18th birthday Invitation: 142+ Wording to Write

Birthdays are those days that remind you that you came on this planet on that special day. It is so special that most people celebrate the day with fun, excitement, and celebration. Some prefer celebrating the special day at home, enjoying the cozy and warmth, while others prefer celebrating differently with friends.

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18th birthday Invitation

However, if it is an invitation for the celebration at home, specifications like time, date, and venue must be included. Here are some examples.

I invite you to come and join me as I will celebrate my 18th birthday with all my special ones. Please join us in the celebrations and make the evening more special.

I am inviting you to be a part of my birthday ceremony evening as this year is very special for me since I will be 18th. Looking forward to having you.

My 18th birthday party is on 15th December from 5 pm onwards. I want to invite you to attend the celebration and make the evening memorable for me.

My little daughter is turning 18th this week. Here is a small celebration with all her near and dear ones. Please do come, and she will be the happiest.

We will be highly glad if you join us at the eighteenth birthday ceremony of my lovely child. She is all set to enter her adult phase and seeks your blessings and love.

I invite you to join us to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. She is turning eighteen this weekend. There is a small party at the beachside.

You are cordially invited to join us at the eighteenth birthday ceremony of my darling sister. The day will be incomplete without your presence. Come and enjoy yourself with us.  

18th birthday invitation wording ideas:

Birthdays are those times that we celebrate, and we all transform ourselves into different outlooks to cherish those special moments of our life. Everyone has a different perspective on enjoying the day.

Some like to stay back, enjoy the comfort of their homes, and celebrate with their family and close people, while others prefer to go out of their homes and celebrate. This birthday invitation wordings share the celebration details.

These wordings are interesting piece of information that needs to be creative. Here is a list of some wording examples.

Celebrating my life journey with you has been a constant thing. So here is a lovely invitation from me to you to come and celebrate the birthday evening with me.

I can’t wait to share my happiness and laughter with us as I will be officially an adult soon. An eighteenth birthday party is arranged at my house on 12th January, at 4 pm. You need to be present.

I would love to see your presence to celebrate my birthday and sing me the birthday anthem since, you know, turning eighteen was one of my biggest and craziest dreams.

Birthdays are very special, and so are my people. I want to see your smiling face as I cut the cake and sing my name while I blow out the candles. The evening will be so special. You are invited.

My little princess is all set to turn eighteen this Wednesday. You are warmly invited to my daughter’s birthday party. Please do join the celebration evening and make the evening memorable.

I am keeping a grand birthday party as my son is turning eighteen. I hope you will make it and looking forward to having you.

Dearest loved one, here is a warm invite for my eighteenth birthday. I want to invite you and your family to be with us at the birthday celebrations and make a graceful appearance.

18th birthday invitation message:

Turning 18 is associated with millions of emotions and celebrations. It transforms the individual from a teenager to an adult, and the person is legally eligible to make his own life decisions.

When we step into the 18th, we are expected to be more mature and sensible in making decisions and taking on many responsibilities. Turning eighteen means having more fun in life and enjoying the colors of the rainbow with our thoughts and winds.

So, this big day calls for a grand celebration. Here are some invitation messages to send to your people.

Celebrating life and adding one more year to it. Since I am growing older, I would like to invite you to celebrate the celebration and have fun with us.

It has been years since we celebrated my birthday together. I would love to celebrate my birthday with you. Let’s talk the whole night and discuss our childhood.

Officially becoming an adult the next week. So here is a lovely and warm invite for you to kindly grace us with your presence at the birthday party.

Without your blessings and presence, I can’t celebrate my special day. Please be with us as I will cut my eighteenth cake this weekend. You are invited.

You have been my pillar and strength from my happy days to my darkest days. I want to invite you to join me at my 18th birthday ceremony. The celebration will be incomplete without your presence.

As it is the most special day of my life, so you need to be present to bless me. There was an amazing party at my residence. I would like to have you with us.

We have planned to have a magnificent 18th birthday celebration on 19th February at the poolside of our residence. We invite you to be present with us on this beautiful evening of my life.

Funny 18th birthday invitation wording:

Turning 18 is like achieving a greater height in the age bar. Like the way, it is fun to grow up, but once we cross the age as the days pass, we realize how difficult it is to cope with all the fun and everyday duties.

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with all the close people in your life. The 18th birthday party is exciting, crazy, and full of drama.

However, adding some funny elements to the invitation wording makes it crazier. So here are a few examples.

If you want some chill time after a heavy work schedule, you must visit my 18th birthday party. Don’t forget to come. I would like to see you at my birthday party.

Please make your charming presence at my 18th birthday party. It will be magical and special to have you as our guest. You are cordially invited.

Since I am turning one year older, my old habits won’t go. Lots of goodies are waiting for my foodies. The venue and time will be notified soon to you.

It is time to make my 18th birthday party a thrilling one. Your blessings are a must on my special day. So do come and shower your happiness on me.

Your presence at my birthday is a must. You have to be by my side while I cut the cake and bring yourself to the dance floor to let your body shake. Looking forward to seeing you.

Please come and share my happiness on the auspicious occasion of my eighteenth birthday. Grace, your presence at my birthday as I would love to celebrate my life journey and its milestones. Do come.

Inviting you to my birthday party is what I have always dreamt of. Cheers to my 18th birthday party and please bring good gifts with you.

18th birthday party invitation message:

Birthday is best defined when we celebrate the day with those people who mean a lot in our life and who love and appreciate us.

Turning a year older than the previous year is a special event for us. The celebration of entering a new age, and especially the 18th, and becoming more mature must not be a small one. You always need to make the event special and spectacular.

Here are some creative birthday party invitation messages for your guests that will make your guests attain the party at every cost.

Birthday means celebrations in full swing. There is a warm invite from my side to you to come to the birthday evening of my daughter to rock and thrill the party.

Join in the birthday festivities on 16th March. Please come and bless me on this special day at my house rooftop. I can’t wait to have you by on that day by my side.

Having you as a special guest on my birthday evening would be a pleasure. Please be part of the party and make it a memorable one.

With God’s blessings, my son is turning 18th this month. Looking forward to seeing you in the evening. Don’t be late for the party.

If you want to be at a cute birthday party, come and be at my party since I’m bidding goodbye to my teens. I welcome you to have a delicious feast in the evening.

I am beyond the excitement as I will invite you to the most awaited birthday party of my life. I will be officially eighteen. Please come and be in our happiness.

It’s my birthday time, and I want you to be there to cheer. You will get everything that your heart desires. Your presence will turn the celebration party into carousing.

I want to spend my birthday evening with all my close people. Be at my birthday party and don’t be late, my dear.

The fun of the birthday party will be incomplete without your presence. You are most cordially invited to my brother’s 18th birthday evening.

Celebrating my 18th birthday on 29th November and I would like to invite you. Please grace the evening with your charming presence. Bring love and happiness to share.

I want to celebrate my special day with all my special people who mean the world to me. See you there at my birthday. Much love and happiness.

When my people are near, it’s time to cheer. It’s my birthday near, and I welcome you with all my love and care. Please do come if you want some goodies to share.

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