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World Fiddle Day is a celebration of fiddle music held on the third Saturday of May every year since 2012. On this day, many people celebrate this wondrous beauty of an instrument by organizing Fiddle Day events in areas where fiddle music is popular.

This once a year celebration of the violin or sometimes affectionately known as a fiddle is incomplete without dancing, music and more importantly fiddle playing.

In the year 2012, World Fiddle Day was founded by a professional Donegal fiddler named Caoimhin Mac Aoidh. The date was intentionally chosen to coincide with the death anniversary of Italian Violin craftsman Antonio Stradivari who passed away in 1737.

World Fiddle Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

_Music that comes from fiddle is surely a tune that may put our soul at peace for a little while. May you get to experience that on World Fiddle Day.

_Through a violin piece one becomes a storyteller and starts telling a tale of a lifetime. I hope you listen to some magical piece on the occasion of World Fiddle Day.

_The critics notices so does the audience when the music coming from a fiddle becomes a known language to everyone. May you have a lovely World Fiddle Day.

_Violin played an instrumental role in providing the joy to a genius we know as Albert Einstein. I hope the fiddles do the same to you. Happy Fiddle Day.

_One can only go out to a violin concert to enjoy the lovely occasion of World Fiddle Day with their friends and loved ones.

_Our soul just like a violin string makes music only when it is stretched. So, the on the eve of World Fiddle Day we have got to please our soul.

_The tunes coming from playing the fiddle are no less than a dream. One that you can only hear. I wish you a dreamlike World Fiddle Day.

_The most terrible mistake mankind can make after creating a music piece is to not add violin in it. Until then enjoy the sound of fiddle on World Fiddle Day.

_There are many good things about violin but the best thing is that when the tunes of the fiddle hit you, you feel no pain. Have a lovely Fiddle Day.

_One would say that this occasion of World Fiddle Day is the perfect and poetic opportunity to have your first Violin Class. May you learn beautifully.

_Einstein often used to think in music and he played the violin so be like Einstein today as we celebrate the lovely occasion of World Fiddle Day.

_On the eve of World Fiddle day, may your daydreams have a background score of the fiddles that makes you go deeper into you dreamy territory.

_Like music, the melody coming from violin is a moral law as well. It gives peace to a soul and adds charm to whatever piece of music. Have a lovely Fiddle Day.

_The music of a fiddle is not supposed to just entertain people; it is rather suppose to make people better. I wish you more than better on World Fiddle Day.

_When a master plays the violin perfectly, the tunes coming from it reminds us that there is something better than us resides in our universe. Wish you a great World Fiddle Day.

_The perfect day to get out your fiddle is here. So I hope you play some tunes as we celebrate the wonderful occasion of World Fiddle Day.

_Celebrate the instrument with which you first fell in love with. On the eve of World Fiddle Day, I wish you to reach further heights in your life while playing the violin.

_May the tunes of fiddle guide you path towards the path of absolute serenity and enjoyable soltitude on the occasion of World Fiddle Day.

_One shouldn’t disregard an old thing because the best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles. May you get to listen to the best tunes on World Fiddle Day.

_Guitars and banjo can be described as the step brothers of an amazingly voiced sister called violin. So you definitely know whom to listen on World Fiddle Day.

_Sometimes the second fiddle being played in a music piece can do wonders to a certain song. May you get to enjoy the fiddle music on World Fiddle Day.

_In a musical world, it’s extremely handy to have a man who can fiddle through any piece of music. I hope you celebrate the great violinists on World Fiddle Day.

_Some can make great music with their minds and some can with their fiddles but let’s enjoy the fiddles for now as we celebrate World Fiddle Day today.

_What is that instrument that tickles human ears with a comparison to the friction of horse’s tail on the entrails of a cat? That’s Right a very happy FIDDLE day to you.

_Just like Wine, a fiddler gets better with age as well. So on this Fiddle Day, let the sweet tunes and its melancholy epiphany take you on a musical ride.

_Be the proud fiddle of your story and fill your loved ones’ life with sweet and gentle pleasure of fiddle music. Wish you a great World Fiddle day.

_Fiddles have made more people fall in love with the instrument and hence kept many people off the bad things. Let music be your distraction on the eve of World Fiddle Day.

_The babies next door to me sometimes calmly listen to my fiddle music and I think they are already in love with the instrument. May the world lovingly celebrate Fiddle Day.

_In life we meet some friends who are more like the fiddle strings, they shall not be screwed too tight. Have a lovely World Fiddle Day with your friends.

_Like a painter, the violinists of this world paints their best pictures on canvas of silence. Let us all celebrate this geniuses on an appropriate occasion of World Fiddle Day.

_Life is extremely similar to playing a violin solo in public and as one goes on you are slowly learning how to play. Wish you a peaceful World Fiddle Day.

_A man along with his cigarettes and a bowl of fruit would like to spend some alone time with his violin. So, let’s try to become that man on World Fiddle Day.

_On the eve of World Fiddle Day, let’s try to learn the most human instrument of them all – a violin today.

_The elements that have kept the race of humans happy for centuries are in dire need of practice just like the violin. May you practice both and celebrate World Fiddle Day to the fullest.

_When you first play the violin you are surrendering yourself to its physical art with great traditions behind it. Mat you celebrate the invention of fiddles on World Fiddle Day.

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