201+ Best 2nd Birthday Invitation Wording And Messages

The second birthday is always touted as one of the special days in a child’s life. Parents want to make sure that the day is celebrated in a memorable manner.

For the same reason, they plan an exciting birthday party and invite numerous guests to add life to the celebrations.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should invite as many toddlers as possible to the party. Some excellent birthday invitation wordings will help to showcase your creativity and personalization skills and motivate people to drop by at your party surely

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2nd Birthday Invitation Wording And Messages

  • Come join us and have a wild time ahead on the celebration of the second birthday of my son/daughter.
  • The second birthday is always very important and hence we extend the invitation to you because you are important to us! Do drop by and help us celebrate with your sheer presence!
  • My second birthday cake will be cut and the slices will await your arrival! Do come, please.
  • We prepared many games, music, and perfect food for you and your child. Do come and make this joyous celebration even more special and happening.
  • Our Avengers-themed party for the celebration of my daughter/son’s second birthday requires your presence. Be an avenger and join the team on the date mentioned!
  • It’s hard to believe, but it’s so true that our little angel is now turning two! You are cordially invited to join the celebration with the entire family.
  • Another year has flown, and it seems just like yesterday when our beloved daughter was born! Do come on her second birthday and wish her hey! Your presence is highly anticipated.
  • The last two years with her have been the best in my life to date. Join us as we are celebrating her second birthday soon!
  • The time has come, and yes, our little angel is indeed turning two! Come join the party and wish her on the day and extend your love to her/him.
Second Birthday Invitation Wording

2nd birthday invitation wording

  • We request you for some hours from your busy schedule on the joyous date when our baby turns 2! Your presence will add color to the celebration.
  • Mom and Dad ordered a cake which was too big for my tummy! Can you please come and have some of the cake and relishing candies as I turn two on the date ☺
  • Come to play with me on my second birthday! Having some cake and gifts would be great ☺
  • When my little angel/prince was born, your wishes were there, and now when she/he is turning 2, it is impossible that we will celebrate it without you! Do come and make the day memorable furthermore.
  • You have been beside me in the toughest and happiest times! This second birthday of my son/daughter is the happiest day I have ahead and hence want you and your family to attend and light up the occasion.
  • We have ordered a delicious cake and want to share it with you! Do come and make her/him feel special on the second birthday. Your love and blessing would mean a lot.

turning 2 birthday invitation quotes

  • Hurray, I’m turning two! And yay, I will have an amazing picture clicked beside you! Do come on the day and make me feel special!
  • Birthdays are so much fun and especially when it is the second one! We invite you heartily to the birthday celebration of (name) and expect you to drop by with your wishes and blessings.
  • This birthday will be full of cheer, I will miss you here! Please come and wish me on my second birthday and light up my upcoming year.

Collection of an amazing collection of birthday invitation wordings for birthdays of different age groups.

  • Time went so fast, and now I’m two! Please be here on the date as I want to play with you.  
  • We have planned all the fun and frolic on the second birthday of our son! Please be here with your baby and see them having amazing fun!
  • You are an integral part of our life, and hence we want to include you in the grand celebration of our daughter’s second birthday! Please be here with your family and make a date even more special.
  • The treat’s going to be real this time! You are cordially invited to the second birthday of our dearest son.

2nd birthday party invitation message

An invitation to such a joyous day has to be grand and creative at the same time so that your second birthday invitation wordings are different and unique from everyone else. Your wishes should make the other person feel that they are important and integral to the celebration.

With the wordings that are provided here, your guests will be pleased and feel really important. Your toddler deserves all the attention and should have a great day on your second birthday.

Finding the right slogan for your birthday is hard but seemingly necessary. Do check out the Fantastic Birthday Slogans and Sayings.

Your invitees will shower the baby with the blessing and bring along their kids, and it will allow all the toddlers to get along and have a fun-filled time with each other.

Make the day as memorable as you can, and make sure that you capture all the moments of the day perfectly!     

2nd Birthday Invitation Card Canva Templates

Second Birthday Invitation Card Canva Templates

What to write in a Second Birthday Party invitation?

  • Mention the theme of the party 
  • Tell them that their blessings are important for your child 
  • Let them know their presence is being looked forward to
  • Ask them to stay back for dinner 

How to respond to a Second Birthday Party Invitation?

  • Write a good birthday wish to address the child
  • Thank them for inviting you 
  • Let them know you will be glad to be a part of the celebration 
  • Mention how overwhelmed you are seeing the child grow

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