325+ Dinner Party Invitation Wording From Blank Page to Banquet! (Images)

Hosting a dinner party is akin to creating a symphony of flavors, with your invitation serving as the prelude.

Dinner party invitation wording is the musical note that sets the tone, producing an anticipating symphony that resonates with your visitors.

It’s an art, similar to staging a flawless banquet. Whether your event is a casual get-together with friends or a lavish feast, the correct words can bring everything together.

In this post, we will look at how to create captivating dinner party invites that will ensure your guests receive important information and excitedly anticipate the next celebration.

Join us on a musical voyage into the world of dinner party invitation wording, where the symphony of your event begins.

What to Write in A Dinner Party Invitation?

Creating a dinner party invitation is crucial in setting the mood for your event. It’s not just about sharing details; it’s about creating excitement and reflecting your style.

Whether it’s a small get-together or a grand affair, your invitation should make your guests eager to join. In this guide, we’ll help you write the perfect dinner party invitation.

  • Say why you are hosting the dinner party.
  • Tell them you are looking forward to being a good host. 
  • Mention the theme, if any. 
  • Clearly mention that you want them to stay over for dinner.
  • Dress Code, if any
  • Venue

Casual Dinner Invitation Wording For Friends

Dinner Party Invitation Messages
  • I apologize for interrupting you during your demanding workday; my partner and I are currently planning a soirée, to which you are welcome.
  • We were hoping you could come to our household on (date) for a dinner gathering honoring the squandered years of our maturation on subpar work; unfortunately, before then (date).
  • I’m here to provide you with a much-needed break from every one of your traditional dinner parties. Please join us here at our house for a very casual banquet on (date).
  • Life support includes many elements such as work, snacks, drinks, and—most pertinently. Accordingly, you are invited to dinner at our house on (Date).
  • We, the Evidence seems to suggest, have a history of throwing epic dinner parties; therefore, on (date), which will be held at our house, we’d like to offer you a flavor of it.
  • Although times have undoubtedly changed, our friendship has not. So, on (day), we’d be over the moon to host a get-together supper celebration for you at our house.
  • We are hosting a dinner event at our house tonight since my wife claimed I had forgotten how to have fun. So you are my friend, and I will need you urgently at (time).
  • For us, the days of youth are long gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy ourselves. So join us for a fun dinner event on (date) at our home.
  • The (business name) appreciates the chance to have you attend the dinner event on (date). So please join us for a beautiful night at the (location).
  • On (date), Jack will turn 60, so we’ve decided to host a celebration dinner with his dearest pals. So come join us as we celebrate this happy occasion.
  • Being an adult, I’ve learned not to refuse a free meal; therefore, because you’re a buddy of mine, I anticipate you to do the same for my dinner party (date).
  • We decided to invite you to the party on (day), which will be hosted at our home facilities because we cannot afford to employ a professional comedian for our dinner event.

Best Invitation Messages for Dinner Party

Dinner Party Invitation Messages
  • I kindly offer to request you to attend my kid’s birthday dinner, which will be celebrated at my house tonight. I would exceedingly anticipate your arrival for the party and dinner at that location by 9 o’clock.
  • I kindly welcome you as well as your parents, to the wedding feast I’ll be hosting for Priyanka and me on Wednesday at Royal Plaza starting at 8 p.m. If you could join us for the ceremony and dinner.
  • Good friend, I’m inviting you to the family dinner Friday at my house. I hope you’ll accompany me for dinner and the unique dessert prepared for everyone.
  • To my dear friend: Please attend the Regalia Thursday social gathering. You would undoubtedly enjoy the event and the accompanying people immensely.
  • I’m inviting you to my dinner event tonight, beloved friend. Remember that you get there on time and enjoy the festivities with your loved ones.
  • I want to invite you to my formal dinner this Wednesday at Royal Square. I look forward to seeing you at the occasion and sharing many more enjoyable moments with you.
  • I’m asking you about the social gathering at my house as a kind aunt. So arrive in style and add your love to the celebration to make it even more special.
  • I graciously invite you to the barbeque and dance that will be managed to hold at my house starting at 7 p.m. the following Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the celebratory meal and dancing.
  • My girlfriend and I have made the decision to organize an impromptu family dinner at our house. So come and join us for some downtime on (date). Since we haven’t held a dinner event in quite a long period of time, our enthusiasm is shattered, and then we will require your assistance on (day) for the celebration.

