62+ Best Business Party Invitation Wording Ideas for Special Occasions

Organizing a business part is always relevant as long as the company has something to celebrate, whether it is news of extending the company’s branch or cracking a few successful deals.

Many major and influential figures from the industry come together under one roof to spend a leisure-filled evening of intellectual conversations.

As the business party is somewhat different from a personal party, some necessary precautions shall always be in the back of a mind while planning any kind of business event.

While inviting the guests comes later in the process, we can’t ignore the fact that it is quite pivotal that the wordings on the invitation are written carefully.

Business Party Invitation wording Ideas

-To celebrate the progress of our company, (company name) is planning an event at the end of this month. Your presence is requested at the party.

-(Company name) cordially invites you and a guest to the upcoming celebration of our company’s success party. Do come and celebrate with us.

-We ask you to be present at the ceremony of our new business venture. You and your guest’s presence at the event will be very much appreciated.

-We at the (company name) request the presence of all our friends and colleagues at the company’s annual corpo4rate event. We will be more than pleased to see you all.

-(name) & (name) cordially invites you and the family to our company’s biggest corporate event. We are hoping to see you there celebrating alongside us.

-(Company name)’s annual celebration is occurring on (date). We request the honor of you and your spouse’s presence at (location).

-We invite you plus a guest to join us in the celebration of our company’s performance. Please honor the event with your presence on (date) at (location).

-You and your guest are cordially invited to the upcoming business event hosted by our very own (company name) on (date). Please be there at (location) for an enjoyable evening.

-As you know the celebration of our company’s success is only completed when it is shared with the ones who have made it possible. So the celebratory event requires your presence.

-Please join us for our company’s annual business event happening on (date) at the wonderful (location) from (time).  We are hoping to see you there.

-(Company name) party are more than just a corporate event and you of all should know that. So do join us at (date and location) and enjoy whole-heartedly.

-You are cordially invited to attend the after-hour party of one of our company’s major deal signings. Bring your spouse or a special guest as well.

-You have been more than an inspiration for our company so please grace us with your presence at our annual business event happening on (date) at (location).

-Due to the success of our brand new deal, (company name) has decided to throw the grandest business party. Please celebrate with us on (date) at (location).

-We are delighted to invite you to our annual business gathering event happening on (date) at (location). Make sure to bring a guest as the party will be unforgettable.

 -You and your family are invited to the annual social gathering hosted by (company name) every year. Do come and enjoy this time with your friends and family.

-We joyfully invite you to spend the evening of (date) with us on our most extravagant business event at (location). We are hopeful to see you at the party.

-As we celebrate the success of our company, we want you and your family to be present at the celebratory party on the (date) at (location).

– (Company name) humbly request you and a guest to attend the (business event name & location) on (date). Your presence at the party would certainly mean a lot to us.

-We at the (company name) would be absolutely delighted to have you as a guest in the upcoming (event name). Please be there on (date) at (location).

-(Company name) invites you and a guest to our annual gathering business event on (date) at (location).  It would be an honor if you can come to our party.

-They say all work no play makes an enthusiastic human dull. So do join us as we are throwing an annual soiree to celebrate the works of our company.

-Due to the recent success, (company name) has decided to celebrate the hard-works of our generous employees by organizing an (event name). Your presence would be greatly admired.

-It’s that time when (company name) hosts the grandest business event in the town. So make sure you are present at the event with a guest on (date &location).

-Sometimes all we need to do is have some fun once in a while. If you are a believer in fun, then do come to the party hosted by none other than (company name) on (date).

-The weather outside may be a bit humid but a party organized by our very own (company name) surely sounds relaxing. We are hopeful to see you at the event.

-Colleagues, friends, food, and fun. We are going to celebrate the reasons why our company is doing so well. You are cordially invited to attend the event on (date &location).

-We have worked very hard over the last 11 months and it is time to play harder at the upcoming (event name). We’d be glad to see you enjoying the event alongside us.

-They say most of the business parties are not fun but we at the (company name) tend to believe otherwise. See it for yourself along with a guest on (date) at (location).

-We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you as a guest at the company’s annual social gathering event. Please join us with a guest for some merriment.

-There is something about wondrous nights and city lights and hence (company name) is organizing its yearly business event downtown on (date & time), for which you are cordially invited to.

-(company name) is throwing its yearly annual gathering on (date) at (location). You and a guest are welcome to join us and enjoy the evening.

-We hold you so much dear that we cannot even think about celebrating without your cheer. We ask you to join us once again at our (event name) on (date & location).

-(Company name) request the pleasure of your company at our (business event name). We assure you that there will be more than just wine and intellectual conversations.

-You and your family are incited to the special event organized by none other than (company name). Your presence would be an honor for the company.

-Friends and colleagues, we are more than glad to invite you to an evening of merriment. Please bring your family to enjoy the party wholeheartedly.

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-There will be dancing, singing and most of all some delicious wine tasting. I hope these reasons are compelling enough to welcome you at our (event name) on (date& location).

-Some people have given a bad reputation to corporate events and we are on a mission to change that. We ask your presence at the event to be the judge of that.

-[name of company] cordially invite you and a guest for a night on the terrace savoring the delights of different cuisines and wine tasting.

Business Party Invitation Card Canva Templates

Business Party Invitation Card Canva Templates

What to write in a Business Party Invitation?

  • Make the employees feel that their presence is important 
  • Tell them that they are an important part of the company 
  • Mention how their contributions have been an invaluable gift to the company
  • Let them know that without their presence the party would be incomplete

How to respond to a Business Party Invitation?

  • Let them know that you are proud to be a part of the company
  • Congratulate on the success
  • Write a thank-you note for being invited
  • Mention that you would be more than happy to attend the party
business party invitation wording ideas

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