151+ Best Motivational Quotes and Sayings

It is not extremely easy to gain success. People do not get overnight success. If we see someone rich in happiness, wealth and career that means he/she did a great deal of hard work over time. To be on the road of success, you must do little things day by day.

When you try little, you automatically do more. When you accomplish little, your hunger to success will increase. To make all these things true, you need motivation daily in words or through actions.Here are some of the best motivational sayings which surely fill fuel of success within you

Motivational Quotes and Sayings

  • You must look around yourself every time. Because, you may find something inspiring.
  • Don’t make an effort to save people because you can’t do that, but you can love them.
  • You’ve to be prepared for the future outcome, so you have enough to survive in the worst conditions.
  • Holding anger only means consuming poison so that the person you are angry with dies.
  • Don’t give up on your aspirations just because of hurdles in a way, Failure is sure when you don’t try.
  • Only one step is required to begin the journey of thousand miles. Don’t wait to take that one step.

_It may difficult to get on the right path, but once you’re there, things will be in your favour.

_Don’t be afraid of life but trust the fact that life is valuable, your thought will help you to create your life worth living.

_I would hope that when I stand before the god at my end times. I could proudly say, I used every bit of talent you gave me.

_To multiply your money easily and quickly, just fold it and put it back in your pocket.

_Just gaze at the sparrows who do not know what will happen in the next moment. Learn to live like them from moment to moment.

_Luck is all about how much you are sweating. The more you sweat, more you get.

_You’re your worst enemy or best friend.

_Consider every day of life as if life had just begun.

_If a person is not successful then it is not because he has no knowledge or lack of strength but because he doesn’t have will to catch their dreams.

_Either you rule over the day, or the day rule over you.

_Instead of worrying about failures, you must worry about the opportunity you’ve missed.

_Success is depended upon only two rules: Never quit and repeat rule #1

_Every noble work seems impossible at its first.

_People do not plan to be broke, lazy or stupid. These things are happened when you do not make a plan.

_Always remember one rule in life. Do the things which makes you happy.

_Challenges makes life interesting and winning over those challenges makes life worthy.

_We are not the outcome of our circumstances but the decisions we make that matters.

_Aspiration is a road to success on which you drive through the vehicle of stubborn.

_A zeal with a purpose is called ambition.

_You should stand strong for what you believe, even if no one is with you.

_If a person is not risk taker, he will accomplish nothing in his life.

_If we know something, we must use that knowledge; if we have will to do something, we must act to do it.

_Success can be achieved through determination and actions.

_Apart from commitment, all you need is discipline and handwork to achieve desired goal.

_ Commitment is not just a word but It’s an act.

_Your dreams must accompany by the actions.

_If we have the strong determination toward our goal, failure will never empower us.

_You can achieve anything with passion, focus and support.

_Only you’re the in charge of your happiness.

_If you’re living a happy life, it means you’re living a happy life. If you’re living a happy life, It means you’re living a healthy life.

_If you spend your present by complaining about yesterday, Remember, It wouldn’t bring any betterment in tomorrow.

_There is only one secret of getting ahead- ‘START’.

_We limited only by our minds.

_If someone accomplished great things, you must remember they first decided to try.

_You must be strong when you are actually weak, you must be brave when you are actually scared and you must be polite when you are winner.

_Don’t let pain and pleasure use you but learn how to implement pain and pleasure to get success.

_Tomorrow means another day with another opportunity.

_To turn your dreams into reality-‘WAKE UP’

_Life is just like a bicycle, to keep proper balance, keep moving.

_If you give on something, that doesn’t mean you’re weak.

_When life becomes harder than before, you must be a stronger than before.

_It doesn’t matter who understands you, How much you understand yourself, that’s matters.

_Ignore the people who talk behind your back, They know, you are step ahead of him.

_Everyone has something to teach us.

_Success will make everyone successful, not happy. If you love your job then you’re not far from success.

_To achieve the great things in life, do not ask for permission.

_If you want to make your life creative, you should give away all your fear.

_Trust the journey, not because it’s secure or certain but because you’re ready to accept the risk.

_Dreams can become reality when we pursue them with your courage.

_A one who wait, get good things in life, but a person who go out and struggle, get better things.

