A Speech on Air Pollution

Today I thank everyone present here. Today I want to talk with all of you about the problematic situation of Air pollution and its reasons.

At first we have to know that what Air Pollution is.

It is the presence of substances in the atmosphere that are harmful and hazardous to the health of humans and other living beings and also one of the main causes of damage to the climate.

For the humans, air pollution results in inhalation of harmful gases and cause of many respiratory and pulmonary diseases. Some of these gases are (such as carbon monoxide, sulphur oxide, methane, ozone etc.)

The main causes of Air pollution:

The main causes of air pollution can be depicted as our craving for the modern lifestyle which is causing great harm to the Mother Nature. In the last few decades the use of various types of motor vehicles has increased a lot. The emission of the harmful gases and dust particles causes great harm to the environment. These harmful substances increase the ppm level very fast. These are playing a great part in causing damages of our healthy life.

Another problem can be pointed out as the production of harmful smokes and poisonous gases of the various chemical factories. The rapid increase in the use of air conditioners can also be seen as a great threat to our environment and healthy lifestyle. Human practice of fossil fuel in various places can be another cause of the production of some air pollutants.

The air pollutants have adverse effects on the ecosystem of any living being. The natural pollutants can come from the volcanic eruptions, which creates various harmful gases and particles.

Another air pollutant like ammonia can be emitted mainly by agricultural wastages.

The effects of Air pollution:

The harmful gases and particles as presented in the air are inhaled by the pregnant women cause’s great damages to their unborn child. These can be resulted in the frightening respiratory diseases of the newborn children than the other children.

Another man-made disaster like the cutting of trees and plant also harms the balance of the nature cause us to live in a polluted environment. This deforestation harms greatly the Ozone layer resulting in the devastating process of global warming, which leads to the destruction of the natural cycle.

The pollutants are also the cause of acid rains which becomes a fatal danger for a great number of animals and the marine creatures.

The disease like asthma becomes an illness of some of the children from their birth.


Nature is the greatest treasure of all living beings, it nurtures us like our mother. But if we want our next generation to live healthily and happily we have to take great care of our mother nature.

We have to stop the practice the cutting green trees and plants in order to stop the pollution.

All humans have to use the vehicles like cycle as much as possible to decrease the emission of the harmful gases.

Therefore let us try our best to make our nature healthy for ourselves.

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