Formal Dinner Invitation Wording

Dinner Party Invitation Messages

Dinner parties are exciting and fun-filled with various food dishes arranged to enjoy with your loved ones to celebrate the dinner party. Sending out dinner invitations to the guests is important to plan a dinner party.

The invitation letter must clarify all the important information about the event. The formal dinner invitations should be short, simple, and elegant to grab the guests’ attention. To make your work easier,

here are a few examples to help you out.

-We invite you to our dinner party and welcome the New Year with us. Come over and celebrate the craziest New Year’s Eve with us and remember it forever.

-Mix with us and mingle the night. Join us for a dinner night filled with lots of music, dance, and laughter.

-It’s been three years since we had a grand reunion with our childhood friends. So, there is a reunion dinner tonight at my residence, and you can’t be late. 

-Inviting you to join us at our abode dinner party with your family. Let’s make the event more memorable with some delicious meals and drinks.

-We would be pleased if you could join us at a small dinner celebration at our place to make my grandma’s 80th birthday. Please join us and make the day more special for her. She will be the happiest to see all her favorite people around her.

-The snow is here, and it’s the season of jingle bells. There is a cute little dinner party at my house, and you are expected to join us soon and refresh all our childhood memories.

-A life-celebrating dinner with all my closest people will be hosted at the La Birla Plaza Café. You are invited to come and join us and enjoy that place’s sweet and delicious dishes.

-It’s Adam’s 5th birthday ceremony the next Sunday. You are requested to come and join us at 6 pm in The Green Room with your family.

-My family and I are inviting you to join us at our annual potluck dinner ceremony and taste the chilled summer wine that is famous for that place on Saturday at 6:30 pm at my house rooftop.

-The Football League welcomes you to join in its annual dinner ceremony with your friends and family. We request the honor of your presence to make the day graceful.

-We have planned an annual graduation ceremony for our daughter this weekend. She wants you all to be present at the dinner table to celebrate the special day of her life.

-It has been a long time since we had arranged for a dinner party. Please join us on 31st December for some leisure time and chill.

-This is going to be a kind of formal invitation. So I am inviting you to be present at our dinner party hosted by us.

Dinner Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Invitation Message For Dinner Party

If you want Dinner Party Invitation Wording Ideas, then you have come to the right place. It is very commonly seen that when it comes to inviting someone, we run out of ideas and sit to search the internet for options so that we can write proper dinner party invitation wording ideas.

To get some fresh and vibrant ideas to invite your guest in a unique way, this site has some messages for you!

