386+ Motivational Quotes And Sayings That Will Propel You To Greatness (Images)

It is not extremely easy to gain success. People do not get overnight success. If we see someone rich in happiness, wealth, and career, that means he/she did a great deal of hard?? work over time. To be on the road to success, you must do little things day by day.

When you try little, you automatically do more. When you accomplish little, your hunger for success will increase.

To make all these things true, you need daily motivation in words or actions. Here are some of the best motivational quotes and sayings that surely fill fuel success within you.

Best Motivational Quotes

– You must look around yourself every time because you may find something inspiring.

– Don’t try to save people because you can’t do that, but you can love them.

– You’ve to be prepared for the future outcome so you have enough to survive in the worst conditions.

– Holding anger only means consuming poison so the person you are angry with dies.

– Don’t give up on your aspirations just because of hurdles in a way; Failure is sure when you don’t try.

– Only one step is required to begin the journey of thousand miles. Don’t wait to take that one step.

– It may be difficult to get on the right path, but once you’re there, things will be in your favour.

– Don’t be afraid of life but trust the fact that life is valuable, your thought will help you to create your life worth living.

– I would hope that when I stand before the god at my end times. I could proudly say, I used every bit of talent you gave me.

– To multiply your money easily and quickly, just fold it and put it back in your pocket.

– Just gaze at the sparrows who do not know what will happen in the next moment. Learn to live like them from moment to moment.

– Luck is all about how much you are sweating. The more you sweat, more you get.

– You’re your worst enemy or best friend.

– Consider every day of life as if life had just begun.

– If a person is not successful then it is not because he has no knowledge or lack of strength but because he doesn’t have will to catch their dreams.

– Either you rule over the day, or the day rule over you.

– Instead of worrying about failures, you must worry about the opportunity you’ve missed.

– Success is depended upon only two rules: Never quit and repeat rule #1

– Every noble work seems impossible at its first.

– People do not plan to be broke, lazy or stupid. These things are happened when you do not make a plan.

– Always remember one rule in life. Do the things which makes you happy.

– Challenges makes life interesting and winning over those challenges makes life worthy.

– We are not the outcome of our circumstances but the decisions we make that matters.

– Aspiration is a road to success on which you drive through the vehicle of stubborn.

– A zeal with a purpose is called ambition.

– You should stand strong for what you believe, even if no one is with you.

– If a person is not risk taker, he will accomplish nothing in his life.

– If we know something, we must use that knowledge; if we have will to do something, we must act to do it.

– Success can be achieved through determination and actions.

– Apart from commitment, all you need is discipline and handwork to achieve desired goal.

– Commitment is not just a word but It’s an act.

– Your dreams must accompany by the actions.

– If we have the strong determination toward our goal, failure will never empower us.

– You can achieve anything with passion, focus and support.

– Only you’re the in charge of your happiness.

– If you’re living a happy life, it means you’re living a happy life. If you’re living a happy life, It means you’re living a healthy life.

– If you spend your present by complaining about yesterday, Remember, It wouldn’t bring any betterment in tomorrow.

– There is only one secret of getting ahead- ‘START’.

– We limited only by our minds.

– If someone accomplished great things, you must remember they first decided to try.

– You must be strong when you are actually weak, you must be brave when you are actually scared and you must be polite when you are winner.

– Don’t let pain and pleasure use you but learn how to implement pain and pleasure to get success.

– Tomorrow means another day with another opportunity.

– To turn your dreams into reality- ‘WAKE UP’

– Life is just like a bicycle, to keep proper balance, keep moving.

– If you give on something, that doesn’t mean you’re weak.

– When life becomes harder than before, you must be a stronger than before.

– It doesn’t matter who understands you, How much you understand yourself, that’s matters.

– Ignore the people who talk behind your back, They know, you are step ahead of him.

– Everyone has something to teach us.

– Success will make everyone successful, not happy. If you love your job then you’re not far from success.

– To achieve the great things in life, do not ask for permission.

– If you want to make your life creative, you should give away all your fear.

– Trust the journey, not because it’s secure or certain but because you’re ready to accept the risk.

– Dreams can become reality when we pursue them with your courage.

– A one who wait, get good things in life, but a person who go out and struggle, get better things.

– If you do not take a step ahead then you end up with the same reward you always get.

– Victory is all about facing failure frequently with the same commitment.

