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Most of the time, it is seen that people are made to stay safe and aware of sharks in the sea.

Shark Awareness day is a complete contradiction because it aims at spreading awareness regarding the fact that sharks are getting endangered species at a fast rate.

The demand for shark tooth medallions, shark fin soup, and such product have lead to thousands of sharks being killed every year.

July 14th is celebrated as the Shark awareness day and here in this article, we bring to you some of the best wishes and quotes that can be used for the day-

_Sharks are to be feared but that doesn’t list them to be killed. Mercy them and keep the greed aside. Spread the word on this shark awareness day.

_Fact check: Without sharks, your beaches won’t be even a fraction of what it is today. Sharks help to keep the seas [productive and healthy. Happy shark awareness day.

_Being face to face with a shark can truly be scary but being at a sea full of dead shark shall be even scarier! Help save them.

_These innocent animals needs some love from the humans. Let us take an oath on this shark awareness day to keep our seas free from predators of our race.

_Jaws was scary but now the jaws are afraid from the human claws. Stop shark killing, save each of them for a better and productive sea.

_If we ever thought that sharks are deadly and the most villainous predators then it is essential for us to stand in front of a mirror for a minute and see the real one! Save sharks.

_Surfing in the sea would be no fun with the sharks all dead and gone.

_If you loved shark fin soup then throw up the habit right and say NO to them. They are lovely in the sea rather than on your plates. Know the facts on this shark awareness day.

_The one question no one asked ever was- “Do they suffer?” On this shark awareness day, make sure that you help save sharks and abandon all that comes from a shark.

_The giants in the sea are in danger due to the culprits on the land. Team up and be the hero for these innocent sharks. Make the most of this shark awareness day and stop ruthless killings.    

_73 millions sharks are being killed every year just for their fins. Stop this inhuman activity. Help save sharks.

_We humans are the reason behind every animal going off the radar. On this shark awareness day, let us take an oath to let these innocent sharks be in the waters than being in the nets.

_Vicious killers. This is what humans call sharks. Quite funny right?

_If we all come together then the water can truly be a lot safer place for the sharks to dwell. Spread the word on this shark awareness day.

_Happy shark awareness day. It is sad to know that the 450 million year old species of fish is slowly getting endangered. Stop and act now before it’s too late.

_Just like dinosaurs, sharks will also be a history. Let us stop this from happening and shower love on them. Happy shark awareness day.

_Turn to the internet and know how radically sharks are vanishing form the sea and ocean. Rise up and fight for them on this shark awareness day.

_Happy shark awareness day. Make sure you see the shark in the sea and not on your dining table!

_It is not important to give priority to greed every time. Let us be better humans and save shark from the misery they have. Happy shark awareness day.

_Humans are the greatest creations. We should be more sensible in our actions and make sure that no one else is being harmed with it. Spare the sharks, save the sharks.

_Each time a person goes out on the sea, they fear shark. However, they come back safely and then other people go and kill the shark in their own habitat. Painful. Remorseful. Save shark.

_Save the shark and not fear the shark.

_We have painted an image of fear with shark. However, the poster boy isn’t a reality and they also need some love in order to exist and stay for long. Happy shark awareness day.

_Gone are the days when you should fear the shark. RATHER take up the initiative and help them stay safe from the hunters who mean just business. Share the awareness message on this shark awareness day.

_The human greed has lead to numerous haphazard. Keep it in check and focus on making the world a better place even for others. Happy shark awareness day.

_There are more than 400 species of shark in this world and now all of them are vanishing. Please join hands and stop such greed breeding.

_Let us unite and stand against those who exploit our waters and kill the ancestral shark fish just to make money. Happy shark awareness day.

_Every day is a challenge for the sharks to survive without being killed by those who live to kill them and feast on the money earned from their corpses. Save the shark.

_Let go of the previous fears and understand the logic. Without sharks, our seas and oceans shall be as vague as the night sky without the moon. Happy shark awareness day.

_We are such a breed that has pushed all other breeds to extinction. Let us change for a moment and save each of the sharks from the punishment.

_Show them we care. Happy shark awareness day.

_The world is not a place only meant for the humans. Let us spread this world and help sharks live better and longer. Happy shark awareness day.

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