  • My wife and I have decided to throw a casual dinner party at our place for no reason at all. Please join us on (date) for leisure time.
  • It’s has been a very long time since we hosted a dinner party, so our confidence is shaken and we will need you by our side on (date) for the party.
  • My wife insisted on sending a very formal invitation so here I am requesting your presence rather than inviting you to our dinner party on (date).
  • Sorry to distract you from your stress-induced daily job as my roommate and I are planning to throw a dinner party to which you are currently invited.
  • We need to come to our home on (date) for the dinner party held in honor of our growing years that is being wasted on average jobs. See you on (date).
  • I am here to provide you with a fresh change from all your formal dinner parties. So please join us at our place on (date) for an extremely casual dinner party.
  • Life support functions on many things, such as jobs, food, water and most importantly having fun. Hence you are invited to the dinner party held at our place on (Date).
  • You have been stressing away at work for a very long time. So please let us invite you to our dinner party where you can come, eat, drink, and speak to our dogs.
  • Hold on to your excitement as the time for our annual dinner party is finally here! So keep calm and join us for the party held at (location & date).
  • You and the missus are being invited to attend our annual dinner party held at our place on (date). But you have to stay from time to time.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bowen would like to request your presence at the dinner party held in honor of their 15th marriage anniversary. Please be there on (date & location).
  • We, the Smiths have always had a reputation for organizing a hell of a dinner party so we would like to give you a taste of it on (date) held at our place.
  • The times have surely changed but not our friendship. We would be absolutely thrilled to have you at our place on (date) for a get-together dinner party.
  • My wife said I forgot how to have fun so we are having a dinner party tomorrow at our residence. You are my friend and I’ll need you sharply at (time) tomorrow.
  • The ship of youth has sailed a long ago for us but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun anymore. So come to our place on (date) for an enjoyable dinner party.
  • Our very own dear Scott has decided to hang his boots so we are throwing him a dinner party in honor of his years of service. Please be there on (date & location).
  • There will be dinner and dancing but most importantly there will be some great friends under one roof. So please come to our place on (date) for a delightful dinner party.
  • The (company name) would like to request your warm presence at the dinner party celebration on (date). It will be a black-tie event held at the (location).
  • Melanie and I don’t need a reason to have fun with our friends. So you better get ready for a fun dinner party held at our place on (date).
  • As the lovely season of spring is upon us, we are going to celebrate it with a casual dinner party held at our home. We expect you to join us for the party on (date).
  • You and the missus are cordially invited to be our guests at the dinner party arranged on (date) at the wonderful (location). We would be honored to have you.
  • Some things in life can never change, like you don’t like dinner parties. But I assure you this one will be different. So see you at our place on (date).
  • On the 5th of (month), we are having a dinner party for all our friends at our place. As you are one of our closest ones, we expect you to be first.
  • The (company name) requests the honor of your presence at the dinner gala on (date). Please be there at the (location) for a lovely evening.
  • Jack is turning 60 on (date), so we have decided to organize a celebratory birthday dinner for his closest friends.  Please come and help us celebrate this joyous occasion.
  • One thing I know about being a grown-up is that never say no to a free dinner so as you are my friend I expect you do the same with my dinner party on (date).
  • We can’t afford a professional entertainer for our dinner party, so we invite you to attend the party on (date) at our home premises.
  • In order to settle a debate of who cooks better, I and my wife have organized a dinner party at our place on (date). You are welcomed as our guest and the judge.
  • We thought we would never see this day but our son finally graduated. So we are throwing him a celebratory dinner party on (date), and you must come.
  • We, the Johnsons are extremely glad to invite you to our little celebration held at the newly opened (location). Please be there for the dinner party on (date).
  • (Company name) has arranged a dinner party for all of its staff and colleagues on (date). Your presence is requested at the (location).
  • I have been promoted to head of the digital marketing team. So long story short, you and your wife have to attend the celebratory dinner party on (date).
  • We at the (Company name) would be absolutely delighted to have you as our guest at the annual dinner party held at (location) on (date).
  • As you, all know that our company has finally made that sale. So to celebrate, we are having a casual dinner party on (date). Please be present at the (location). 
  • I lost a bet to my husband so as a challenge I have to organize a formal dinner party at our place. So please come and help me on the (date).
  • I want to invite you and the missus to the dinner party held at our place. So to sum up, we’d eagerly expect your presence on (date).
  • When life makes you too philosophical, it is time to party, so we are having a dinner party at our residence on (date). We’d be happy to see you.
  • I need you to wear your dancing shoes and be at our residence tomorrow at (time) for a great dinner and dance party.

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Dinner Invitation Messages

Invitation Message For Dinner Party
  • Instead of welcoming you to my family dinner on Saturday, my wife suggested mailing a hot welcome, so here I am asking for your presence (date).
  • This evening, you can find anything on the plate, including sweet, salty, fiery, acidic, and bitter. Eat with us at the desk.
  • You have been invited to attend the dinner celebration we have planned for tonight (date).
  • We’re planning a dinner invitation for tomorrow (date) at our lovely home. We need your help to make it unforgettable, so please be there!
  • We will be hosting a fabulous dinner event on (date), and we cordially invite you to accompany us. Together, we’ll enjoy some delicious cuisine and enjoyable times!
  • This evening, we wish to enjoy some delicious cuisine and pleasant company. We would greatly welcome it if you could come along.
  • Sharing meals together strengthens relationships more than anything else. So we’ve scheduled a dinner gathering at our house for (date), and we’d love for you to come.
  • A joy to have you here with us like always. Let’s arrange another gathering to eat delectable dishes and sweets together. We extend a warm invitation to you.
  • I apologize for taking your attention away from your stressful day job. My roommate and I are now preparing a dinner gathering for something you are welcome to do.
  • We hope you’ll join us for supper on (day) at (location) as we rejoice and thank God for all He has accomplished for us.
  • We haven’t had a dinner reception at our house in an extremely long period of time. On, we’re hosting a family dinner (date). Please attend the party; we need you there.
  • In honor of (person’s name) retiring from their position, will you kindly join us for supper? (profession). The time is now (time) at (place). Respond by (date).
  • I’m here to offer you a welcome diversion from your regular formal dinner gatherings. So please join us for a very informal dinner celebration at our home on (date).
  • Let’s come together by eating our meals as a group. By being there, you may make this gathering night even more enjoyable!
  • Join us as we enjoy the season. Since we haven’t invited you in a while, there is no need to make an excuse because you need to attend to help us enjoy a fantastic eve.
  • Cheers! Please celebrate with us as we have drinks and good times. The color scheme is red and white. Happy Holidays!
  • Hello, it’s almost Xmas Eve. It’s the height of excitement. So come on over to enjoy all the excitement we have in store.
  • This one is a “chicken meal” for all the PubG buddies. If you triumph, the chicken tray is yours. Arrive over, rejoice, and maintain your positive attitude! Attend the entertaining games, beverages, and cuisine.