– Entrepreneurs who believe in giving instead of taking are successful in their area.

– When someone reaches at the point of success, you only know their reward, not their private sacrifices.

– Don’t search for opportunities, create them.

– Don’t just be successful. Instil great values in yourself.

– People who discuss ideas are great, People who discuss events are average, people who discuss people are smaller in their mind.

– I didn’t fall. I found 10,000 ways that are worthless.

– To make your time and talent valuable, do charge for it.

– If people throw bricks at you, lay a foundation with it. This is the symbol of successful person.

– Without your willingness, No one can make you feel demoralized.

– The secret formula for success is to find out one’s calling and then pursue it with full determination.

– Even, You’re going through the hard road in life, don’t stop, keep going ahead.

– If you are mad enough and think that you will bring a change in this world, you will. 

– Instead of raising the voice, try to modify your argument.

– Life is all about finding our gift and the purpose of life is to serve that gift to others.

– Success is the minimum distance between genius and insanity.

– To give a chance to right things to catch you, stop running toward wrong things.

– The only courage we need is a courage to follow our dreams and make them true.

– A lazy artist never create a masterpiece.

– Seen a butterfly? Catching it will make it go away. Happiness is similar!

– If you’re not able to explain it well to others, It means It’s not understandable to you enough.

– The people who give without expecting anything in return and take with the intention to return are blessed.

– Do one scary thing daily.

– Your life is not worthy, If you are not willing to try something remarkable.

– The meaning of life is not depended upon finding yourself but creating yourself.

– Unsuccessful people with remarkable talent is the most common thing in the world.

– When you know what to do that is knowledge. When you know when not to do that is wisdom.

– You are able to do anything in life except everything.

– There are only two type of people who can stop you to do great things in life: those who do not try because of fear and other are those who are jealous you will achieve your goal.

– When you put all your efforts in your job, the more you will see the positive outcome.

– Desire is the initial stage of all achievement.

– Success is all about a little effort that we are doing every day and night.

– Having a problem is not an issue, the way how you respond to your problem is what matters.

– To achieve the progress in life, you should come out from your comfort zone.

– We usually hear that motivation is not everlasting process. But, the bathing process is also not remain till last, still we recommend it daily.

– The strangest secret to get something is to think continuously the same thought about your desire.

– Success before work? Only in dictionaries, not in reality!

– Many of us are not able to pursue your dreams because we are pursuing your fears.

– The sleep is not essential for you if you are keen interested in curious life.

– It doesn’t matter what you look, but what you see, that’s matters most.

– Victory and failure will always present at the same road.

– The real leader produce more leaders not followers.

– The first step to get real success is to leave the world you’re captive from long time.

– When I decide to be strong, to use all my skills and power to make my dreams real, then the fear which I feel become less important.

– When you get the majority then you must stop for a moment and reflect your energy to others.

– An average man become successful warrior if he has a focus like laser.

– Failure and demoralization is the stepping stones to achieve the desired goals.

– If you’re not serious about your life’s goal, you’ll end up doing for someone else’s goal and you will get nothing in return.

– To fulfil your desires, don’t wait for it to happen but encourage yourself to be impatient.

– Your fear of losing shouldn’t be greater than the excitement of your victory.

– To get a permanent solution of your problems, start focusing on the strength you have.

– Those who listen to their friends, family or surroundings may fail in their life.

– The reason behind not getting success is that most of the people don’t trust their journey. Winner has a perfect plan for every little things like what to do or how to do.

– Desire is the biggest motivation. No other principle stand against it.

– When you’re on the road of achieving things, do not make the same mistakes twice.

– Before doing great things in life, first expect great things from you.

– If people do not enjoy what they are doing, they will fail to succeed or rarely succeed.

– We should not be afraid of failure but of succeeding things which are useless.

– Know the goals that you have, start working to get them, and gain success!

– To make great things happen in life, we must dream and believe about it. Plans and actions are secondary.

– The problems of life can be solved, only the imaginary difficulties are unconquerable.

– Don’t let rule what you can’t do over what you can do.

