101+ Cute 1st Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas For Kids

1st Birthday is probably the most exciting and memorable milestone for a kid and his/her parents. All the while, the parents take every possible step to ensure that the day is made memorable for the kid.

Life has a long way to go, and the 1st birthday is just the beginning which needs to be grand, just like the life about to come. The day is reflective of the success of a parent, and this is why they make all loose ends meet to turn the day into a truly memorable one.

1st Birthday Invitation Wording

  • The first little steps are now turning into their first-ever year! Come and witness this memorable moment with our baby girl/boy.
  • The day is finally here. Our little princess has turned one and awaiting your presence on the date. 
  • Please be present on the date to celebrate the first birthday of our much-loved baby. 
  • It is just about time, and we are already planning to celebrate the 1st birthday of our kid. Come and make the occasion further special with your presence.     
  • You know it all, and she/he loves you a lot. Please bring yourself on her/his first birthday and make it happier for her/him.
  • As life keeps speeding through the alley, here is a big lane that we enter! Let us together celebrate our kid’s 1st birthday on the (date) at (place)
  • Hey, you know what? Here is another first that we want to celebrate with you. Be a part of your nephew’s 1st birthday on (date)
  • From the depth of our hearts, we invite you to be part of the celebration of our kid’s 1st birthday.
  • It is nothing less than miraculous to see our kid taking the baby steps and celebrating the 1st ever birthday of her/his life.
  • Our happiness lies in (baby name), and she/he turns one now! Be a part of the celebration. 
  • Let us double the fun and triple the joy on her/his 1st birthday. We await your arrival on the date.
  • Life has been in the fast lane ever since (baby name) came into our lives. She/he makes it worthy of living. Please come and attend her 1st birthday party ever on (date)
  • No matter what has happened before this in life, this moment of her /his 1st birthday surely tops the list. Come and be a part of the joy at (venue) on (date and time)
1st Birthday Invitation Wordings

first birthday invitation message for baby boy

  • Truly speaking, the first year speeded at blazing speed, and here we are celebrating her/his 1st ever birthday. We expect your presence on the date! 
  • Our life has only been happier since the day you came into our life. We are glad to celebrate the first birthday in a grand manner  
  • Birthdays are great; first birthdays are historic! Witness the day and our kid cutting the cake on the (date)
  • Her/his birthday is incomplete without your presence, and hence we truly want you and your entire family to be present on the date of her/his first birthday 
  • As time flew, we are celebrating one year of our baby and sincerely want you to come and celebrate with us 
  • Life was dark unless my angle dropped from heaven exactly a year ago on (date). Let us all celebrate the day once again to mark her first year birthday 
  • A year back, we were unaware of the challenges that parenting could pose, it has been a happy ride, and hence we celebrate our babe’s first birthday with you all 
  • No joy is as better as the one which is celebrated with everyone. Please come and join the 1st birthday party of our kid 
  • The fun just doubles up, and the reason is that my son/daughter has tuned one now
  • We can have the best times and memories when we are together. Hence calling you all for the 1st birthday of our son/daughter 
  • Families make the child feel better, and you are invited with the entire family to make the occasion of his/her 1st birthday even better 

1st birthday invitation message

  • Colors of the world become even brighter when we all come together for the 1st birthday of our ward 
  • Happiness is when we realize that our little babe has turned one, and hence it is a big reason to celebrate in unison 
  • Our baby won’t cut the cake without you on her/his first birthday! Come help her with a hand and make the joy bigger 
  • Life cannot be happy if we do not share the moments with others. Let us come together for the 1st birthday party of our much-loved son/daughter. 
  • This is one of the most special days, and we want all to be part of the joy. Let’s wish our babe together on her/his first birthday party 
  • The first birthday is always special, and we want to spread the joy further! Please visit us on the date to offer your blessing to my daughter/son
  • Let’s catch up on (date) at (location) to celebrate the 1st birthday of our baby. The party bash awaits you! 
  • Bring no gifts but only your blessings on her 1st birthday! Do come; we are eager to host you! 
  • After 12 months of being around our baby, we take the opportunity of her 1st birthday to arrange a party for all to come and shower their blessings on her/him.
  • Believe me or not, we have had the most amazing year with our child! Wish her a happy 1st year birthday, and we are awaiting your humble presence on the day.

first birthday invitation wording

  • An amazing occasion such as our kid’s 1st birthday needs your presence to be further special. Please do come 
  • All we want is to have your presence and then let the celebrations begin on her/his 1st ever birthday party. 
  • 1st birthday is always to keep in the memories, and you are duly asked to be a part of this colorful memory of the family! Our baby loves you.
  • Nothing can be as special as the 1st birthday and this is why we ask you to come and make it more special for our kid. 
  • The very tasty cake and great food await you at our kid’s first-ever birthday party! Drop by and make the celebration even better 

my daughter’s 1st birthday invitation message

  • We believe that our son/daughter has learned a lot from you in the last year and wish to have the same from you forever. Do come to her/his first birthday celebration on (date)
  • It would be tough to imagine life without all of you, and hence on the occasion of my kid’s first birthday, I request you all to be part of it!
  • We know you love her/him a lot and hence we cannot even think of the 1st birthday celebration sans your presence. Come and delight us. 
  • As dolled up the cake will be, the stage shall be set for her first cake cutting. Don’t you want to be part of such an amazing memory? Please be at (venue) on (date) and be a part of it all. 
  • The celebration of our baby girl’s first birthday is incomplete without your being at our place! Eagerly waiting for your home-coming
  • Come and have fun on our babe’s first-ever birthday! We would love to host you.
1st birthday invitation card canva templates

What to write in the 1st birthday party invitation?

  • State the theme of the party
  • Let them know you want them to bless the child.
  • Tell them how important it is for you. 
  • Make them feel that their presence is valuable. 

How to respond to a 1st birthday party invitation?

  • Write a heartfelt birthday wish for the child. 
  • Tell them that you will be present and celebrate together. 
  • Tell them how amazing they are as parents. 
  • Thank them for inviting you

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