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National Sorry Charlie Day is celebrated on the 6th of April everywhere. This day people from all over the world celebrate their hard days of life.

Making an effort and waking up from all the dark past is an inspiration that we have all created for ownself. 

National Sorry Charlie Day- Messages

National charlie day is a day to remember all our failures and rejection we have faced in our lives.

-National charlie day makes you believe that you have come a long way, and there is more to walk.

-” When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it”- this describes national sorry charlie day.

-Life can be harsh some days, you will face many ups and downs, but all you have to do is get up again and walk like a brave man.

-National charlie day is a resemblance to the “Never giving up “attitude.

-People say, the deeper you fall, the higher you rise.

-Let’s cheer up all the Charlies out there who are at there beginning phase of life or who are just exposed to the world of rejection and failure. 

– People get rejected or face failure in many ways, may it be a job rejection, a breakup, academic rejection, etc.

-Every situation has its way of dealing with things.

– Let’s start a campaign of “do the difficult” theme. On National charlie day, let’s remember the demanding and challenging days of our life, where we felt and suffered greatly.

-National sorry charlie day is for those people who rise from the phoenix from the ashes.

-National sorry charlie day allows us to cherish the assets you have now, rather than cursing ourselves and being all negative about the things you haven’t achieved in life. 

– National sorry charlie day isn’t a day to get upset or get unhappy about your failures, it’s a day to realize your inner potential and your capabilities.

-National sorry charlie day makes an individual feel more empowered and successful. A day to pat yourself back and treat yourself with some of your favorite goodies.

– National Sorry Charlie Day is inspired by a show called “Charlie the Tuna.” 

-Charlie was often being rejected and criticized for his work. But those obstacles never came his way. Charlie never gave and always held his head high. 

-National Sorry Charlie Day gives us the right day to thank and appreciate those people who have abandoned, rejected, backstabbed, or cheated us in some way. 

-Let’s take a moment to thank our friends and let them know that they have a vital role in making you a person you are now.

-People may not get satisfied with all their work every day, yet national sorry charlie day pushes you to take a baby step forward and keep that spirit up every day.      

National Sorry Charlie Day quotes

-Here to celebrate is both a maze and a connect the dots! Enjoy!      


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