50th Birthday Invitation Wordings: 301+ Messages To Share

The 50th birthday celebration is a very special moment as we celebrate our halfway crossed journey towards turning 100 and as we enjoy our 50th year since we came into this world.

Old friends and new ones all join hands, and since by this time we have a family of our own, we all together come to celebrate this auspicious event and hence celebrate with all our heart’s joy. We acquire the same feeling as our childhood birthday celebration.

Hence for celebrating this memorable occasion, here are some 50th Birthday invitation wordings you can use.

What to write on a 50th birthday party invitation?

  • Mention how good you feel about celebrating your day together
  • Please mention that you would be glad to be their host 
  • Let them know the theme of the party 
  • Make them feel that you really want their presence at the party 

50th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

50th Birthday Invitation Wordings

Birthdays are meant for celebrations, especially someone’s 50th Birthday. That person is halfway through, on the verge of completing a century, and after having lived for five long decades, this auspicious day calls for a celebration.

To invite your close friends and relatives to the 50th Birthday of someone special, you need the aid of catchy birthday invitation wording.

These informal wordings mainly share celebration details and can instantly grab the guests’ attention when designed creatively. Some of the 50th birthday party invitation wording is as follows:

  • Visit us as we invite you to the 50th birthday of (name) and make this day memorable for both him/her and you.
  • As we know, the saying, old is gold; hence let’s celebrate the 50th birthday celebration of (name), and we require your presence.
  • Let’s enjoy this auspicious occasion of our friend (name) completing his half-century, i.e., 50th birthday; we expect your presence.
50th Birthday Invite Wording
  • Don’t let this day go in vain, and hence celebrate with us the 50th birthday of (name) with all our hearts and joy
  • Let’s memorize the 50 years our friend (name) has completed by taking a day off for him/her and celebrating to make his/her day special
  • We cant teach old men new tricks; hence let’s bring back that lovely nostalgia by giving our friend (name) a birthday party for completing 50 years.
  • Let’s not forget the day when our friend (name) completes his half towards 100 years; hence, let’s celebrate and make this day memorable.
  • We request you to give us your valuable time as we invite you to the auspicious occasion of the 50th birthday of (name)

50th birthday invitation wording samples

50th Birthday Invitation Wordings

When organizing a birthday party, it is usual to invite guests and family to celebrate together. The to-do list is usually quite long, but the most crucial part is inviting the guests.

A great way to make the invitations even more creative and innovative is using Canva templates. Canva templates provide a variety of styles and designs to choose from.

You can customize those templates as you wish and make a fitting birthday invitation card for your beloved guests.

Not only will it look fantastic, but it will also capture the guest’s attention in a far better way. Some of the birthday party Canva templates are given below:

  • Please be a part of this great occasion of the 50th birthday of our friend, and we will ensure your efforts toward our happiness won’t go in vain.
  • A birthday comes once a year, and it’s the 50th time for our friend (name); hence let’s come together and celebrate this auspicious event.
  • Never can you find a day so memorable as each passing year, it becomes more unique, as is our friend(name)’s 50th birthday, and we invite you to be a part of it
  • Let’s bring back the child in us again and hence celebrate the birthday of our evergreen old man (name) and wish him a prosperous future.
  • Never can u find joy than giving joy to someone; hence let’s make our friend (name) happy as we celebrate his/her 50th birthday
  • We invite you to be a part of this memorable event of our friend(name)’s 50 Th birthday, and we will be happiest if you join us
  • Birthday celebrations are always special no matter what age we turn into, so it is today as our friend (name) turns 50 today. So let’s wish him lots of love and prosperity.   
  • Let’s take a day off and make all the worries disappear as we celebrate the 50th birthday of (name) to make our day.
  • The fun we will have, u cant imagine, as we are celebrating 50 years of (name) being on the earth with all of us
  • Let’s give our friend (name) a lot and lots of prosperous days ahead of him as we celebrate his birthday of him/her as he /she turns 50 today
  • This day cant be forgotten as it holds a special place in our friend(name)’s life as today he is reaching halfway to a hundred; hence let’s make it special for him
  • Never can u think of such a day we all enjoy as much as we do on birthdays, hence let’s repeat the fun even more as we celebrate the 50th birthday of (name)
  • Enjoy with us at the grand celebration of our friend(name)’s 50th birthday and hence let’s make his and our day special and we require your presence as well
  • This event’s completion will be incomplete without your presence; hence we invite you to the auspicious occasion of  the 50th birthday of our friend (name)
  • Celebrate the birthday of (name) as he/she turns 50 today and hence wish him/her a happier life ahead