Famous Motivational Quotes

– Irrespective of what you look like, the place of your origin, or the person you love, you will succeed if you take care of your responsibilities and work hard. – Barack Obama

– Perhaps, nothing will be okay, ever. But we have to keep on trying. – Vladimir Putin

– You must always be equipped with immense training and have your skills sharpened at all times. – Tunku Abdul Rahman

– Lying down and accepting defeat silently has never been the characteristic of the courageous. Courageous people always fight for better results. – Queen Elizabeth II

– Victory does not give you strength. Your struggles develop strength. Strength is to go through all your difficulties and never surrender to defeat. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

– Living our life is quite similar to riding a bicycle. To keep our balance, we need to be on the move. – Albert Einstein

– Learning from the lessons of our failures is more important than celebrating our successes. – Bill Gates

– Never falling is not the most glorious deed. It is to rise up again after each fall that brings the most glory. – Nelson Mandela

– Being disciplined is of primary importance if you wish to reach your goals and make your dreams come true. Lee Kuan Yew

– Being disciplined is of primary importance if you wish to reach your goals and make your dreams come true. – Lee Kuan Yew

– We will be knocked down by life several times. But we will always have the option of getting back on our feet. – Jackie Chan

– Our personality is not shaped by our failures but by our reactions to them. What matters is if we get depressed by them and give up or if we get up, dust ourselves and come back stronger. Keeping a positive will always result in a win. – Tiger Woods

– I am okay with failure. Everyone fails at something or the other. But I cannot stand the idea of not trying in fear of failing. – Michael Jordan

– Pressure, Challenge, and all other negative feelings are all an opportunity for me to do better. – Kobe Bryant

– Don’t wait and do whatever it is that you wish to do right now because time does not wait for anyone. – Robert De Niro

– Ambition is a dream with the engine of a V8. – Elvis Presley

– You have to fight if you want to earn a place for yourself in this life. – Shakira

– Even if the entire world is against you and is teasing you to show that you will fail, never stop believing in yourself and do your thing. – Michael Jackson

– I despised each and every second of my training. But I did not give up as I believed that if I endured the suffering, I would live the rest of my life as a true champion.

– Life can sometimes feel extremely difficult. But there will always be something you will excel at and do your best in. – Stephen Hawking

– Knowledge is not as important as imagination for success. – Albert Einstein

– As long as you keep going without stopping, your pace does not matter. – Confucius

– If we gather the courage to pursue our dreams, all of them can come true. – Walt Disney

– Instead of dreaming about it, I worked hard for success. – Estée Lauder

– The real reason why you face difficulties is to be aware of your true potential and abilities and not to be defeated. Make sure that the difficulties realize that you are just as difficult.

– The things I love the most in my life come for free. It is pretty evident that the costliest resource in our possession at the moment is our time. – Steve Jobs

– An idea that came on time is the most powerful thing in the world. – Victor Hugo

– When we close ourselves off, we not only become secluded from others but also close off from our own self and impede ourselves. We remain our true selves when we open up. – Amy Cuddy

– Excellence is not an act but a habit as we become what we repeatedly do. – Aristotle

– Always keep your head high and look people directly in the eyes. Never bend your head in front of anyone. – Helen Keller

– Start being what you wish to be later from this moment. – William James

– Nothing is really impossible as the word ‘impossible’ itself spells out ‘I’m Possible. – Audrey Hepburn

– The first step towards turning the invisible into visible is setting up goals. – Tony Robbins

– You cannot give up, as giving up would make you the same as everybody else. – Chris Evert

– An inevitable and undisputable law is that if somebody thinks he can, he can, and he who thinks he can’t will never can. – Pablo Picasso

– The entire universe starts conspiring to help you achieve it when you really want something from your heart. – Paulo Coelho

– The triumph over your fear is courage, not the absence of fear. Someone who is not afraid is not a brave man, but someone who gets over his fears is. – Nelson Mandela

– You’re perhaps thinking that you are right or wrong. – Henry Ford

– The distance between the earth and the stars cannot be covered easily. – Seneca

– Always winning the war is not the only victory. Rising up each time you fall is a victory in its own. – Napoleon Bonaparte

– Our minds create our realities. We can change reality by changing our minds. – Plato

Motivational Sayings

– You will be unable to find the secret of happiness by trying to find more. It can be found only if you can develop the capacity to enjoy less. – Socrates

– We hold our own destinies, not our stars. – William Shakespeare

– There is a small voice inside us that tells us exactly what to say and what to do. We must always listen to it. – Ingrid Bergman

– We should never let our fears stop us from doing what we know is the right thing to do. – Aung San Suu Kyi

