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On 12th June every year, the people of United States celebrate Red Rose day. It is celebrated as a tribute to the Red rose that serves as a symbol of love and romance from ages. Previously, red rose were used to decorate wedding venue as well as gowns and this is why it started to be touted as a symbol of love and blooming romance.

It is the month of June when the red roses bloom in the gardens of the United States and hence it is celebrated in this date. Here are some of the wishes and quotes for the day which you can share on your social media to the world.

Red Rose Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

-May our love bloom like the Red Rose in the garden. However, I truly do not want it to wither ever. Happy red rose day.

-I dedicate this red rose to the person who is the epitome of beauty in my world. Happy red rose day sweetheart.

-Dear mother, just like this red rose adds charms to the garden, your love in my too adds the same. Always be there for me Mom. Happy red rose day.

-Happy red rose day to the person who can give me a run for my heart any day. I love you.

-Just like the roses, our love is timeless and there is nothing else that is more beautiful than this. Wishing you a happy red rose day.

-If I have you by my side then I don’t care about the thorns. Happy red rose day my constant.

-I hope to fall in love with you time and again with a red rose that exemplifies your beauty. I wish you all the love from my side on this red rose day.

-I miss you every day and want to be with you for the rest of my life. I wish you a very happy red rose day.

-The most precious bred rose for the most precious person in my life. Accept my red rose and every petal of it is etched with my unending love for you.

-The fragrance of your love is just like that of the red rose that is a mirror to your beauty. You are truly the rose of my life that never wither darling.  

-With your presence in my life, it has become as beautiful as the red rose. Happy Red rose day darling. Be mine forever.

-These red roses look just like your lips. Yours is all that I want and here is the red rose in return.

-Your rosy lips and the beautiful smile further compliments the red rose that I present to you on this Red rose day.

-Red rose fills up the room with colour and its beauty is unmatched. Thank you for letting me have these beautiful roses. I’m glad my dear.

-As we know that the red rose in incomplete without its scent, so am I without your presence and love in my life. Happy red rose day my darling.

-We know that the rose withers but it is a fact that the beauty of a red rose shall not wither if it’s pressed between you and me forever and after. Wishing you a very happy and memorable red rose day.

-May this red rose day bring to you all the happiness that you add to my life. I wish you all the best in life with this rose my dear friend.

-A beautiful rose for a beautiful person. This red rose shall bring back all the colours of your life. I wish you a very happy red rose day.

-If my life is a garden then you are the red rose that makes it beautiful and worth it. Thanks for lighting up my life so bright and tight honey. Happy red rose day.

-This red rose day, I want to shower you with all the petals of the red rose so that you feel rightfully like the angle of my life. Happy red rose day.

-These roses mean the world to me and they are the best red roses I have ever received in my life. Thanks for making me feel special on this red rose day.

-I wait for a year and now that the red rose day is here, i send you the best roses with all my love. Hope you understand my feeling, I love you.

-You are the only rose of my life and hence I never want you to wither from my life. Have a happy red rose day.

-The only beauty that ever can match yours is that of the Red Rose. On this red rose day, I express you all my feelings in the bouquet of rose that I sent with this note. Happy red rose day.

-Every one falls in love with the most beautiful girl but I fell in love with the girl who makes my life the most beautiful one. You are the red rose of my life. Happy red rose day.

-The language of red rose is only understood by a heart that holds a lot of love in it. Have a very happy red rose day.

-Roses make our lives beautiful and this seeds are just for you to grow them in abundance. See them grow and have peace. Plant roses this red rose day rather than plucking them.

-If you love the scent of a rose then learn to accept the thorns because true love only finds resort in a selfless love. Happy red rose day.

-Happy red rose day to the lovers on the decade. It’s their love which has taken the price of these brilliant flowers sky high.

-Everything about you is as sweet and eye catchy as the red rose. I cannot take my eyes off you and with all my heart wish that you accept this red rose from me. Happy red rose day my love.        

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