A Speech on “Replacing Fossil Fuels with Cheaper Alternative Energy Options”

Renewable energy will definitely be able to replace  the use of fossil fuels because they will be less expensive, very  reliable, and equally convenient as the conventional  fossil fuels. Many studies already stated that the latent market for renewable is already in place. The issue is  when. The recent condition of our planet really needs this transition to take place as soon as possible.

There are many reasons as to why the other renewable energy is  much better than fossil fuels: as the renewable energy sources are much more pollution free and eco- friendly than the fossil fuels, another cause can be that only renewable energy can offer the security and assurance of future energy supply.

The change from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy cannot happen overnight, and it will not delete all setbacks. However, renewable are very  likely to replace the use of fossil fuels as the primary source of electrical power well before mid-century .Natural gas is one of those oldest alternative energy sources to fossil fuels to reduce pollution by decreasing the carbon emission in the environment because it produces very less carbon as compared to the fossil fuels like coal. It produces fewer air pollutants and making our planet healthy.

Fossil fuels are an inflammable substance in which carbon is the main ingredient. There is mainly coal, charcoal, petrol, etc can be found in the highly used fossil fuels. There is a rapid use of these naturally obtained fuels in many factories, industries and for many domestic purposes to get  enough energy.

We have to remember that these fossil fuels are polluting our environment and increasing the chances of global warming due to the emission of harmful element of Sulpherdioxide in it. If the use of these natural fuels continues, mankind, mainly our entire planet can be destroyed. To overcome these problems, science and technology have developed a lot of alternative fuels to the harmful fossil fuels. These are very safe and eco-friendly. These can be solar panels, wave energy, hydrogen gas and hydroelectric, and many more pollution free fuels.

Due to some studies, the production of these alternative fuels is 100,000 times faster than those polluting natural resources. These less costly and carbon-free alternatives do not emit toxic substances in our environment.

The Nuclear power is treated as the most abundant alternative resource of our planet. According to many researches, there are more than 450 nuclear plants in the world.

This attractive source of energy requires less area and acts as the least air polluting alternative of our world. Another main reason to use the nuclear power as an alternative source of  fossil fuel is that it radiates less radiation than any other energy source. Nuclear energy is able to  produce more energy than that  of coal. For example, a small atom of uranium on fission provides 10 million times more energy than from the burning of coal. 

Solar energy is also very good alternative, because fossil fuels cause many types of health hazards and harmful pollution in the environment. They contain large amount of carbon in their composition so there is no way to use them safely.

As compared to those harmful fossil fuels solar energy is much safe and clean to use. It can be used on both large and small scale. The working of the solar panels directly depends on the amount of sunlight. The solar panels can either b fitted on the roof or mounted on the ground.

This renewable source called the solar energy is the best alternative to burning fossil fuels that comes from the living plants and animals. Plants use sunlight as the main source of energy to produce their food.

Another reliable alternative can be the use of natural gases. Natural gas is also one of the oldest alternative energy sources to fossil fuels to reduce the amount of carbon emission in the environment because it produces on very small amount of carbon as compared to that of coal.

Therefore to keep our planet healthy and pollution free and to keep ourselves safe and healthy we need to increase the use of the alternative energy sources than the fossil fuels.

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