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On 21st November every year, World Fisheries Day is celebrated globally in respect to all the fisheries that are operational. It is a fact that small scale fisheries are the ones that contribute to the maximum percentage of fishes consumed in the developing countries.

However, these small fisheries are at the bottom of sustainability arrangements that are done by the government or the authorities. They are ignored and not given much of an importance in order to develop them or make the life of the fishermen better.

Here are some of the thoughts. Messages and quotes that you can share on this world Fisheries day-

_Fisheries are the primary source of our dinner and yet they are so underdeveloped while our dining table looks always grand. Happy world fisheries day

_Equitable use of water resources for fisheries is something that has to be kept in mind or else all will be gone. Spread the word on this world fisheries day

_The stocks of most delicious fishes are decreasing due to excess fishing. Take steps, save your hunger for later and let the fishes grow. Be responsible on this world fisheries day

_Let us remind ourselves the taste of delicious fishes, great, isn’t it? Give efforts to keep it right!

_Aquatic ecosystem is running out of balance; keep it in the game for long. Practice sustainability on this world fisheries day

_Can you Imagine a dinner table without fishes? Never? Let us take an oath to help the fisheries develop their potencies on this world fisheries day

_The fishes need a good place to live and breed. Humans have exploited them way too much. World fisheries day

_Unless the relation is mutual, no one can progress. Save the fisheries and gain the best fishes for consumption for a long time.

_Unless we deliver what the fisheries need, they can never return back to us what we need from them. Let us spread the word on this world fisheries day

_Millions of people depend on the small scale fisheries, one little step each can aid a lot and help make every fishery better. Come forward with your support on the world fisheries day

_Human interference and demand has lead to the decline of various institutions that have previously catered to humans. We don’t want fisheries to be one of them, do we?

_Let us use our resources as wisely as we can. Happy world fisheries day

_Educating every fisherman of the various ways of fishing will help reduce the harm done to the aquatic ecosystem. Let us start on the world fisheries day

_Population grows every day but not the resource that we have. Let us come together to strike a balance on this world fisheries day

_We never estimate the value of aquatic creatures unless they are served. On this world fisheries day, let us take an oath to value them for all other aspects and not just for meals

_Eat fish, save fisheries and let them breed. Happy world fisheries day

_Domain knowledge needs greater breeding for those into fisheries. The growth is only stuck due to the lack of proper knowledge. Happy world fisheries day

_As the world unfurls new fishes every day on their dining table. They further make sure that they can get the best for longer by spreading awareness on this world fisheries day

_When the aquatic ecosystem takes a dip, the world shall face such a crisis that shall see no bounds. Treat it right when you can on this world fisheries day

_World Fisheries day aims to bring together the entire world together on the issue of marine ecosystem and its balance.

_Fishing trade gets a new boost with the world fisheries day. Countries around the world come together to balance the difference and make it worthy for fishes to live and breed

_If you are asked to concentrate on the most important things in life then the fishing pole will surely be the number one choice. Happy world fisheries day

_For most of the people, the best memory they have is going to fishing with their parents and getting the best cooked dishes. Enjoy fishing on this world fisheries day, spread the word.

_Fishermen don’t hunt as they are not the gun folk. They sustain their families by providing fishes enough for the rest of the world to eat. Praise them on this world fisheries day.  

_Fishing is one of the most peaceful activities that one can splurge into. Live the experience on the world fisheries day

_Soaking the sun, feeling the wind and waiting for the right fish to pick is the best feeling on earth. Fishing is not just an occupation, it is an emotion.

_World fisheries day is all about how better we can be at fishing and conserving the rarest breeds.

_Getting paid to be fishing is a dream for many but what we need to ascertain is that people who really get paid for the job are paid rightly. Happy world fisheries day

_The world is suddenly a better place to live when you are sitting with a fishing pole and the sweet breeze brushes past your skin in the most sensuous manner.

_Keep the fisheries clean so that fishes can live better and breed more.

_The needs of human beings will never end but the resources will. Maintain a semblance and let the ecosystem balance better on this world fisheries day

_The need for a day like world fisheries day is just to make people aware of the fact that your dinner table will soon be having only meat and eggs. Act responsibly further.

_When life gets tough, fishing your way out of it is the best thing to be done. Happy world fisheries day

_Every person in a fishery works the hardest to ensure that the best fishes are sent to the market. Let them have their due share and margin on the business too.

_Keep calm and start responsible fishing on the date of world fisheries day.

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