50th birthday invitation wording ideas

50th Birthday Invitation Wordings
  • On this grand day our company( name) was born, so let’s memorize this day as we need your presence on his/her 50thy birthday
  • Let’s celebrate our friend ( name)’s 50 years of life by organizing a dinner and inviting you as well to the 50th birthday party of (name)
  • Let’s make this day a day like none, and we need your presence for that; hence visit us on the 5oth birthday of (name)
  • Let’s join our hands and say cheers for the 50th birthday of our company (name) and party hard and with more and more happiness for him/her
  • Let’s give our little bit of time one day and celebrate the 50th birthday of (name), as we invite you to the party and enjoy with us
  • None can forget this auspicious day since it is the grand birthday of our friend (name) turning 50, let’s celebrate with all our hearts joy
  • Today is the day it all started, and our joy will not end. Hence we are celebrating the 50th birthday of our friend(name), and you are invited
  • What a proud moment for all of us for the journey our friend has made so far; hence we invite you to our (name)’s 50th  birthday celebration on behalf of our whole family
  • Let’s recall the day we took the first step on earth, and enjoy the 50th birthday of (name); on behalf of our family (family name)

happy 50th birthday invitation wording

50th Birthday Invitation Wordings
  • Come be a part as we all are a part of this auspicious occasion as our friend(name)’ grows up to be 50 years, be present at the party and enjoy as much as u wish
  • This joy cant be found in anything else, like the joy of celebrating of birthday, let’s come together to celebrate the birthday party for our friend (name), we request you to lend your presence

Finding the right slogan for your 50th birthday is hard but seemingly necessary. Do check out the Superb 50th Birthday Slogans.

  • Be our guest for celebrating the 50th birthday of our friend (name) on behalf of our family and hence look forward to his even more evergreen future
  • We hereby invite you to be a part of our birthday party, on behalf of our beloved friend(name)’s 50thy birthday lets assure the upcoming days shall be prosperous to him/her
  • Let’s celebrate the grand celebration as we all come together to celebrate the 50th birthday of our friend (name). Hence we invite all of u to be a part of the party
  • Let’s celebrate this wonderful day as we invite you to the business dinner on behalf of our friend (name) turning 50 ans wish him/her a happy birthday
  • We would be glad to have you at our party and hence to celebrate this occasion we invite you to the 50th birthday of (name)
  • On this day let’s wish our friend many happy returns the day and hence on the behalf of our friend (name)’s 50th birthdays dinner, and we invite you
  • Let’s celebrate our 49-year-old friend turning 50 today, so to celebrate this grand day, we invite you to a birthday party of (name)

50th birthday invitation wording

50th Birthday Invitation Wordings

Living for 50 years is a remarkable feat in itself, and being able to celebrate the 50th Birthday with your loved ones is one of the best feelings ever. It is pretty natural to have your own family at 50, and celebrating with them, maybe with your children and grandchildren, gives a different sense of pleasure altogether.

When inviting someone over to the 50th birthday party of your dad, mom, or anyone else, it is essential and advised to use catchy and persuasive birthday invitation wordings.

Some of the 50th birthday invitation wording is as follows:

-You are cordially invited to the grand birthday bash of our beloved, Mr. (Name), as he steps into his 50’s. The five decades have been full of ups and downs for him, and we would love to make his special day memorable for him. So join us on the (date), at (venue and time), as we celebrate his 50th Birthday.

-Join us as we celebrate the birthday bash of my aunty, (Mrs. ), On the (date), at (venue). We all know how much she appreciates being together with family members and relatives, and this occasion will portray a smile on her face.

-The big day is here, and we can’t wait to celebrate it with you all. My Father, (name), is stepping into his fifties, and I can’t wait to make it the most memorable day of his life. So I welcome you to join us on the (date), at (venue and time), as we are organizing a birthday party in honor of his half-century. 

