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World Whale Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in February every year. This day is celebrated solely to raise awareness about the whales and the Marine animals.

The changing climate and human activities have led to the pollution of the water bodies like the oceans and the seas which have destroyed the homes of the Marine creatures.

Apart from the climatic changes, the whales are often killed in large numbers by the poachers. 

Great Messages, Quotes and Greetings on World Whale day.

_Whales are beautiful animals and let us save them.

_World Whale Day reminds us how important the whales are to us and why we should be saving them.

_The world whale day tells us to be kind to the Marine animals.

_We should celebrate the world whale day in its true spirit by acquiring information about the whales and figuring out why they are endangered and then figuring  out ways to protect them

_Save the whales and other marine animals.

_This day gives us the opportunity to show our love to the whales and other marine animals.

_Marine animals are in danger and that is mostly because of the actions of human beings and so to remedy the damage, we should at least raise awareness about them.

_This day is a reminder of the many reasons why we should take better care of our oceans and marine life.

_The world whale day is a day to appreciate the whales and other marine life on our Earth.

_Save the whales and let them live their lives.

_Whales are sometimes known as the loudest animals and at this point of time, the loudest animals need the voice of the humans.

_Save the whales and you will save be saving the Earth indirectly.

_The whales need our help and we should not refuse them.

_The whale massacre should be brought to an end. 

_It is high time we stop the whale massacre and fight for their survival.

_Let us all come together to help the whales before it becomes too late.

_The whales are meant to swim in the wild blue oceans and not be killed ruthlessly 

_Let us all join the movement and help protect whales and other marine animals.

_This is a fight to save the animal and we should all join the fight because it is for a good cause.

_Let us not bail out on the important events and let us save our whales.

_Whales cannot speak but we can so join us in speaking for them.

_Let us utilize our voice for the good of these whales.

_Show some humanity and stand up for these whales who cannot speak.

_This day reminds us of the fact that the whales are in misery and need our help.

_The animal activists make it a point to spread knowledge about the whales and raise awareness about the fact that they need help.

_Here’s to wishing that the whales are saved and the killing of whales is stopped forever.

_Let us show some humanity to these innocent creatures that cannot speak for themselves.

_I know it is not possible to save the whales personally but at least we can spread the knowledge about whales and create awareness.

_Whales are one of the endangered species of animals and if we do not act soon we will not have them on this planet anymore.

_Let us save the whales so that our children do not have to think of whales as endangered animals.

_On this world whale day let us take a pledge to help spread knowledge and inf5ormation about the whales to our friends.

_It is imperative that more knowledge is spread about whales so that the killing of whales can be stopped and whales can be saved.

_The whales are crying for our help and it is time we respond to their cries.

_Whales are amazing creatures and they complete the aquatic life.

_Let us save the whales and one of the most convenient ways to do that is by passing on knowledge to our friends and neighbors.

_Imagine a world where kids will only know whales as big water mammals that once existed.

_Whales are giant peaceful mammals that do not deserve to become extinct.

_Our children deserve a more fulfilling Earth and that includes an Earth where there are whales and other water animals living in harmony.

_Although the whales are in danger because of the activities of humans, it is the human beings who can save the whales now before it is too late.

_For once, let us put our selfish interests aside and protect the whales from being whaled. 

_Whaling is the practice of first hunting and killing of whales for their whalebones and oil and it is an industry that needs to be shut down as soon as possible 

_The world whale day reminds us of the fact that we need to be responsible for not only for our families but also for our whales and other sea animals.

_Let us make a promise to help the aquatic animals and the whales by spreading all the information about them

_Can you imagine what a world would be like without whales and other marine animals?

_Whales and dolphins often sleep with eye open and this is considered very wise because they can always keep an eye out 

_Whales are like the Giants of the ocean and the oceans would never be the same if the whales did not exist.

_Let us take a vow to raise our voices against the killing of whales.

_Whales are more valuable alive than dead and it is high time people understand that.

_The world whale day reminds the government of how important it is to make laws that protect wildlife and marine life.

_I still think of whales like they were showed in The  Tom and Jerry cartoons and I will be devastated if whales stopped to exist  

_It is unimaginable that someday whales might exist only in pictures of storybooks and in stories and not in real life.

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