A Speech on Environment in english

Speech on Environment

First, I want to thank all of you for giving me this opportunity to present my speech on the Environment you. Being an integral part of the Environment, I have the responsibility to make it pure, which is why I intend to speak about it in front of you.

First, we want to talk about what the Environment is. The Environment is the collection of all living beings and their surroundings. It is the source of the life force of each and every living thing, and all the non-living things, including the chemical and biotic factors like air, wind, soil, etc., help the living things to live and operate on this Earth.

It helps in the right and effective growth and development of each and every life force and living thing. What type of life we will live mainly depends on our environment’s condition. What type of food, breath, or shelter we will have mainly depends on our environment’s condition.

All the workings and habits of the human world greatly affect the Environment and its ecosystem. Our never-ending demands of increasing technologies and lifestyles also greatly affect the Environment. Some harmful activities of humankind cause great harm to the Environment, like global warming, producing harmful greenhouse gases, waste disposal, and changes in the overall climate.

In the last few decades, the use of various motor vehicles has increased a lot. The emission of harmful gases and dust particles causes great harm to the Environment by increasing the ppm level in the air. Also, producing harmful smoke and poisonous gases from various chemical factories has immensely increased the chances of polluting the air.

A man-made disaster like the practice of deforestation greatly adversely affects the Environment. The increase in wood-based industries like- paper and furniture results in the deforestation process for obtaining a great amount of wood. The increasing number of industries greatly harms the plants of a large area, increasing the impending threat to the Environment. This deforestation process harms the ozone layer greatly, resulting in the speedy progress of the frightening incident of global warming.

A climate crisis like global warming is threatening us and Earth’s other inhabitants, like birds, animals, aquatic animals, trees, insects, etc. The water crisis is also increasing every day in various places on Earth.

Our harvests will face great harm due to floods and droughts resulting from frequent climate changes like global warming.

All these causes the major in the air, water or climate conditions of the Environment, causing great harm to our everyday life.

Another reason is also the never-ending process of increasing the human population.

Therefore we must try our best to help our Environment by remaining healthy and pollution-free in every aspect for the secure and healthy lifestyle of our new generation and their unpolluted breath.


Good morning and welcome everyone to this auspicious event of world environment day. Today, I stand before you all to deliver a speech on the Environment.

The Environment is our surroundings, the world we survive in. Our Environment consists of all living beings as well as non-living factors. 

A healthy environment provides a sustainable existence of life for a long period. It affects the lives of everyone and determines real growth and development in a positive direction. Environmental abuse has recently been a debate point for decades. 

The most important factors causing adverse environmental effects are different human activities and the increasing growth of the population in certain parts of the world. Therefore, it is necessary to take the initiative to create a better environment for the survival of the human race.


The Environment is our surrounding of five elements: Air, fire, water, earth, and aether, for us to survive. It is said that only earth has the most favorable climatic conditions to flourish life. Therefore, we should be

grateful to our planet earth that we have been provided with a substantial environment with everything required as basic needs in its nature. But with passing days, we are ruining it to the extent which will finally lead to the destruction of the human race.

We should understand the importance of our Environment, try to reduce our non-eco-friendly ventures, plant as many trees as possible, and save water, which are the two current biggest issues. All of our actions have brought a big change in our Environment, resulting in problems. The increasing demand for industries in modern times impacts nature by releasing harmful gases and other waste products in nature. The growing invention of new technologies has negatively affected the interaction between people and nature, allowing more populations to grow.


As we all are gathered here for this beautiful occasion of World Environment Day, celebrated on 5th June every year, I would like to dedicate my speech to the problems of our Environment. 

The Environment plays a focal role in the existence and expansion of all living things on earth and provides basic sustainable needs in the daily life of humanity. Therefore, for the welfare and comfortable life that people lead, the condition of the Environment is very important.

Humans have been exploiting natural resources, and thus natural balance is getting disturbed. The human race plays a significant role in disrupting wildlife and the Environment’s well-being; marine life and land mammals find it hard to survive. This results from deforestation, pollution leading to the extinction of different species, and rising temperatures in different parts of the world due to global warming.

Furthermore, the need for interaction with the Environment has changed with the improvement of technology and medical care. All this leads to various climatic disturbances that rebuilding a healthy environment must take care of.


Good morning to the experts, respected teachers, and my dear friends. The topic of my speech is the Environment and various ways to protect it. The Environment is the surrounding we live in.

The best way to protect and save the Environment is to generate awareness of what it provides us and the impact that its degradation will cause. For example, human activity, including the earth’s warming, is the greatest cause for concern.

However, if proper measures are not taken to ensure our Environment’s safety, various problems like hunger and rising water levels will be the future of coming generations. Therefore, we should adopt a healthy and greener lifestyle.

At the state level, cities must be planned according to available resources. This will be a great help in the conservation of natural resources. For example, avoid using hot water and use cold water if possible. Further, the farmers must use organic fertilizers instead of pesticides and artificial insecticides.

Further, people must reduce air pollution at all costs. Everyone must avoid taking their cars or bikes if possible. Try carpooling or taking public transport for the same. 

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An environment is the natural surrounding that covers and protects us. Therefore, we should take proper measures like avoiding the use of lead petrol and starting carpooling in order to reduce air pollution. In addition, people in rural areas should avoid using river banks for domestic purposes, and factories should not be permitted to release their waste directly into the water bodies. 


Environmental degradation is a hot topic for discussion in the current world scenario. Human activities have negatively impacted our Environment leading to the loss of natural resources and wildlife. In addition, the growing population demands a high flow of resources, and these increasing needs are leading to the overuse of naturally available resources. Thus the very existence of human life will be in danger in the coming decades.


Today, in our world, there are many countries still in the development phase. These countries require large amounts of natural resources for their development. In addition, developing countries are marked by increasing industrial growth leading to pollution in various aspects of nature. These factors make environmental issues more common and serious in developing countries.

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