4+ Speech on Teachers That Shake Education! (Speech)

This collection of speeches delves into various aspects of the pivotal role that teachers play in shaping individuals and society.

From celebrating Teachers Day and highlighting the significance of educators in our lives to exploring the intriguing idea of subjecting teachers to testing akin to students, and even questioning the impact of student test scores on teacher incentives, these speeches offer a comprehensive perspective on the dynamic relationship between teachers and education.

Each speech unveils a unique facet of this important discourse, shedding light on the evolving landscape of teaching and learning.

A Speech on Teachers Day Celebration

At first, I want to say Good morning to all the teachers, my friends, and all the dignitaries present here. The light of the world, the hope and light in the dark, the power that gives us the strength to face any hardship is our teacher.

Therefore we celebrate this day as Teacher’s Day to show our love and respect for our teachers. On this day we also want to say to them that we are very grateful to them for all those things and the lessons they have given us. They are working each and every day to make sure to help us to become successful in the future.

On this beautiful and very special day, let us take the opportunity to convey our wishes and love to all our teachers, who have given impeccable contributions in shaping us and our future. It is a very special day filled with lots of joy and happiness as students are eagerly looking forward to expressing their feeling to their teachers about how and why they are special to them.

It is my honor to be able to talk about our teachers on this beautiful occasion. Students across the country celebrate this day to pay respect and thank their teachers. Our teachers are the backbone of our society as well as our country. They try their very best to shape and build students’ personalities and make them responsible and respectable citizens of the country.

As we all are well about this fact that it is impossible to define the person and word ‘teacher’ as Teachers are not only limited to giving knowledge or guiding students in studies but also helping students to take the right path in the long journey of life. Our teachers add value and growth to our character and make us ideal citizens of the country. 

 A teacher always looks at the great impact on the growth, development, and wellness of the students and country. We all must agree that teaching is a noble profession from each and every point of view.

We all believe in this saying that teachers are greater than the parents to the children. Parents give birth to a child, but the teachers build that child’s personality and knowledge and try to provide a better future. Apart from the studies, teachers stand by our side in our every step to guide, motivate and inspire us to become a better citizens in the future. They give us the most valuable gift of knowledge and wisdom.

From our teachers, we get the belief and thoughts, that one day we will be able to return something back into this society. I would like to extend my heartfelt love and gratitude to each and every teacher in our society for their selfless service and unconditional support for all students. We are always grateful to have our teachers in our lives.

I really thank you once again for your time and patience in my speech.

Speech on “Importance of Teachers in Our Lives”

Hello and very good morning to each and everyone present here. Today I feel very honored to be able to give my speech on a special day.

Teachers play an essential role in building a good future for their students. They also teach us about ethical values and the moral values which we have to follow to become a good person. For these reasons, we can say that our teachers guide us to shape our personalities by transforming them into very strong and wonderful things.

A world without teachers cannot be a benevolent one. There are only a few people in our lives who unconditionally help us in building a good world for us, and teachers are definitely one of them.

Importance of teacher:

They play the role of philosopher and guide for the students. In some cases, they also become our friends and help us to deal with the personal problems of our lives.

Moreover, they watch and study all their students very carefully and can see the potential of their students when no one else can. Teachers also decide the future of a country as the youth of the country is in their hands. If the youth is well educated and well informed, the future of the country will be in good and safe hands.

Similarly, the future and upbringing of the students are in the hands of their teachers from their childhood days. They show the right path to the students to achieve greater heights and become successful in everything.

In that way, they turn out to be doctors, lawyers, pilots, scientists, and much more famous and respectable citizens, only with the help of a teacher.

Role of a teacher:

But you don’t think that it is a very easy thing to be a good teacher, the role of a teacher is very challenging and also very important. It is the main duty of a teacher to provide the correct knowledge in the right manner. They have to teach methodically and make it very easy to understand, for which they have to prepare their lessons beforehand.

Through this hard work, they can able to motivate their students properly by using accurate techniques.

A teacher gives tasks to their students and also checks them regularly for better practice of that particular subject. Besides, they plan and create easy methods to help their students to study the tough subjects very easily. At the beginning of the year, they plan the whole syllabus out for an easy and detailed lesson for their students.

A teacher is also a good organizer. They have to organize various extra-curricular activities that take place in school throughout the year. They have to take care of the other little but important things of the institution. They are responsible for maintaining the discipline and regulation of the institution.

Therefore we always have to respect our teachers in every situation of our life.

Thank you.

