A Speech for Annual Day

A Very Good Morning to Hon’ble Principal Ma’am, Hon’ble Teachers, Hon’ble Parents and My Dear Friends!

Today is a very special day for us and our school as we have completed more year together. This year is closing its end and we are all looking forward to a new one. If you ask me my experience, yes, it was undoubtedly a roller coaster ride and full of fun and excitement. I am honored to be a part of this journey and at the same time I am pretty sad as this time will never come back in our lives. 

We all have gathered here on this Annual Day to motivate and inspire the young minds to showcase their talents. This is a highly important occasion for everyone as this celebration highlights our school’s continuous success in the area of education. And, this platform is also an opportunity to welcome our Chief Guest of today’s evening.

I heartily welcome our chief guest Mr. XYZ. He is a well known public figure who has worked for the society. He has been highly respected for his selfless services for the society. He runs a Non Government Organization which provides free medicines and equipments for the needy people. It’s really an honor to have him today as our chief guest.

Last but not the least I express my gratitude to all the parents who have joined us today.

We do cherish your partnership and love towards our institution which is our second home.

Topics are very important for children as they read about such things to gain knowledge. This helps them to build their mind and memory. There are activities related to co-read subject which children enjoy. All children have some inborn talents, some are in science, some are in history, or some may be good at playing, dancing or singing. 

Today is the day when we celebrate these beautiful talents. It’s time to honor these children with awards and medals, who have been working so hard throughout the year to achieve success in their academics as well as the extracurricular activities. It is the time to make them feel the true taste of success.

 It provides us with immense pleasure to share the great talents of our students. We are already proud of what they achieved and now we are blessed with the pride of sharing the same with you. Competitions are platforms that we provide to children where they can test their education and talents. 

On this day students and teachers of our school have put together an extraordinary show for all of us to enjoy. We are going to enjoy music drama, mime show, performance of folk dance, poetry lessons, classical singing along with English songs, magic show purely by children and many other activities like performing various activities. 

In end I would like to welcome our respected teachers, staffs and all the students who are part of this reputed institute. I request all of you to co-operate in making this day a grand success. 

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