– We can be inspired by anything and everything we see around us. Therefore, we must always keep our eyes wide open and keep looking. – Grace Coddington

– If you do not have the courage to lose the shore from your sight, you will never be able to cross the ocean. – Christopher Columbus

– Our choices express our character more than our abilities. – J K Rowling

– Never being scared of anybody or anything is the biggest lesson that we learn in our life. – Frank Sinatra

– Everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to change himself. – Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

– Deciding to act is the most difficult of all things. Everything else is just a matter of persistent determination. – Amelia Earhart

– We should never let go of our dreams because it might take time to accomplish it. Time will pass in any case. – Earl Nightingale

– You will achieve perfection not when you will not have anything else to add but when there will not be anything to take away. – Antoine de Saint- Exupéry

– Twenty years down the line, the things you didn’t do will upset you more than the things that you did. So, pull open the bowlines, leave the harbor and sail away with the help of the Trade Winds. Dream, Discover, Explore. – Mark Twain

– Banging the wall in the expectation that it will turn into a door is a waste of time. – Coco Chanel

– You are not born a genius. You become one. – Simone de Beauvoir

– You can define the boundary of the possible only when you cross them and go into the impossible. – Arthur C. Clarke

– We must always aim for the moon. In this way, even if we miss, we will find ourselves among the stars. – Les Brown

– Our shadows will always be left behind us if we always keep our face towards the sunshine. – Walt Whitman

– The things that lie inside us is far more powerful than the ones that lie behind and in front of us. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

– People who are not aware that failure is inevitable are the ones who achieve success the most often. – Coco Chanel

– People who make the best of how things work out get the best things worked out for them. – John Wooden

– Grace under pressure is termed courage. – Ernest Hemingway

– You will be forced to make do with the ordinary if you are unwilling to take unusual risks. – Ernest Hemingway

– At times, you have to look at your own self with the eyes of others to see yourself better. – Ellen DeGeneres

– Walking from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm is a success. – Winston Churchill

– It is because a tree was planted by someone someday that someone enjoys its shade. – Warren Buffett

– We all have only one life. But if it is lived in the correct way, just one life is enough. – Mae West

– Opportunities are created. They do not happen. – Chris Grosser

– Becoming a person of is more important than becoming a successful person. – Albert Einstein

– The strongest or the most intelligent species is not the one that survives. It is the one which response to change the most. – Charles Darwin

– We cannot touch or even see the things that are the best and the most beautiful. They need to be felt with one’s heart. – Helen Keller

– The best revenge you can take is to gain immense success. – Frank Sinatra

– Refusal to give up marks the difference between success and failure. – Walt Disney

– It is not that I have failed. I have discovered ten thousand ways which do not lead to success. – Thomas Edison

– You are not living if you are not dreaming. – Malcom Forbes

– Failure is a step in the road to success. – Oprah Winfrey

– To lead a successful life, you have to figure out what you are destined to do and then do exactly that. – Henry Ford

– Keep going if you feel that you are going through hell. – Winston Churchill

– You have to be different to be irreplaceable. – Coco Chanel

– Things that seem bitter to us are often blessings in disguise. – Oscar Wilde

Powerful Motivational Quotes

“A boss takes its employees where they ought to be.”

“Their actions should inspire others to do more and become more.”

“From nothing to something, I have come a long way under my boss’ guidance.”

“A boss always motivates, but sometimes an employee can become the motivational factor as well.”

“Working under a boss like you is an experience I will treasure throughout my life.”

“The growth of employees is the highest achievement of a boss.”

“Behind every successful employee is a powerful boss.”

“The greatness of a boss lies in how he can inspire his employees.”

“Appreciation from your boss goes a long way in producing better outcomes.”

“A boss gives you his guidance, the most thoughtful gift of all.”

“Sir, you are the pilot who has helped us fly through every target and appraisal.”

“Ma’am, I want to thank you for being so humble and supportive throughout the journey.”

“For me, numbers and charts are not my real monthly targets. They are in the form of praises I receive from my boss.”

“A great boss like you is impossible to find and difficult to part with.”

“A boss always puts the employees’ needs ahead of his own.”

“Work- life becomes more fun when a boss becomes a friend.”

“Ma’am, thank you for always pointing the right direction.”

“An employee’s motivation comes from their interactions with the boss.”