Informal Dinner Invitation Messages

Invitation Message For Dinner Party
  • It’s always a delight to have everyone around; let’s use this as an excuse to have dinner together at my house tonight. I’m hoping you’ll drop by.
  • Sharing food alongside our family members strengthens our bonds because food is love. So we’d love to have you around for supper tomorrow at our house.
  • I’ve been learning to bake many beautiful things, and I’d really adore it if you could somehow come over and check them out. It won’t be dangerous, and it will smell fantastic, so don’t bother!
  • Let’s all set aside our busy schedules and expand our business ties to include personal acquaintances. We’d love for you to attend the dinner gathering at X café.
  • Party will be planned for our sister. We would like you to arrive on schedule. We can’t have a celebration without you. So come on over and participate with us, buddy.
  • For no particular reason, my bride and I have made the decision to host a casual family dinner at our home. So please join us for some downtime on (date).
  • Since we haven’t held a dinner party in a very long time, our faith is shattered, and we will require your assistance on (day) for the celebration.
  • Instead of requesting you to our social gathering on Saturday, my mother insisted on delivering a highly personal invitation. So meanwhile, I’m asking for your attendance (date).
  • I apologize for taking your attention away from your stressful day at work; my companion and I are now organizing a soiree to that you are invited.
  • In (date), we need you to join us at our house for a dinner celebration honoring our maturing years that were wasted on mediocre jobs. Until then (date).
  • I’m here to offer you a welcome diversion from all of your formal dinner gatherings. So come and join us for a very informal banquet at our home on (date).
  • Numerous factors are necessary for life support, including employment, food, water, and—most importantly—fun. Consequently, you are welcome to our home’s dinner on (Date).

Funny Dinner Invitation Wording

-You are cordially invited to join us at the most awaited, joyous dinner gathering. It will be a lot of fun.

-Food is one of the purest forms of love that always gives us joy. Hence you are invited to come and be a part of the festive dinner party with us.

-Your presence is expected at our dinner party, which will double our joy and excitement. Please join our foodie group as we will all celebrate John’s birthday.

-We hope you will come and join us and share our happy moments together. Let’s sit and have some amazing food at my place at 7 pm tomorrow.

-Sharing food with loved ones always makes the bond stronger. So let’s all take a break from our boring and tiresome days and indulge our souls in some delicious meals.

-There is a birthday dinner of mine this Sunday. You are wholeheartedly invited to come and be a part of the amazing dinner night. We will be waiting for your presence.

-Let us all forget our hectic weekday schedules and extend our professional relationship to a personal one. You are invited to join us at Peter’s café on New Year’s Eve.

-Recently I have learned to bake some yummy cakes and desserts, which will melt into your mouth as soon as you take some bites. You are invited to share the joy with us.

-I plan to throw a surprise wedding anniversary dinner for my best friend and her husband. You are requested to join us and make the evening more graceful with your lovely presence.

-We want you to be present at our house the next week on 26th December in the evening. There is a birthday party for my sweet elder sister, and it is going to be a lot of fun. You will miss the fun if you don’t join us.

-A grand party is arranged for my younger brother to give him a surprise gift. We would be highly grateful if you could join us and make the dinner party more exciting.

