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Marzipan is a firm paste made of almond meal and sugar which spreads well and put on wedding cakes or any other special occasion cakes.

If you do not know how to prepare marzipan, you can buy from shops and give your own shape to it and enjoy the creativity on Marzipan day. The day is celebrated on January 12th every year.

The history of this day is not clear but it is said to originate from Persia.  From there it traveled all along European countries. The marzipan is shaped into small animals, fruits, vegetables, or any other you like.

You can actually learn the different ways this marzipan is made by people of different cultures.  You can show your creativity through marzipan day.

Tickle your taste buds with Marzipan and celebrate with your social media friends showing your own marzipan.

We have some awesome quotes and greetings on National Marzipan Day

– As its National Marzipan Day today, we’re happy to present our Marzipans before you. It is my favorite way of making Marzipan!

– Lemon and Pistachio Battenberg on National Marzipan Day. A Sweet day everyone!

– It’s National Marzipan Day. This means we are free to have marzipan forgetting our weight challenges.

– There is no other best way to celebrate this day but creating your own art with Marzipan! Have a great Marzipan day.

– Happy National Marzipan Day! Love it, love it, love it! So tasty buddies.

– I’ve been trying a new Marzipan recipe on National Marzipan Day. But it’s already used by someone else! But the taste is matters!

– As it’s national marzipan day Let’s share our tutorial of marzipan. Happy marzipan Day.

– It is the time to get your Marzipan Feeling on National Marzipan Day. Have a sweet day.

– It’s National Marzipan Day today. Why not make some scrummy marzipan fruitcake!

– Marzipan on its own is so delicious, perhaps you could try making your own. Happy national Marzipan Day.

– We have some Marzipan somewhere in the house. Getting an idea to celebrate National Marzipan day.

– May this day be as delicious as the taste of Marzipan. Happy National Marzipan Day.

– National Marzipan Day. It has got a fabulous global history and it decorates a lot of cakes. We’re going to give it a thumbs up!

– Go on, admit it. Marzipans are so delicious. Happy National Marzipan Day.

– Happiness lies in a piece of cake, and the sharing of it makes everyone happy. National Marzipan Day.

– It’s National Marzipan Day! These pieces of marzipan make Crafties! Get inspired on marzipan day.

– Let us eat cake with marzipan on National Marzipan Day!

– Let’s celebrate this tasty treaty National Marzipan Day and all make something that involves Marzipan!

– Enjoy a combo of sugar and almond meal on National Marzipan Day!

– It’s National Marzipan Day today. This means it’s the perfect excuse for some Chocolate and Hazelnut at home!

– Celebrate this National Marzipan Day by trying something new, your own sweet treats!

– Hold on the diet it’s national marzipan day today, eat a Battenberg cake.

– The Marzipans totally makes me wish for a great day. National Marzipan day.

– The National Marzipan day make all other 364 days of the year worth living.

– It is National Marzipan Day, the best day ever! You owe it to yourself to celebrate! Happy Marzipan day.

– I have made marzipan today and I’m taking the credit of it. Because it is national marzipan day.

– Happy National Marzipan Day! You may be like, what’s Marzipan and I’m like it’s delicious!

– Today for dessert, delicious marzipan! Because it’s National Marzipan Day!

– How about some sweet almondy goodness today? National Marzipan Day.

– We didn’t know what marzipan was, but now we prepare it and happily celebrate the National Marzipan Day.

– Marzipan is a confection made of sugar and almonds. Let this National Marzipan Day be sweet as sugar and delicious as almonds.

– I’m raising a toast today on the occasion of National Marzipan Day because I have made delicious Marzipans.

– Marzipan is an almond paste with sugar that can be used for candies, cakes or pastries. I love it! Happy national marzipan day.

– Just wanted to let you all know that the Marzipan content is really strong, keep it up!

– Marzipan reminds me of being a kid and all those beautiful memories. I love Marzipan.

– Today surprise everyone with your new Marzipan designs because it is National Marzipan day.

– Toast to National Marzipan day with Marzipan Martini. Happy National Marzipan Day.

– Marzipans are not only beautiful to look at but also taste heavenly! National Marzipan Day.

– Don’t go out of your way to get Marzipan, but if someone offers, take a bite! It’s National Marzipan Day!

– There are so many cool things you can do with marzipan! Thank you to the wonderfully talented mom for making the amazing marzipan.

– Get your own sweet-tasting Marzipan Cake and let’s celebrate together the National Marzipan Day.

– Love Marzipan? Never had it? Stop into Sweets for some of this almond and honey treat! National Marzipan Day.

– It is National Marzipan Day! This has got to be one of my favorite food days.

– Yum yum! Marzipan is one of those things you love or loathe. Today is National Marzipan Day so let’s celebrate it!

– National Marzipan Day! Its pleasant almond flavor is enjoyed in different desserts.

– Spend some time whipping up sweet treats with your friends today because it is National Marzipan Day.

– Start your day early by treating yourself with a Marzipan. It is National Marzipan Day.

-Happy National Marzipan Day! We love adorable chocolate covered marzipan.

-We love Marzipan.  If you like raise your hand up!

-January 12 is the day to celebrate this delectable almond treat! Throw your New Year’s Resolutions to the wind and indulge in Marzipan!

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