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Yellow Pig Day is celebrated on July 17 every year.  This is an unofficial holiday and was created by two mathematics students, David Kelly and Michael Spivak, in the 1950s, while they were working on the number 17. This day is observed in accordance to celebrate the important of number 17.

Yellow Pig Day- Messages

-Hey, I was just surfing the internet today, and guess what, I found some really interesting facts about Yellow Pig Day.

-The day has nothing to do with any pigs, the name was given because David Kelly, a mathematician who created Yellow Pig Day had a collection of yellow pigs. 

-Did you know, the mascot of this holiday, the yellow pig has 17 toes, teeth and eyelashes. I never thought that this day has got nothing to do with a pig.

-The number 17 has a day of celebration because it has a special significance in mathematics. 

-The first four prime numbers in mathematics are 2, 3, 5, and 7, and their sum is 17, which is a prime number as well. I am going to tell these facts to the students tomorrow, on the occasion of Yellow Pig Day.

-I have heard that in some countries, such as Italy, number 17 is an unlucky number, and the fear of number 17 is called heptadecaphobia

-Even though the name of the day is Yellow Pig, we do not celebrate the life of yellow pigs; this day is a celebration of the number 17.

-Today is Yellow Pig Day, let’s find out some Yellow Pig carols, and then we will sing them with our friends.

-Even though there is no holiday on Yellow Pig Day, I’ll take a holiday anyway, because as a mathematician its my duty to honour the people who created this special day. 

-I am going to celebrate this day by doing 17 acts of kindness throughout the day.

-My friend is a mathematician, so on the occasion of Yellow Pig Day, I’ll gift him Yellow Pig plush toys.

-Hey, let me tell you a fact about the number 17 on the occasion of Yellow Pig Day. The number 17 is the minimum number of givens in a Sudoku puzzle.

-You should come to my house. Many of my friends are coming by to play some Sudoku. If you come, it will be more fun. 

-Let’s make some edible yellow pigs using some marzipan. We can then gift them to our mathematics professor, on the occasion of Yellow Pig Day.

-Today is Yellow Pig Day, let’s find out some Yellow Pig carols, and then we will sing them with our families and colleagues.

-We should go the mathematics lab, and research about the number 17. Today is an ideal day of doing the research, as it is Yellow Pig Day today.

Yellow Pig Day quotes

-As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

–Albert Einstein

-Although he may not always recognize his bondage, modern man lives under a tyranny of numbers.

–Nicholas Eberstadt

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