-Join us to celebrate my success dinner party tomorrow night. Keep your spirits high and come and make your presence.

-Dear friend, I have learned about so many cuisines and continental dishes, and I am super excited to let you all try my foods. Join us tomorrow at our residence, and it will taste great.

-I can’t wait to have you all at my dinner party hosted by my colleagues. There will be a lot of amazing meals and never-ending gossip.

Fancy Dinner Invitation Wording

-We all need some break from our stress-induced daily monotonous life. So my roommate and I have planned a dinner party at the nearest cafe. Please come.

-I am here to invite you to a unique dinner party this time. Let us invite you to our place to join us at the dinner get-together.

-Get a hold on to your happiness and excitement as our fancy dinner get-together is here. So keep calm and join us for the party where you can eat and drink your heart out.

-Times fly by so fast. 12th February for a get-together dinner party.

-The Lincolns have always maintained a reputation for hosting a fantastic dinner at the end of every year. This year, you and your family are invited to have a meal with us.

-Mr. and Mrs. Smith would love to have your presence at the dinner party. We would be thrilled to have you with us at our place.

-Our dearest Scott is getting married the next month. Let’s gather around him at the last bachelorette party of his life and make it more special.

-There will be great dancing and music and a group of some great friends under one roof. You are invited to join us at a fun dinner party held at our place this weekend.

-The lovely spring is here, and we plan to celebrate the bloom season with a lovely and fancy family dinner. So better get ready because we won’t accept any excuses from your side.

-We would love to have your warm presence at the dinner party celebration at my best friend’s house. Get ready for a black-tie event.

-Some things can never change in life, just like our annual dinner parties. Since you are one of our closest friends, we expect you to be present positively and not miss the event.

-On 5th March, we are organizing a dinner party at my place. All my closest ones need to show up. See you all at the party.

-John is turning 50 this Wednesday. You are invited to come and enjoy his birthday and taste all his favorite dishes. We expect to see you soon, so you better not miss the happy day.

-My sister and I have arranged a dinner party for 14th May. You are welcome to be our guest and judge simultaneously. We are looking forward to your lovely presence.

-I got my promotion last week. It will be an absolute delight to have you with us at the dinner table at our place on 19th June.

-As you all know our company received a huge increment last month, so we are organizing a fancy dinner party this week on 23rd July. Please be present, as we all are excited to celebrate the event with lots of fun.

-Let’s celebrate the warmth of the winter with a cozy and dreamy family dinner. We request the pleasure of your company for dining with us.

dinner invitation messages

Dinner Invitation Messages

– When we eat together, we can share our sorrows and happiness. Therefore, you must join us for dinner!

– It is never easy to release the toughest and roughest memories. But it is possible to have some fun and meals together!

– If you can join us for work, you could also join us for some after-party dinner. So don’t you think further and come join us!

– Eat well. Sleep. And repeat. That is what we love doing. You should also join us for some delicious dinner and have fun!

– We will never let you leave without having our famously lip-smacking dinner. So do not dare to deny and join us this time!

– A beautiful candlelight dinner is a must for an even more beautiful family like ours! So let’s make it memorable and have some fun!

– We have made your favorite dishes keeping in mind your likes and dislikes. So please come and visit us for dinner!

– It is our humble request that you could honor us with your esteemed presence for dinner this evening. We would be delighted!

– Don’t worry about evening snacks or dinner if you feel tired and messy. You can just come to my place and have some delicious meals!

– It is not easy to thank someone to the utmost. I wish to feed you the most delicious custard I can make!

– Food becomes tastier when enjoyed with your family and your closest people. So please come and make this evening a memorable one!

– It is so hot and tiring. We need good food, beautiful music, and our best people with us. It is a perfect evening!

– If you feel lost or lonely, do not forget to join us for some good noodles and bacon for dinner! Waiting for your presence.

– Tasty and healthy food is something we all desire to stay fit and strong. But a good dinner means good sleep!

Informal Dinner Invitation Messages

– Finer times are ahead if you choose to stay fine and fit. So take your meals seriously and have a good, solid dinner!

– It is time for bed, but not with an empty, sad stomach. Have your dinner with lots of greens and a healthy meal!