“Trees need water to grow, human beings need air to live, and companies need bosses like you to flourish.”

“As a boss, you are truly motivational, and as a human being, you are highly inspirational.”

Motivational Quotes For Boss

A supportive boss contributes to the employees’ growth. Not only are they kind, fair, and compassionate, but they also know how to lead others proactively.

Here are some motivational quotes for the boss that will inspire them to continue making a difference in the way they lead and teach.

Check out the following quotes that can also inspire you to chase your entrepreneurial goals. 

Your leadership has been my source of inspiration every moment.

I wish to get a boss like you in the future as well. 

You never inflicted pain on us and shared our pain. 

You taught us how helping somebody else is a stepping stone to achieving success.

Like an entire orchestra can produce a symphony, our team could grow due to your efforts.

You did not lead by force.

You showed us how winning in the workplace can make you win in the marketplace.

While you handled yourself with the head, you handled us with the heart.

A good boss like you always takes the blame on his shoulders and distributes the reward.

You never defined yourself by the title of a boss or a coach. Thus, you earned real trust from your employees.

Today’s bosses know how to partner with their employees.

Every individual has a boss, and your boss is the customer.

Great bosses know how to forgive and forget.

A real boss breaks talks and acts like each task can be completed without any difficulty.

You started as an employee, and look where you are now.

An efficient boss does not need to remind people that he is the boss. 

Instead of inspiring fear, you inspired enthusiasm.

Short Motivational Quotes

Never give up because this is the time and place where the situation will change.

No stopping except retry.

It’s not always easy, but you must keep going and don’t get trapped by little things.

Never give up what you believe.

Don’t give up until a miracle happens.

Even if you feel like giving up, you will not give up.

I couldn’t do anything, so I took a break to think over things.

Never give up the desire to be who you want to be. Stay focused, persistent, and ruthless.

Don’t listen to what others say, except for those who cheer you up.

This is an excellent human quality to keep going. Never give up.

Your victory is not far away. Never give up.

Never give up. You have only one life. Come on! Come on!

One must never surrender, no matter what!

Survival can be summarized in three words: never give up. Keep trying. Look forward.

Either don’t start or don’t give up once you start.

Winners never give up, and those who come out never win.

A failure does not mean that everything fails.

Never give up because this is the time and place where the situation will change.

Our greatest weakness is surrender. The surest way to succeed is to try again.

Never stop trying, never stop believing, and never give up; your day will finally come.

I refuse to quit because I have not tried everything.

You are a fighter. Look at everything you overcome. Don’t give up now.

When the world said: Give up, Hope whispered, Try again.

It’s hard to fight a person who never gives up.

Surrender is the only sure way to fail.

I never lose, I never win, I never learn.

Don’t be discouraged. Get up and keep trying. You will surely try to succeed.

Falling seven times and getting up eight times is okay unless you don’t give up.

We can’t stop dreaming, just like we can’t stop breathing.

Never give up dreams for the sake of dreams. Anyway, time will pass.

Never give up what you want to do.

A person with big dreams is more powerful than a person with all the facts.

It’s never too late to be who you can be.

The day you give up your dreams is the day you give up yourself.

Don’t give up. Too many skeptics’ will try to push you away. Could you not listen to them?

There is no way to pause the game other than to restart it.

Never let go of what it is that you think and believe.

Don’t give up until a miracle occurs.

Self Motivation Quotes

You are not going to give up, regardless of how much the thought of quitting bothers you.

As I was in a position where I couldn’t do anything, I decided to take a pause and think things through.

Never give up your drive to become the person you have envisioned yourself to be. Continue to keep your attention on the task at hand, be persistent, and be unyielding.

You shouldn’t pay attention to what other people say except those who can make you feel better.

This is an admirable trait in people and one that should be encouraged. Never give up.

One must never give up, regardless of the circumstances.

Never giving up is the single most important piece of advice for long- term survival. Do not give up. Attend to the future.

Either don’t start, or if you do start, don’t quit after you’ve already begun.

Those that come out on top never give up, while those who come out on the losing end never prevail.

Failure does not always indicate that all further attempts will also be unsuccessful.

Never give up because this is the moment and the location when the circumstance will shift for the better.

Our willingness to give up is our worst Achilles’ heel. Repeating an attempt is the single most reliable strategy for achieving one’s goals.