A Speech on “Teachers Should Be Tested Like Students”

How should teachers be examined for their quality? This is a very important question being pondered by our education systems around the whole world as governments seek to lift their country’s performance on the tables of the international league.

While the objective is teachers of high quality – is the same, the procedures encircling how to attain this objective differ widely from system to system.

In the United States, many surveys have asked teachers to weigh in on the issue of how teachers should be assessed, and for the most of part, they all shared the same answer that it is a difficult process of evolution.

They believe a process that is well designed can help them to make an improvement at their duties and it will ultimately benefit the students. Nonetheless, teachers think that any process of evolution should be reasonable, always applied, and take into account the sensibilities of their profession.

A research by Eva Baker and Paul Barton from the Economic Policy Institute said that as is the case in every profession that needs complicated practice and judgments, “precision and perfection in the evaluation of teachers will never be possible.”

“Evaluators may find it useful to take student test score information into account in their evaluations of teachers, provided such information is embedded in a more comprehensive approach,” the researchers Eva Baker and Paul Barton said.

 Both of the research Eva Baker and Paul Barton added that “What is now necessary is a comprehensive system that gives teachers the guidance and feedback, supportive leadership, and working conditions to improve their performance.”

This, they said that the authorizes schools to remove teachers who are continues inefficient without altering the entire instructional policy by imposing “a flawed system” of standardized quantification for the quality of a teacher.

Melissa Barnes, a professor in the Faculty of Education at Monash University, and Russell Cross, an associate lecturer at the University of Melbourne, in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, just checked into this topic in the context of Australia.

They question the pertinence and convincingness of the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Prime Teacher of Education (LANTITE) – a government that took the initiative to improve the quality of teachers in Australian schools.

LANTITE instructs teacher education students to achieve a specific level of literacy and numeracy before they graduate from any institution.

“Those who are advocating for LANTITE claim it provides an effective way to select and attract high-quality candidates to teacher education and into the profession. However, the relevance of the LANTITE needs to be further interrogated,” Melissa Brands and Russell Cross said. 

Both of them the Melissa brands and Russell Cross said that “This is especially true when the cost of this exam is placed primarily on the shoulders of those we’re attempting to recruit into teaching without any clear cost-benefit in return.”

According to distinguished education expert, Linda Darling-Hammond, Finland has honed in on this worthwhile advantage by furnishing its teachers with what they need most to give students an excellence education – faith and flexibility.

Incentive Dilemma: Should Student Test Scores Impact Teacher Bonuses?

A teacher’s performance pay is the kind of payment that is given to the teachers depending on the performances of students on standardized tests. This doesn’t have anything to do with the usual salaries that were paid to the teachers based on their educational qualification level and teaching experience.

Teachers are also meant to work hard to get their student to score well, pass out of school with good results, and get into a good profession for a better future. They are not allowed to compare students and support only a certain few who are good at learning. They must bring up all their students to reach a good score with equal treatment; weaker ones are supposed to be given more attention.

For this work, they should be appreciated or rewarded with some kind of award but not by giving any kind of bonus. Below are a few reasons why this could be bad for the teacher and also how it might affect our children;  

Less motivated to teach, and more on the money they might gain. By giving off such a bonus is another form of bribery, so the teacher would not have their full interest and attention over all the children, and will also be less motivated to teach actual lessons too. Professions such as teaching are mainly chosen by people who are often passionate about kids and their love for teaching. So, people who come in just for these bonuses are never having any intention to teach properly. 

Higher competition and discrimination among teachers. Each teacher has their teaching methods. If such a bonus comes in between, the chances of collaborating and working for the betterment of children would be less, and competition between each other would increase. This would for a certain kind of status, among teachers and will be discriminating against the ones who are new or never able to get a bonus badly.

Most of the teachers would be ignored for their dedication. Many teachers with higher experiences and teaching capabilities do their work perfectly and with utmost love and care, but when they don’t receive this bonus, they are never appreciated even for the dedicated work they did for their students. 

Raises more pressure on teachers which makes them aggressive or uncontrollable. All out of greed to win, they might not see how the kids are struggling. They might get more offensive and harsh upon students. Because of the pressure from the school authorities, good teachers might have to turn away from their usual teaching strategies. Overaggressive teachers might also fail to see the health conditions of a student when put through a hard way of learning.

Just like giving children who score well on tests, cash prizes could affect their minds with negative thoughts towards learning, providing a bonus for teachers who made it possible for a student to score well could be a bad influence on them. This could even affect students’ lives.

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