– Please visit us for a fantastic conversation, good music, fun, and good food. But it’s time for some good dinner this time!

– It has been so long since we met. So let’s catch up for a delicious dinner! Do not forget the date and time!

– We shall meet super soon, and this time for a dinner date! For days, we both sat for a good conversation and even better food.

– Be ready sharp at 8 pm. Then, I will pick you up for a dinner party at my place, and I promise we shall have a lot of fun!

– We will eagerly await your most desired presence tomorrow for the dinner party. So please do not be late!

– You have the most exemplary record of being the only late-comer. This time, you cannot be doing so. Be on time for my dinner party.

– We shall be waiting for you with open eyes! So don’t you ditch us this time, or else we shall kill you! Come soon!

– It is never easy to decide on your outfit before every party. You have a week. The dinner party is due next week, sharp at 9!

– Lots of meat, wine, and delicious dinner your way! Don’t you refuse to join us for dinner this time! See you soon!

– This weekend, we will have a lot of fun and a fantastic dinner! So don’t forget and meet us soon!

– Family, friends, love, fun, and a good dinner party can never go wrong! So do meet us to have a memorable time!

– Togetherness is hard to find these days. So let’s cherish one with a good dinner and fantastic music!

– People leave. And leave you sad. But you always have some good food by your side. So enjoy your dinner with us!

Funny Invitation for Dinner Party

– You can be out of good clothes but never out of enough good food. So this time, the dinner is on us!

– Do join us for dinner this time, and do not come up with your lame excuses! It’s a plan!

– We should all be together having fun on a night full of joy and love. So join us for a dinner party!

– All of you are requested to send money for a fantastic dinner party because no funds mean no fun!

– You are requested to come to my place for a great dinner and an even more incredible dessert! Have fun!

– Hoping that I get to see your ugly face this time. It’s a dinner party, and I hope to see you soon!

– I am sure that you will enjoy it to the fullest! It is going to be a crazy night, for sure.

– Your day must be very dull and tiring, but I am here to cheer you up. See you at dinner tonight!

– I will be waiting for you at the dinner party. So do not miss this time. It is going to be a lot of fun!

– Dinner parties can be hectic, but this one will be enjoyable! Do not miss it!

– Be ready in your pajamas. We are going out for a super informal dinner party!

– There is no end to having fun when you have the right company. And I have got the best one!

– It is going to be an enjoyable and crazy night today! I am ready to go mad and have the best dinner!

– Whenever I see food, I feel hungry. I can have innumerable meals at any time of the day. Let’s have dinner first!

– You might be sad, but I can make you the happiest with tasty food and sweet desserts! So have some fun and enjoy your life!

Finger Food Party Invitation Wording Ideas

  • You are invited to a finger food party on (date) at (venue). Take your favorite finger food and enjoy the party with us. Come, join the party and have fun 
  • You surely gonna love these finger foods at our finger food party on (date) at (venue). Join us for finger foods, best food items, wines, and most of all fun 
  • A Finger food party is on the way. Don’t be late to get finger foods. The Finger food party is on (date) at (venue). Join us to enjoy your weekend along with foods, wines, and refreshments 
  • Finger foods never disappoint you. This party is especially for you. Join the party on (date) at (venue) to celebrate my 5th anniversary together and have some fun and refreshment 
  • Get your favorite finger food items at my finger food party on (date) at (venue). I love to see you here to enjoy my party with us. Join the party and have fun 
  • I have organized a get-together program along with a finger food party on (date) at (venue). Join us to recall our sweet old days with your favorite finger food 
  • The Summer party is happening here! The main party might be late but at first, enjoy your time with finger food items. Join us to enjoy your time and have your favorite finger food item
  • A Finger food party is happening here! Take your favorite finger food item and enjoy your time with us. Join the party for food, wine, and most of all fun 
  • I would love to see you here at my finger food party on (date) at (venue). Join us for drinks and lite bites
  • It’s party time. Get ready for a finger food party on (date) at (venue). Join us for your favorite finger food item and drinks
  • Let’s celebrate this new year with drinks and lite bites as I have organized a finger food party on this new year at (venue). Join us to have your favorite finger food and fun 
  • Join us in the biggest, the craziest, the loudest, and the funniest finger food party on (date) at (venue). I have hosted this party to celebrate my 30th birthday

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