Never stop believing, never stop trying, and never give up; your time will come. Never give up, never stop trying, and never stop believing.

I do not intend to give up since I still want to do so many things.

You are one who does not back down easily. Take a look at all that you’ve managed to conquer. Don’t give up now; it’s not too late.

Do not allow yourself to get disheartened. You need to pick yourself up and start trying. You will most definitely make an effort to be successful.

It’s not a problem if you fall seven times, but you’re good to go as long as you get back up eight times.

Just as we can’t stop ourselves from breathing, we can’t stop ourselves from dreaming.

Never, ever, ever give up on your aspirations just because they are dreams. Whatever the case, the passage of time is inevitable.

You should never give up on doing what it is that you want to accomplish.

Motivational Quotes About Life

A person who is well- informed yet has lofty goals is more influential than someone who is completely up- to- date on everything.

There is never a time when it is too late to become the best version of yourself.

The day you admit defeat and give up on your goals and aspirations is the day you surrender your identity.

You shouldn’t pay attention to what other people say except those who can make you feel better.

You are the only one who can coerce you into giving up your resistance.

Stay authentic to who you are, yet keep your heart and mind open to new experiences and information.

Put in a lot of effort, and no matter how unlikely it may seem, you should never give up on your goals and aspirations, no matter how difficult they may be.

Enter this world with passion and love for what you do, and never give up, no matter how difficult things become.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.” – Charles Kingsleigh

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” – Colin R. Davis

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” – C.S. Lewis

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

Daily Motivational Quotes

The only person who can make you surrender is you.

Be true to yourself, but always open your heart to learn.

Work hard and never give up your dreams, even if no one but you believe they will come true.

Come to this world with enthusiasm and love for what you do, and never give up.

I know you will never give up. If you like something, then do it.

Don’t just sit there when you have a dream. Take up the courage to believe that you can succeed and spare no effort to achieve this goal.

Try again, because again is practice, practice is an improvement, and improvement will be perfect.

Never stop having faith that you can make progress in life. Remember to never give up. Don’t deny the inner spirit that drives you to do amazing things in life.

Keep up the excellent work.

To start, it requires dreams, a desire to move forward, and determination to complete them.

The winner is just the loser who tries again.

Persistence is the hard work done after the hard work has been done.

Never give up. Today is challenging, and tomorrow will be worse. There will be sunshine the day after tomorrow.

Do you remember the person who gave up? There is no one else.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To maintain balance, you need to keep moving.

It’s not that I am so bright, but I can persist in the face of problems longer.

Don’t be discouraged. It is usually the last key in the group to open the lock.

Hard days will never pass, but people will move on.

Everyone can hide. Working face to face, working hard for it, will make you stronger.

Unless you see the exciting side of things, you can’t be truly powerful.

Sometimes, you don’t realize your strength until you face your greatest weakness.

You may need to fight multiple times to win.

The best way out is always to keep working on your progress.

Win if you don’t want to win; refuse to fail.

Don’t give up because of difficulties. Work harder if you think of giving up.

If your dream is broken into a thousand pieces, don’t be afraid; take one part and start over. 

It’s not that I am so bright, but I can persist in the face of problems longer.

If you are going through hell, keep going and never give up.

Don’t be discouraged. It is usually the last key in the group to open the lock.

A winner is someone who gets up more often than gets knocked down.

Our greatest glory is not never to fall but to stand up every time we fall.

Never give up because this is the time and place where the situation will change.

Difficult things take longer, and impossible things take longer.

Many failures in life are because people don’t realize how close they are to success when they give up.

I will not be discouraged because every failed attempt is progress.

Funny Motivational Quotes

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

“Success is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” – Zig Ziglar

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson

“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the obstacles you overcome.” – Booker T. Washington

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” – Steve Jobs

“Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure.”

Motivational Quotes For Students

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

“Success is not in what you have, but who you are.” – Bo Bennett

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats

Useful Sentences For Motivation

– Be hopeful!

– To achieve big, start from small!

– Stay strong!

– Nothing but your determination can help you!

– Do not give up easily!

– Keep hustling!

– Be courageous enough to take chances!

– You cannot accept the defeat so meekly!

– Get up every time you fall!

– Failure should not lower your confidence!

– You are a strong man!

– I know you can do it!

– I have achieved all this by myself; many more to go!

– Strong will can defeat any problem!

– With your devotion, you can attain whatever you need!

