49+ Amazing 60th Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Reaching and completing 60 years of my life was not that easy; accomplishing one of the consolidated milestones of my life involved tough days, back-breaking work, and certain funny memories. Finally, it’s time to celebrate my special day with all my friends and colleagues.

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What to Write on 60th Birthday Invitation?

Let people know that you are finally about to retire

Tell them it is your 60th birthday

Mention that everyone needs to come that day

Ask for blessings from the elders

Don’t let them leave the party without having their food

How do you respond to the 60th Birthday Invitation?

Congratulate them on their 60th birthday

Tell them that you were looking forward to it

Make sure to bring presents

Shower them with your blessings before you leave the party

Let’s call for a celebration and start preparing for a grand birthday party hoping to lend a hand in organizing and deciding the party theme and venue.

Make it a successful and fun party with your presence, but deciding the right words for an appealing party invitation can be challenging, so here are a few ideas and words to invite your guests.

60th birthday invitation wording Ideas

-Hey guys, I am turning 60 this week; I hope to see you guys at my place at (date)

-It will be so much fun to celebrate my birthday with you guys at (venue) and (date)

-My beer bottles are eagerly waiting for you people to come and drink them. Come and enjoy yourself with us at (venue)

-This Friday, come to my place to enjoy my grand birthday party; expecting your presence at (time)

-My birthday party won’t be great without you guys, so this Friday, come and have fun at (venue) and at (time)

-Each one of you is welcome at my grand birthday party; your presence is a must at (venue) and (theme)

-This month, I am welcoming all my friends, colleagues, and relatives to come and bless me for my birthday; hoping your presence at (venue) and (time)

-Come and bless me on my 60th birthday; we will be having fun and parting all night long at my place

-This week, I am turning 60, and it would be great to celebrate that special day with you guys and enjoy the whole night at my place

-Turning 60 is so much fun, and to make it more special, your presence is a must; I am throwing a great party at (venue) and (theme)

-I am celebrating my 60th birthday this month and I will be glad to see you at my party at my place

-You are invited cordially to my 60th birthday party, and it will be so much fun to celebrate it with you guys. (venue) and (time)

-Guess what? I am going to complete one more decade and going to celebrate my 60th birthday this week; join my party to bless me (venue) (time)

-Another great year has passed and made me celebrate my 60th birthday, join my birthday party to make it more special

-I am 60 but still strong, I hope you come to celebrate my grand birthday party at (venue) and (time)

60th Birthday Invitation Wording

60th birthday invitation wording samples

-It’s time for my golden birthday party; let’s have a rocking party tomorrow at my place; your presence is a must

-It’s finally the time for you guys to wish me happy birthday and have a wonderful birthday party at (venue) and (time)

-Please join me for my 60th birthday celebration; each blessing counts; I hope to see you at (venue), and it will undertake 6 p.m.

-My 60th birthday party will be more stunning if you guys join my party, which undertaken from 8 p.m. and with a (theme) at (venue)

-Let’s celebrate my 60th birthday in a rocking way which will be held tomorrow at my place, join my party to enjoy and have some great food

-I am throwing a grand party on my 60th birthday, please come and enjoy delicious food at my place tomorrow (theme)

-Please do the honor of visiting my birthday tomorrow and bless me in a soulful way, it will undertake at 6 p.m. onwards at (venue)

-I have crossed six exciting decades of my wonderful life, and tomorrow I have organized a party at my place, join us and wish me a happy birthday

-Champagne bottles are waiting for you guys to open them; tomorrow I am throwing a grand party at (venue) and (time)

-Tomorrow I am planning to blow the 60th candle of my wonderful life, join my party to make it more fun at my place at (time)

-Tomorrow I am planning to get a large birthday cake so that I can blow out all my 60 candles, join us to make it a memorable moment at (venue) (theme)

-It’s my time to put all 60 candles on my cake (date). I am throwing a grand birthday party at my place (time)

free 60th birthday invitation wording

-Don’t miss my 60th birthday; I am organizing a party tomorrow to have fun and party the whole night at(venue) (theme)

-I have made a successful transition from black and white to colorful HD movies, do the honor of joining my birthday tomorrow at my place at(time)

-(Date) we will be gathering at (venue) to celebrate my 60th birthday; join us to bless me and have fun 

-Completing 60 years of my life was fun; tomorrow, I am hosting a birthday party at (venue) (theme) and undertaken at 8 p.m.

-It’s never too late to celebrate your 60th birthday with your friends and loved ones; I hope you will join my party and will make it more special

-It’s your turn to make my special day memorable as I am throwing a party for my 60th birthday at my place (time) (theme)

-A celebration is not that great if you guys don’t join us on my 60th birthday; make it more special by joining and blessing me

-A great celebration is due as I am turning 60 this week and planning a party; your presence is expected at (venue) at (time)

-Please mark your calendar as you and your whole family are invited to my 60th birthday party at my place; please come and bless me 

-There is nothing called late to celebrate something, I am celebrating my 60th birthday with all my friends, and you are also invited to have fun with me at (venue) and (time)

-My 60th birthday is getting near and I am planning to have a thrilling party at my place, please lend a hand and visit my birthday party

-This time, my cake is big as I am turning 60 this week; make it a great celebration by joining it and blessing me at (venue) and (time)

60th birthday invitation wording ideas

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