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Cities For Life Day is celebrated worldwide on the 30th of November every year. This event is honored to support the abolition of the death penalty and emphasize the right to live. Many cities take part in this huge event and provide their full support for the idea behind celebrating this day. 

Cities For Life Day greetings:

-Many many happy wishes to everyone on this very auspicious event of cities for life day. I enormously appreciate all who have put their efforts into the reduction or abolition of the death penalty.

-Let us all proudly celebrate this day with our friends and family.

-With great pleasure, I wish you and your family a lovely city for life day. It feels perfect to know that our City supports this day. 

-All of us must come together to celebrate it and work for humanity’s cause—best wishes to you.

-The City for life, City against the death penalty. Everyone has their right to live. I wish you to show your full support for the idea behind this day. 

-With utmost delight, lots of pleasant wishes for this day. Have a good time celebrating Cities For Life Day.

-Let our monuments spread the righteous idea against the death penalty. We all should join together to take the same initiative and celebrate this day in the best possible way—a happy city for life day to you and your family.

-Love your fellow human beings. In this City for life day, let us celebrate humanity with love. Cheers to this historic day, and let us make this day meaningful.

-No one but God, and only God, has the power to give and take life. On these cities for life day, let us all say a firm no to the death penalty and celebrate this day to adore humanity—happy cities for life day.

-Killing a fellow human being can never bring justice to anyone, and it only makes things worse—happy Cities For Life Day. 

-Let us celebrate these cities for life day by spreading this vital message of saying no to the death penalty—happy cities for life day.

-Death penalties make us all murderers, and we people need to understand this. We should celebrate this day by spreading this important message. 

-Many good wishes on this festive day, and let us all have a good time celebrating.

-I wish you a happy city for life day with all the good wishes, and I hope you will spread the important and positive message of this day. Have a good time celebrating.

-Killing a human being is sinful and should be in no way a part of our society. Killing people for their mistakes has been a part of our community for a very long time, but this process of justice must change. Happy cities for life day and have a meaningful day celebrating it.

Cities For Life Day Messages:

-We live in a society that believes in a system of punishing the criminal with a death statement. This takes away the right of the individual to accept his mistake and work for the good. 

-We must bring a change in the practice of crime and theft and start a better day altogether. 

-The death penalty would do injustice to the person where the crime committed by them is not very heinous. Hence support for cities for life day is be highly appreciated.

-We are no one to decide whether a person should be allowed to live or not concerning his her deeds. These cities for life for a day, let us give all our efforts to serve humanity and have a happy time celebrating this momentous day.

-Every person should be given a chance to improve himself unless he or she is a threat to society. Let us spread this message and let us all make our world a better place.

-It is ultimately agreed that criminals should be punished, but the punishment should be decided according to the crime he or she has performed. Not every crime deserves a death penalty. 

-Let us say no to the death penalty on these cities for life day, and celebrate the occasion peacefully.

-The real motive behind cities for life day is to depict that vengeance is no right way to give justice. We should all support and promote the reason behind cities for life day and celebrate it peacefully.

-Vengeance is the greatest enemy to humanity. For life, these cities let humanity be victorious over revenge and hate and let everyone come together as one—cheers to humanity.

-Let us spread the important and significant message of cities for life day by celebrating it with love and togetherness. The death penalty is no right way to bring justice and let the world realize this.

-Killing any living creature is the most sinful deed that a human being can commit. So on these cities for life day.

-Let us all promise ourselves to stand against the death penalty and let us make humanity and forgiveness victorious over hate.

-People have always put their faith in the justice system, but killing another human being, is no right way to bring justice. For life day, let us spread the message of love and let us abolish death penalties.

Cities For Life Day Quotes:

-In any case, frequent punishments are a sign of weakness or slackness in the government. There is no man so bad that he cannot be made good for something.  

~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

-The death penalty is not about whether people deserve to die for the crimes they commit. The real question of capital punishment in this country is, Do we deserve to kill? 

~ Bryan Stevenson

-Can even the monstrous crimes of those who are condemned to death and are truly guilty of such crimes erase their sacred dignity as human beings and their intrinsic right to life?

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