_If you do not take a step ahead then you end up with the same reward you always get.

_Victory is all about facing failure frequently with the same commitment.

_Entrepreneurs who believe in giving instead of taking are successful in their area.

_When someone reaches at the point of success, you only know their reward, not their private sacrifices.

_Don’t search for opportunities, create them.

_Don’t just be successful. Instil great values in yourself.

_People who discuss ideas are great, People who discuss events are average, people who discuss people are smaller in their mind.

_I didn’t fall. I found 10,000 ways that are worthless.

_To make your time and talent valuable, do charge for it.

_If people throw bricks at you, lay a foundation with it. This is the symbol of successful person.

_Without your willingness, No one can make you feel demoralized.

_The secret formula for success is to find out one’s calling and then pursue it with full determination.

_Even, You’re going through the hard road in life, don’t stop, keep going ahead.

_If you are mad enough and think that you will bring a change in this world, you will. 

_Instead of raising the voice, try to modify your argument.

_Life is all about finding our gift and the purpose of life is to serve that gift to others.

motivational quotes and sayings

_Success is the minimum distance between genius and insanity.

_ To give a chance to right things to catch you, stop running toward wrong things.

_The only courage we need is a courage to follow our dreams and make them true.

_A lazy artist never create a masterpiece.

_Seen a butterfly? Catching it will make it go away. Happiness is similar!

_If you’re not able to explain it well to others, It means It’s not understandable to you enough.

_The people who give without expecting anything in return and take with the intention to return are blessed.

_Do one scary thing daily.

_Your life is not worthy, If you are not willing to try something remarkable.

_The meaning of life is not depended upon finding yourself but creating yourself.

_Unsuccessful people with remarkable talent is the most common thing in the world.

_When you know what to do that is knowledge. When you know when not to do that is wisdom.

_You are able to do anything in life except everything.

_There are only two type of people who can stop you to do great things in life: those who do not try because of fear and other are those who are jealous you will achieve your goal.

_When you put all your efforts in your job, the more you will see the positive outcome.

_ Desire is the initial stage of all achievement.

_Success is all about a little effort that we are doing every day and night.

_Having a problem is not an issue, the way how you respond to your problem is what matters.

_To achieve the progress in life, you should come out from your comfort zone.

_We usually hear that motivation is not everlasting process. But, the bathing process is also not remain till last, still we recommend it daily.

_The strangest secret to get something is to think continuously the same thought about your desire.

_Success before work? Only in dictionaries, not in reality!

_Many of us are not able to pursue your dreams because we are pursuing your fears.

_The sleep is not essential for you if you are keen interested in curious life.

_It doesn’t matter what you look, but what you see, that’s matters most.

_Victory and failure will always present at the same road.

_The real leader produce more leaders not followers.

_The first step to get real success is to leave the world you’re captive from long time.

_When I decide to be strong, to use all my skills and power to make my dreams real, then the fear which I feel become less important.

_When you get the majority then you must stop for a moment and reflect your energy to others.

_An average man become successful warrior if he has a focus like laser.

_Failure and demoralization is the stepping stones to achieve the desired goals.

_If you’re not serious about your life’s goal, you’ll end up doing for someone else’s goal and you will get nothing in return.

_To fulfil your desires, don’t wait for it to happen but encourage yourself to be impatient.

_Your fear of losing shouldn’t be greater than the excitement of your victory.

_To get a permanent solution of your problems, start focusing on the strength you have.

_Those who listen to their friends, family or surroundings may fail in their life.

_The reason behind not getting success is that most of the people don’t trust their journey. Winner has a perfect plan for every little things like what to do or how to do.

_ Desire is the biggest motivation. No other principle stand against it.

_When you’re on the road of achieving things, do not make the same mistakes twice.

_Before doing great things in life, first expect great things from you.

_If people do not enjoy what they are doing, they will fail to succeed or rarely succeed.

_We should not be afraid of failure but of succeeding things which are useless.

_Know the goals that you have, start working to get them, and gain success!

_To make great things happen in life, we must dream and believe about it. Plans and actions are secondary.

_The problems of life can be solved, only the imaginary difficulties are unconquerable.

_Don’t let rule what you can’t do over what what you can do.

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