emissions are two major contributors to global warming that seriously endanger biodiversity and human health.

Which Type Of Pollution Includes CFCs And Smog?

Smog and CFCs are two instances of air pollution.

CFCs (carbon, chlorine, and fluorine atoms) are used in aerosols, sprays, and refrigerants, among other things. These chemical compounds are non-reactive in the lower atmosphere, but CFCs react with UV radiation when exposed to sunlight and emit inorganic chlorine. This chlorine is the primary source of breaches in the polar ozone barrier (the shield that shields humans from damaging UV radiation).

What is sediment pollution?

Sediment contamination has long-term environmental consequences. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, sediment contamination of rivers, streams, and other bodies of water is a significant problem. Sediment contamination occurs when water brings sediment downstream in a runoff. Sediment contamination discharge costs billions of dollars in damage.

How can we stop air pollution?

Conserve energy at home, at work, and anywhere else.
When purchasing a home or office equipment, look for the ENERGY STAR designation.
Whenever feasible, carpool, take public transit, ride a bike, or walk.
For optimal vapor recovery, follow gasoline refilling instructions, be cautious not to spill fuel, and always seal your gas cap tightly.
Consider purchasing these if portable gasoline canisters branded “spill-proof” are available.

How to prevent water pollution?

When cleaning your home, use fewer chemicals.

Waste should be disposed of correctly.

Avoid flushing medicines.

Do not flush garbage.

Use as little water as possible.

Plastic should be avoided.

Use no insecticides or herbicides.

Ground cover should be used instead of concrete.

Stop soil erosion from happening.

Yard garbage should be contained and composted.

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