– Be very sure of what you desire in life and what you need in life!

– First, set an objective and then begin struggling on it!

– How can you achieve things when you are not working for it?

– Put an end to excuses!

– Just hard work can make you the winner!

– Stop complaining and start laboring!

– Body of a lamb dedication like a beast!

– Put a full stop to procrastination!

– Smart work and hard work should go side by side!

– Struggle hard!

– Doesn’t matter how many times you lose!

– Attaining victory is not simple; you have to strive!

– Be a leader!

– Put all you can to get what you want!

– Ambition is the first step to success!

– Persistence is the key to victory!

– No one but only you know your worth!

– I know you have the potential!

– Do not underestimate yourself!

– Trust yourself!

– Having faith in your capabilities is so important!

– You can and you will!

– Do not pay attention to what other people say!

– Listen to your heart!

– You cannot take a shortcut to success!

– Be the difference you want to watch!

– Saying is easy, doing is hard!

– I will keep trying until I reach the goal!

– I have never seen such dedication! 

– I know you will make it happen!

– Do not be scared of facing setbacks!

– You have the talent!

– When you are determined to do something, the mind finds the way to do it!

– Have the courage to speak what you feel is right!

– Have clarity!

– Clarity helps you to figure out things!

– Stay focused!

– Challenges make a man stronger!

– Those who escape the challenges of life get nothing at the end!

– Accept challenges like a pro!

– Rise above the set bar!

– You mark your territory!

– Do not be weak!

– The best means to avoid the danger is to confront them!

– Take your commitments seriously!

– Try to be optimistic!

– Keep up your self- esteem!

– Build good perfection for yourself!

– The will to continue to strive is everything!

– Be fearless!

– Do not hesitate to stand for what is right!

– Dare to dream big!

– Dare to break the stereotypes!

– Be a woman with immense self- confidence!

– Powerful women are better than beautiful women!

– Everything will come to your feet if you don’t give up!

– Be an independent woman!

– Never let the spark in you fade!

– Push yourself to work daily!

– Patience in hard times is necessary!

– Do not live at someone else’s mercy!

– Hold yourself up on rough days!

– Time will change only if you make it change!

– You have got the stamina!

– More than physical power, one should be stuffed with strong willpower!

– No game is lost if played strategically!

– Live your life as per your needs!

– Success comes for those who struggle for it!

– Build a life you want to live!

– Strive, strive and strive! 

– Try, fail, try again and then succeed!

– Have the motive to do something new and exciting every day!

– Better to try than to regret!

– Success is not made overnight!

– It needs strong willpower to get up again after a major lapse, but do get up!

– Make it happen!

– Earn it!

– Never beg for things; achieve them!

– The world bends for those who deserve it!

– Deserving candidates always rise, no matter what!

– Always trust yourself!

– If you know you can, you will!

– Today, you are a struggler; tomorrow, you will be an inspiration!

– Take inspirational remarks from life!

– Success can be defined by you!

– Walk alone!

– Sometimes, achieving your goal can cost you a life!

– Give your best!

– Do remember that life tests and you have to shine on all tests!

– Hard work and dedication never get wasted!

– Stay away from negative people!

– Know your worth!

– Stop wasting time!

– Only the best get selected!

– Take challenges as opportunities!

– Who surrenders to challenges can never achieve anything!

– Have patience and life rewards for all the good things you did!

– Don’t waste your time. Who doesn’t value your time?

– It just takes seconds to give up, but it takes stones to carry on!

– Why would you give up after coming this close?

– Take smaller steps but do take them!

– Slowly and gradually, your determination will take you to the place you deserve!

– Just keep going!

– Everyone loves success, but success loves those who work to get it!

– People laughing at you today will call for you if you don’t give up!

– If someone says you can’t do it! Do it thrive and show them!

– Your success will be the answer to all the humiliation you went through!

– Be the sun of your family!

– Take the chance!

– Why let destiny be destined for you?

– Destiny is a myth; you build your future!

– Your first step counts!

– Nothing can win against strong intention!

– Build a career out of your own, do not depend on others!

– Keep burning until the darkness is gone!

– You set your definition of success!

– Never follow a crowd; develop your perspective!

– What you think about yourself is what people believe you are!

– Quitting should not be an option!

– Journey ends when you want to end it!

– Try, try, and keep trying!

– Dream big!

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