41+ Trendy 40th Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Finally, the time to beat the drum and praise yourself has arrived. It is that time of the year when you feel overjoyed, and grand party ideas revolve around your head. While you hustle about the venue, share happiness, capture moments and host a marvelous party, your family manages to afford all your fantasies.

It becomes more fascinating when all your friends and acquaintance joins your party. So, here is some panoply of birthday invitation wording which you can send to your guests to encourage them to attend your party at any cost and provide them information about the date and venue.

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40th Birthday Invitations Wording Ideas

-Let’s celebrate my 40 years! I am having a party on my birthday, come and celebrate with me 

-You have been a very good friend of mine, helped me whenever I needed, I am turning 40 years tomorrow, and I invite you to my birthday party at (venue)

-Bring in some luck and cheers and have some beers; I am throwing a 40th birthday party at (venue) tomorrow. Come and share the blessing and drinks

-I still feel so much younger, but tomorrow I’ll be lighting 40 birthday candles; help me blow them all. Come and join my party 

-I always wish to celebrate my birthday with you all. Finally, the day has come, and I am turning 40 years tomorrow. Come and let’s party at (venue)

-We will have a cocktail party, come and make my day a joy as I turn 40 tomorrow. 

-My life has always been up and down, but the day I enjoy most is my birthday; tomorrow, I’ll be lighting 40 birthday candles. Come and celebrate my birthday with me

-It has been a long time since we haven’t met, as (celebrant) turns 40 on (date). Let’s meet and rock; I am throwing a party at (venue) 

-Wherever you want, whatever you, I am giving a grand party on my 40th birthday. Come and let’s have some drink

40th Birthday Invitation Wording

trendy 40th birthday invitation wording

-Birthday comes once a year, and I would like to celebrate my birthday with your mom and dad as I will turn 40 on (date). Come and give us all your blessings

-Looking forward to meeting you at my birthday party, come and we shall enjoy ourselves together

-It’s gonna be a great year for me as I will turn 40 years. I would like to invite you all and have some drink at (venue)

-Let’s have some cheers! As I am turning 40, let’s make it memorable; let’s make my birthday enjoyable 

-Friendships are one of the few things that improve with age. My family and I(celebrant) invite you to my 40th birthday party as you have been my good friend since childhood 

-My last year’s birthday party was one of the best days of my life, and again, I love to throw a birthday party as I turn 40 on (date) at (venue). I invite all of you to share some drinks and cheers

-I am so much excited about my birthday because it’s a great way to get together, and I love to celebrate with you as I will turn 40 on (date). I invite you to my birthday party at (venue). Hope you won’t disappoint me

classy 40th birthday invitation wording

-4 decades mean so much to me, and I am throwing a birthday party as I turn 40! Come and share some drinks with me. Love to see you all there at (venue) on (date)

-Love and care mean so much to anyone when you don’t forget their birthday. (celebrant) is turning 40! Let’s give him/her a birthday treat on (venue) on (date). I invite all of you to make a day memorable 

-My mother is lighting 40 years candles and I am having a birthday party. Come and celebrate my mom’s birthday at (venue) on (date). Love to see you all there 

-I have organized a grand party for my birthday as I turn 40! Hearty, I invite all of you to my birthday party and celebrate my 40 years with me 

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-I believe my birthday celebration has always been great for me because I get a chance to meet all of you and share some drinks and words. I invite all of you on my birthday as I turn 40! Come and cheers

-Always feel young, free, and wild at my birthday party. Choose your drink and get drunk at midnight. I invite you to my 40th birthday party on (date) at (venue). Love to share some drinks 

-Be my guest at my 40th birthday party. I am throwing a birthday party on (date) at (venue). Come and have a great day

clever 40th birthday invitation wording

-(celebrant) is turning 40! He/she may be over the hill, but not under. Join in the celebrations at (venue) on (date) (celebrant) is turning 40; he feels old as he crosses four decades. Let’s tell him/her s/he is still younger than some rocks, mountains, and castles. Join us on (date) at (venue) to celebrate his/her 40th birthday

-(name)’s 40th birthday is coming, and we will soon celebrate and will be throwing a birthday bash for him/her. Feel free to come

-We have planned to surprise(name) on his/her birthday with a grand party. We need all of you to make it happen; come and join us and make her/his day wonderful 

-I have reached the big 40. My life starts now, and so does the party! Join me to celebrate my birthday on (date) at (venue)

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-For me, years don’t matter as long as I am happy inside, so I feel like celebrating my 40 years. Come and have a bit of fun for my birthday 

-You don’t have to be younger to celebrate your birthday as long as you are happy to add one more year to your name. That’s what I feel, so I like to celebrate my 40th birthday with you all. Come and join me

-They say life starts at 40, so let’s get started with a great party. Come and join me for my birthday and have some drinks

What to Write on 40th Birthday Invitation?

  • Mention people that you are finally turning forty
  • Make sure to pardon you for your midlife crisis if they find any
  • Mention that such a party won’t be possible without everyone
  • Always ask for blessings from the elders
  • Don’t let them go until the food is served

How do you respond to the 40th Birthday Invitation?

  • Tell them that you are super excited about the party
  • Don’t forget to congratulate the host
  • Let them know that you were looking forward to it
  • Shower them with blessings for the great years to come ahead
40th birthday invitation wording ideas

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