-My dad, (name), is officially turning 50, and I am so excited to celebrate this feat. Having been a great dad for almost 21 years now and doing everything in his power to make me and our family happy, he deserves a showcase of love and appreciation from our side. So join us to celebrate his 50th Birthday, on (date), at(venue and time).

-Our beloved, (name), is turning 50 years younger this weekend, so we have arranged a fantastic birthday party to celebrate with her. The party takes place on (date), at (time and venue). You are cordially invited to be a part of the fun and madness as we see her officially step into the other half of the century.

-Let’s celebrate! As you may already know how big my 50th birthday celebration was, and it is now time for my wife to enjoy it that way. My wife, (name), turns 50 on the (date), and to celebrate that, we are arranging a huge birthday party by the poolside on that very day. So be sure to be present with your family at (time), and be a part of our celebration.

-“Old is gold,” and my Father has always been that gold of a man to us. To celebrate his 50th Birthday and all he has ever done for us, we are organizing an epic birthday party on the (date), at (venue and time). Your presence is something we are looking up to.

-It will be a fantastic evening as we celebrate the 50th birthday bash of our adored and precious uncle, Mr. (Name), on (date), at (time). He has been a very charming and popular individual among us, and we can’t wait to celebrate his special day with you all.

-On this occasion of (name) turning 50, we would like to celebrate this as a big occasion, and for this, we would like to invite you on (date) at(time) at our place; please glorify us with our presence.

-As you all know, (name) will turn 50 next week, so we have decided to make a grand celebration in honor of them; so we, along with (name), would be delighted if you kindly bless us with your presence thereby. 

-Turning 50 is much of an achievement, and (name), being such a close friend of ours, cannot go by without making any celebration. How is that even possible? So let’s celebrate this with the closest ones and ensure that (name) is happy and filled with joy. We have chosen the (venue) for (date).

-We all have been friends since our teenage days, and now when one amongst us turns 50, how can we let go of such a big thing? It should be celebrated at all costs. We want to make the day memorable for (name), so to make them feel special, do not forget to come to (venue) on (date), as you mean a lot to them.

-I had never come across a single soul who did not love them when they met, and it is a big deal for them to turn 50 this week, so we thought of throwing him a house party according to the things they love. So do not forget to catch us up at (venue on (date).

50th birthday invitation message

50th Birthday Invitation Wordings

There’s absolutely nothing like birthdays. We look forward to celebrating it with our friends and family as children.

As time goes by, our knack for celebrating slowly diminishes, but when we have our own family by age 50, they ensure that we celebrate wholeheartedly, just as we used to back in the day. An informal and helpful way of letting the guests know about the celebration details is by using invitation wording.

A good invitation message can easily cater to your guests rather than a mere invitation over a call. Some 50th birthday invitation messages are as follows:

-The years flow by, and you never know when you are amidst your 5th decade in this world. My mom, (name), is officially turning 50 years old on the (date), and we want to celebrate this day to the fullest. Therefore, you, and your family, are cordially invited to be our guests at this party, to be held at (venue), on the same date. 

-The years felt like months as to how quickly they flew by. So please help us to celebrate (name’s) 50th Birthday on the (date), and make a memorable evening for her. You are graciously invited to be a part of the celebration, held at (venue), from (time) onwards. 

-(name) is turning 50 years old! Please be our guest in celebrating his 50th birthday bash on the (date), at (venue). The party begins at (time), and there will be food and drinks, with a specially curated cocktail bar. You are invited with your spouse on a particular day to make the celebrations even more lively.

-(name) turns half a century old on the (date), and we can’t wait to celebrate this feat with you all. So you are gleefully invited to be our guest, on the same date, at (venue and time). 

Appetizers at (time).

Cake cutting at (time). 

Dinner at (time)


-Surprise! Surprise! Our beloved, (name), is turning 50 on (day), (date), and we can’t wait to make this a memorable eve for him. You are cordially invited to celebrate with us at (venue and time) and be a part of the enjoyment. Looking forward to your presence amongst us.

-Please join us in wishing my mother, (name), a pleasing birthday as she turns the big 5-0 on (day), (date). You are requested to be a part of her birthday bash at (venue and time) and make it a memorable evening for all of us.  Regrets only to (name), (ph no.).

