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World Television Day is celebrated on 21st November every year and it was first celebrated in the year 1997. The United Nations declared in December 1996 that the 21st of November ought to be celebrated as World Television Day to commemorate the first World Television Forum which had taken place in 1996.

The United Nations acknowledged the fact that television is important for broadcasting and mass communication to send news far and wide across the globe and to keep the world connected. This day is celebrated in all the member states of the United Nations.

Here are some Best Messages, Quotes on World Television day to understand the Spirit of this day.

_The television is indispensable and we cannot imagine our world without it.

_Thanks to the television, we can watch the news and see what is going on in different parts of the world.

_The television is a medium of broadcasting political affairs, national affairs, and international affairs.

_The radio came before the television and it was useful too but not as much as the television which provides the visual too.

_The television was a big leap in multimedia and broadcasting.

_The television brought the world a lot closer than the radio was able to because of the additional visual feature.

_There was a time when parents ranted about their children sitting in front of the television all day, and now they rant about their children sitting with smartphones all day.

_The television is the best source of entertainment and general knowledge and we are happy to celebrate it.

_Let us all celebrate the humble television that has been with us for decades now, providing us with entertainment in our mundane lives.

_Let us come together to celebrate the television and appreciate its presence in our lives.

_The television makes our world go round!

_Though smartphones are more popular these days, television remains the irreplaceable hero.

_There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday afternoon with all the family members watching a movie on the television together.

_The television definitely deserves appreciation for bringing relatives in a boring family function closer.

_There are so many reasons to be thankful that the television is there in our homes.

_A house does not feel like a home without a television in it.

_Back in the nineties, the children used to be attracted to the television like the children of today are attracted to the smartphones.

_The television is almost the sole source of entertainment for aged people who are not fit enough to go out of their houses and for their sake let us thank this great entertainment box and wish everyone a happy World Television Day.

_Every evening, after doing the chores the entire day, my grandmother sits in front of the television and watches her favorite daily soaps and I can only thank the television for bringing a smile to her face.

_Although nowadays I do not get to watch the television much I cannot imagine how my childhood would have been without Cartoon Network and pogo on television.

_The millennials of today all grew up watching television and they will be able to appreciate the television more than anybody else because it is a huge part of their childhood and growing up.

_The television is the most used mode of recreation in all the houses and needlessly to say everyone is excited to celebrate this day.

_We  use the television every day but we never appreciate it enough so today is the day to thank the television.

_The television is like the fifth member in our family of four people.

_Not a day goes by that we do not watch the television and we cannot imagine our lives without it.

_Television is the only medium of education for many people, especially for those who are not going to any educational institutions.

_Workers, laborers, office goers, and everyone else comes to know of the news and whatever is going on in the world with the pressing of one button on the remote of the television.

_The television actually opens up the entire world of entertainment and education at the pressing of one button on the remote.

_The television is irreplaceable and we cannot imagine our daily lives without it.

_If we had to install apps for every single channel on the television, our smartphones would go berserk and hence the television can never be replaced.

_My day starts with me watching the morning news on the television and ends with me binging on the television serials at night before bed.

_There are not enough ways that we can thank the television for all the ways it provides us with entertainment and knowledge.

_The television is where I saw my first cartoon, my first movie, my first series and so it will never be replaced with the smartphone that I use today.

_The television is now more of a necessity than a luxury that it used to be in its early days and almost all of the houses have it.

_A day without television would be a disaster and I cannot even imagine it.

_One of the reasons I do not travel much is because television is not portable and I cannot carry it everywhere I go.

_The television and I have the world’s best relationship because we see each other every day and I am pretty sure it loves me as much as I love it.

_Here’s to wishing all the lovers of the television a very happy world television Day.

_I am so addicted to television that If I do not turn on the television a single day, I do not get the proper essence of my home and I feel like I am missing out on something.

_Reading the newspaper is not always interesting and so the television is always a better choice when it comes to gaining knowledge.

_Staying glued to the smartphone is more unhealthy than watching the television because the distance between the eyes and the television screen is long enough to not harm the eyesight, so watch the television more and use the smartphone less.

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