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Every year, April 10 is celebrated as the International Pink Day and it is celebrated since 2007. A gay student of Central Kings Rural High School was bullied just for the reason that he is wearing a pink shirt.

The fellow students David Shepherd and Travis Price saw this and opposed the same. Then they both together started to support all the students who are getting bullied by other students and hence the Pink day was came into existence.

This day is dedicated to creating awareness of bullying and its bad effects. The day is meant to raise the awareness on homophobia, transmisogyny, transphobia and all other types of bullying.

On this day, the supporters of Pink Day wear pink shirts and spread awareness against bullying.

If you do not want to see your friend hurt because of any discrimination, involve in the Pink Day program by sending or posting following supportive quotes and sayings on social media

Pink Day Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

It is okay to dislike someone but not okay to disrespect or degrade them. Supporting Pink Day.

The Bully is the insecure figure here and that is why he does it to others.

Respect yourself. Don’t see your value in other’s eyes. International Pink Day.

Before you spit your words, it is better you feel it.

They can degrade you but they cannot kill anyone’s dreams. Supporting Day of Pink.

If people throw stones at you, build your confidence with those.

Show respect to even those who don’t deserve it, it will not make shine them, but it will reveal your personality.

If you are perfect, then only judge others. Stop bullying. International Day of Pink.

People always throw stones at what they wish to have. Support the cause.

You will not reach the top when you pull others down. Support International Pink Day.

Bullying is a sign of weakness.  Do not act like a fool. Grow up to support Day of Pink.

Only the best things are stolen or harmed. Believe in you and go on.

If people pull you down that means you are on top of them. Shine like never before.

Losers always go crazy and end up doing foolish things like bullying.

Haters are busy criticizing and pulling others down. They don’t have their own life to live!

Be nice to all. It makes the earth a great place to live. Hate bullying and support the cause.

Do not bully people because they look strange. God has made them!

Do not listen to people who discourage you. The safe world starts with you! Stop Bullying.

Negativity always makes people cruel. Stay away from them!

What you give is what you get. Be careful before you bully others.

Negative people do not let you have a positive life. Stay away from them and create awareness on bullying.

Rise by lifting others. On International Day of Pink, let’s spread the word on bullying and create awareness.

Be the best person you can and never stop by anyone’s ignorance or hatred.

Even if you shoot me, I won’t fall down. Stop bullying others. This will make you a perfect person.

Karma has everyone’s address. It will find you and give what you deserve.

The scars of being bullied will not fade away easily. Think before you act.

Bullying should be stopped. Let’s come together for a great cause.

Haters actually don’t hate you, they are jealous of you and that is why they want to pull you down.

Some have a dirty mind, but I have a sexy mind. Supporting International Day of Pink.

Have a heart and help a friend. Stop bullying and support the cause of the day.

I’m against bullying and that is why I’m celebrating Day of Pink with my friends.

Those who understand you will never go to judge you.

Respect yourself and go away from people who put you down.

Stop bullying at schools and colleges. Also, stop cyberbullying.

Wrong is always wrong. Whether you do or the other. Be kind.

There are solutions for everything if we talk to each other. Support Pink Day.

Today is the day to stop bullying and doing something helpful to society.

Don’t feel alone and hate yourself. Shine bright.

Do not forget to get-up when you fall. There are many who make you fall and few who help you get-up.

Never take a decision when you re upset. We are with you. Supporting International Pink Day.

You have a voice, raise it for the good of society. Support Day of Pink.

There are people who talk behind you, ignore them and do your best for your life!

Without your consent, no one can harm your feelings or make you feel inferior.

Who goes on war with others actually do not have peace within them.

You will not become big when you make others small. It is your own personality that is going to fade away!

Let us make a difference, stop bullying, build kindness.

You are unique, own it and respect it.

People may hurt you over and over, but that will help you get a good polished shape for life!

Don’t show a bully that you are coward. Show your inner confidence and let them go back!

If you are bullied, never be silent. Cry out loud against it. A thought on International Pink Day.

Bullying is a smoke, make it disappear with the fire of courage.

You will not gain beauty when you laugh at others beauty! Stop bullying. Join hands for the good cause on Pink Day.

Don’t comfort yourself with the words ‘I’m used to it’. Go against it.

Bullies create a depression which might end-up in suicide! Be aware of it.

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