-Nachos dippin’ and cocktail sippin’ as we celebrate the 50th Birthday of my beloved, (name), on the (date), at (venue and time). There will be a lot of arrangements for the guests, and you’ll be delighted to be a part of this celebration. 

-It will be a heck of an evening as we celebrate the 50th birthday bash of our sweetheart, (name). We are so excited to organize and execute this party, but it won’t be possible without your presence. So you are cordially invited on (day), (date), at (venue) to be a part of our celebration and enjoy everything that we have to offer.

50th birthday invitation wording for him

When it’s the 50th Birthday of someone special like your Father or grandfather, you would want to make it as unique as you can for him. Having lived for five decades and still going on fearlessly, it takes guts, and to celebrate this half-a-century feat, you can invite over guests and close family members to enjoy the day together.

There are various creative birthday invitation wordings for you to choose from, and design an invitation letter of our own. Some of the 50th birthday invitation wording for him are:

-The big day is finally here, and I can’t wait to celebrate the 50th Birthday of my dad, (name). He has been my role model, the ideal person ever, and I’m so excited to give him this day. Your presence will only uplift his happiness, and that’s why you are cordially invited to celebrate with him and us on the (date), (day), from (time) onwards. 

Address: (address)

-(name’s) 50th birthday bash is being organized grandly, and we want you to be a part of this celebration. Join us on the (date), from (time) onwards, as we spend the evening together, with loads of fun and drinks and a gala dinner party. 

-(name’s) 50th Birthday is here, and we are as excited as he is. He has been a significant person in our lives, and it’s time we give something back to him. Join us on the (date), at (venue), to celebrate his special day with everyone. There will be an incredible arrangement of food and drinks for all. Looking forward to spending the evening with you.

-Let’s all celebrate and cheer, (name’s) 50th Birthday is here. Our beloved man turns 50 years younger on (date), (day), and we are organizing one heck of a party for him, keeping in mind the party animal he is. You, and your family, are graciously invited to join us and be a part of our celebrations.

Address: (address)

-At last, (name) is over the hill, and it’s time for us to celebrate and chill. His 50th Birthday is knocking at the door, and it’s time to party some more. You are gleefully invited to join us as we celebrate (name’s) 50th Birthday on (date), (day), at (venue). Your presence will lighten up his special day even more.

-Let us all join together and celebrate a wonderful man. A fantastic surprise party is a secret plan! Join us on the (date), at (time), at the given address to have a wonderful time with (name) and all of us. There will be drinks, food, and lots more to be excited about.

-A surprise birthday party is being organized for (name) as he steps into his big 5-0. Let us tell him lies; spilling the secret will not be wise! Join us on the (date) at (venue) to celebrate the fantastic birthday bash of (name).  Address: (address) Phone: (ph number)

-(name’s) 50th Birthday will be a bang, don’t forget to come over with your gang! It’s a surprise birthday party invitation for you all, on the (date), (day), at (venue). Make sure to be present and fire up the atmosphere of the party. Also, shh! It’s a secret.

-Can you believe this? Our beloved (name) is officially turning 50 years younger this summer, and we have to celebrate it with a bang. You are gleefully invited on the (date), (day), at (venue) to celebrate with us and help him celebrate his 50 official years in style.

-The big 5-0 club may not be as fun as our local street-side club, but it’s still amazing. Our homie, (name), is becoming a full-time member of that big 5-0 club, and we are planning to surprise him with one heck of a party. You are invited to be present on the (date), at (venue and time), and participate in the fun.  Address: (address) Contact number: (number)

-Now that I have your attention, please join us in celebrating the 50th Birthday of our good friend, (name). He is already becoming an old fart, and it’s high time we make him drink more booze. You are invited to be a valuable addition to this party on the (date), (day), at (venue and time). There will be free drinks and appetizers for all the guests.

-what prolific 50 years! What an incredible five decades! Our man, (name), needs to be congratulated and made to feel special on his big day. You are all graciously invited on the (date), (day), at (venue and time) to be a part of his birthday bash. Also, make sure he doesn’t know about all this. 

