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National Science fiction day is celebrated on January 2nd every year in the United States, since 2012, on the official birthdate of famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.

The day is celebrated unofficially by science fiction fans.  Isaac Asimov is best known for his science fiction works and for his popular science stories. Asimov’s most famous work is the Foundation Series.

Some of the other major series are the Galactic Empire series and the Robot series. Later, he created the distant future to the Robot and Spacer stories, ”future history”.  He wrote hundreds of short stories, including the social science fiction ”Nightfall”.

Science Fiction Day is enjoyed in a number of different ways in the United States. People enjoy television shows, movies, and books that are in the science fiction genre. Also, Sci-Fi parties are held all over the world where people can enjoy everything about science fiction.

Science Friction day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

– It’s National Science Fiction Day today! We imagine a scientific world with all those robots and other science fictions. Sci-Fi will impact the most. Enjoy it.

– Science Fiction arrived. Be sure to read your favorite SciFi book or movie tonight. Enjoy the day.

– Celebrate this Science fiction day with the essay of Isaac Asimov on ‘how science fiction can encourage more students to study in science, math, and engineering’. Happy day!

– Happy Science Fiction Day to all of the aliens out there! Just imagine you are on another planet.

– It’s Science Fiction Day my friends. Explode your realities today.

– Happy Birthday to Isaac Asimov! And happy reading on Science Fiction Day.

– Omg! They’re like huge seed pods! Happy National Science Fiction Day 🙂

– Today is Science Fiction Day. Celebrate it by reading a new favorite in the genre.

– Celebrate National Science Fiction Day on Isaac Asimov’s birthday. And make this a year of revival for science and science fiction!

– Happy Science Fiction Day! If you’ve been abducted by aliens please tell the aliens to celebrate this day.

– January 2nd is the Science Fiction Day. Explore your multiverse.

– Today is Science Fiction Day. You could mark the day by reading science fiction books or by watching a sci-fi movie!

– On national Science Fiction Day, we celebrate the birthday of famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. Do not forget to read his books. Awesome for a great science day!

– In honor of National Science Fiction Day, read those very unique science fiction books and remember those good writers.

– Happy Science Fiction Day!  I’m going to start reading the science fiction book tonight, what’re your plans to celebrate?

– It’s Science Fiction Day. What is your favorite sci-fi book or film?

– ‘All you have to do is take a close look at yourself and you will understand everyone else’- ISAAC ASIMOV. Happy birthday Isaac and happy National science fiction day to all!

– Science Fiction has inspired science in amazing ways! You might make this dream a reality. Happy Science Fiction Day!

– Speculative literature teaches the potential uses and abuses of science and technology. On this Science Fiction Day, share your wisdom with others.

– Celebrate Science Fiction Day with the best Sci-Fi & Fantasy books.

– Happy Science Fiction Day! Share some science thoughts on the science fiction creative genre.

– Today is Science Fiction Day! Isn’t it a good day to pick up a great new book? Grab something sci-fi sections.

– Happy Science Fiction Day! Comment your favorite Science Fiction quote for me.

– Remembering Isaac Asimov on his birthday, who coined the term “positronic brain” and supported Star Trek. Happy birthday Isaac and happy national science fiction day.

– Today is the right day to read a science fiction book or to watch such a movie. Enjoy the science fiction day in your own way!

– Celebrate science fiction day by picking up one of those books. Great way to start off the year!

– Happy National Sci-Fi Day! Celebrate with your favorite comic Sci-Fi & Fantasy.

– Today is Science Fiction Day and we’re feeling lucky to have such a fantastic team of experts in this field!

– Spots still available to take over our Sci-fi Party. Share your science. Enjoy with us.

– On the occasion of Isaac Asimov’s birthday, we look back at one of the great friendships of science fiction, between two of the genre’s titans.

– Happy National Science Fiction Day! Did you know this holiday deals with famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s birthday? Happy birthday sir.

– To celebrate Science Fiction Day, treat yourself to a good read and good cake. The cake which I made seems like a real page-turner for me!

– In honor of Science Fiction Day, I’m happy to have been a part of some great sci-fi reads.

– Every day is Science Fiction Day for me as I watch such movies daily.

– Happy Science Fiction Day! Especially to my friends in the galaxy far away.

– You know what makes National Science Fiction Day even awesome?  A science fiction movie!

– It is that time of year we have all been waiting for. Science fiction day!!

– Happy Science Fiction Day! May the starship of your life avoid all alien attacks. Have a safe year.

– It’s Science Fiction Day, which means you can wave your lightsaber to avoid the alien attack.

– Excited for the day off from work. Running from these zombies, to watch a Star Wars movie. Happy science fiction day.

– January 2nd is Science Fiction Day. Suggest your friends some science fiction movies, books, etc.

-National Science Fiction Day is the time to appreciate authors who have created a memorable character and even entire worlds!

– Your ship just crashlanded on this planet. Welcome alien. Happy science fiction day to all.

– Oh! Blown away by your skills Isaac Asimov! Amazing work! Happy science fiction day.

– We humans have been able to foresee the future since ever. However, today’s technology is empowering us with all-new superpowers.

-The idea of giving life, controlling birth, is embedded in literature. Great imagination! Happy science fiction day.

-Hope everyone is having an epic ‘Science Fiction Day’ today! I’m super pumped for X-Files!

-Do you plan to dust off your science fiction book, pull up Aliens or binge-watch some Star Trek to celebrate?

-Read one of Asimov’s books, watch a sci-fi movie. Dress up as your favorite sci-fi character and go to work!

-I can’t decide what I want to do on science fiction day. Just want to go away from earth! Any spaceships out there?

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