-certain things age better, like fine wine and our man, (name). Join us in celebrating his fabulous 50th Birthday on the (date) at (venue). There will be complimentary appetizers and drinks for all. Looking forward to partying with you on the (date). Address of the venue: (address) Contact number: (number)

50th Birthday Invite Wording for Her

Even the female counterparts of your Father and grandfather deserve a grand celebration on their 50th Birthday.

It’s an achievement in itself to have accomplished 50 years, which surely calls for a huge celebration. You can invite close family members and other guests to cherish the auspicious day with you all and bring a smile to her face.

Using creative birthday invitation wordings helps you creatively and attractively share essential celebration details. Some of the 50th birthday invite wording for her are given below:

-A birthday like no other. The party that’s the best! Our sweetheart, (name), is officially entering her 50s, and we are planning to make it big. I mean, insanely big for her to remember forever. So join us to make this party a success, on the (date), at (venue and time). Your presence is something we are counting on.


(Contact number)

-the Birthday that’s the best so far. May lady luck always be with her! My mom, (name), is turning 50 this (day), and I’m arranging for a grand party in honor of her special day. You are cordially invited, with your family, to join us on the (date), at (venue), to be a part of the epic celebration. 

Address of the venue- (address)

RSVP to (number) by (date)

-Here’s to the 50th Birthday of my elder sister, (name), and we have arranged for this extravagant birthday bash, on the (date), at (venue). There will be unlimited drinks and snacks, followed by the cake-cutting ceremony and grand dinner. You and your family are cordially invited to participate in our evening.

-The friends and family of (name) cordially invite you to celebrate her 50th Birthday. It honors her completing five decades of friendship and being an ideal woman. The venue is (venue), and the celebration starts from (time) on (date). Your presence will be highly appreciated.

-The queen of our family, my mom (name), is turning 50 this (day), (date), and to celebrate this spectacular feat, we are organizing a grand birthday party at (venue) on the very same day. You are invited to join us and help us make her special day even more special. The party starts at (time), followed by dinner.

-Surprise, folks! Our mum, (name), turns 50 this (day), (date), and instead of that, we are throwing a grand birthday bash. A birthday party, like no other, calls for an even better guest list, and we couldn’t help but have you on that list. Please join us on that same day, at (venue), to share our enjoyment.

-Dear loved ones, my aunt (name) has officially entered her 50s, and to make this special day even more special and unique for her, we are arranging an extravagant birthday party, and we want you to join us. Please be present on the (date), (day), at (venue and time), for the celebrations. Also, shh! It’s still a secret.

-On (date), (day), we celebrate the special day of my beloved mom, (name), as she completes five decades in this world, and this indeed calls for a celebration. It will be a perfect evening to call all the family members and friends and be united again. You are invited to join us, on the same date, at (venue and time), and contribute to the celebrations.

-The news, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind! (Name) is now an old fart officially, and we can’t wait to make her realize this. On the (date), she turns 50 years old, and we plan to make it memorable for her. Join us on the same date, at (venue and time), to make the evening amazing for her and everyone. 

Birthday Party Card Canva Templates

birthday invitation card canva templates

The extensive list of All Invitation Wording ideas covers over 501+ All Parties, Events, and related Businesses. also, We Crafted Catchy, Ready-made Invitation Card Canva Templates for you.

50th birthday party invitation wordings ideas

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FAQs For 50th Birthday Invitation Wording…

How formal should the invitation wording be for a 50th birthday?

The level of formality depends on the tone and style of the celebration you have in mind. If you’re planning a formal event, you may choose more traditional and sophisticated wording. You can opt for a more informal and light-hearted approach for a casual or relaxed gathering. Consider the overall atmosphere you want to create and let that guide your choice of wording.

How far in advance should I send out the invitations for a 50th birthday party?

It’s recommended to send out the invitations for a 50th birthday party about four to six weeks in advance. This will give your guests ample time to RSVP and make any necessary arrangements to attend the celebration.

Can I use a quote or a meaningful saying in the invitation wording?

Yes, incorporating a quote or a meaningful saying can add a touch of inspiration or reflection to the invitation. Choose a quote that resonates with the person turning 50 or reflects the party’s theme. It could be something humorous, wise, or sentimental. For example, “Age is just a number; it’s the attitude that counts!” or “Life begins at 50; let’s celebrate in style!” Including a quote can set the tone for the celebration and add a unique flair to the invitation.

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